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[12th Station - Taking Flight (Forward-dated to post-Invasion event)]

Video - Union

[Well, what a nasty couple of weeks, huh? Perhaps the face of someone from the Divine Theater might be helpful to lift your spirits today. Especially since he's smiling big himself with a clear sky as his background.]

Hey, everyone! I know everyone's been going thru a lot the past few months, so I thought I'd show everyone something fun for once! Like me finally getting to fly!

[He moves the Warp Band around to show that he's standing on the edge of one of the higher bridges in Union, and then back at himself. His full-sized wings flutter in anticipation.]

I haven't been able to try it before, what with everything else going on. So, in the spirit of Soulfasting, I'm gonna give everyone a treat by streaming my first flight! I hope everyone cheers me on!

[...he's suspiciously devoid of his Pokemon as well. Unusual, for those who know him. Something to be concerned about?]

((OOC: Something I've been meaning to do for a while. Either pester him in person, or over the Warp Band.))
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[Pidge had....somehow gotten locked in a closet during the commotion with the weird bugs, and had learned the details after everyone returned to Union. It had been a terrible situation, from what she had heard, but it appeared to have ended without any major casualties...

Except this one.

Hi, Right. Here is your tiny new neighbor staring at you through the feed, and she recognizes your location.]

Are you really sure it's a good idea to start so high?
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[Yeah, and this guy was.....Right, if she recalled correct. His confidence was enviable, Pidge decided, but pretty foolish too.]

Hey, I'm all for experiments and trying new things, [She said, not at all shy about her wayward adventures in zipping through Union's streets while riding on her Magnemite.]

But, in this case? You might wanna start somewhere a little less high. Study and research doesn't compare to an actual field test, and you've gotta be smart about it.
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Not if you do it in a park.

[Seriously.....just, seriously.]

Look, if you don't mind risking your neck over this, then I'm in no position to stop you. I'm just pretty sure that the little Leavanny would be beside himself if he found you flattened like a pancake on the ground.
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[...It's becoming increasingly apparent that she can't dissuade him at this point. Thus, Pidge decides to take a third option:]

I'm gonna tell Rover to get his buddies out here so they can make an electromagnetic net or something to catch you,

[She said, not even waiting for his reply. A soft buzzing sound could be heard off screen, for Rover was never too far away from the little Pidgling.]
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[ action ]

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[ What's this, clattering up and barely fitting aboard Super Beauty (who appears to have knocked over, or at least into, a Berry stand)? If you guessed "Natto at his wit's end holding a pair of goggles over his head", you're right! He - he'd been planning to give you and Trainer these at the same time, except Trainer's aren't done yet, because this is his first time doing leatherwork, but - but if you're going to fly -

It's dangerous to go unprotected, take this, basically. ]
Vanny lea.
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[ Despite the fact that Super Beauty has been doing the running, it's Natto who appears out of breath. He holds the goggles out for Right to take, but they'll still be a moving target since Super Beauty, rather than stop, has decided to run in a circle around Right. She found him! She found him! But that is no reason to not run any more.

Natto does his best to explain again. These are for your flight! He is sorry there isn't also a helmet. But it would be awful if something got in your eye while you were up there, so he hopes they help.... ]
Leavanny vanny.
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1/3 [Video]

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[Oh hey, what a time to check the network after getting back in town. Hayato grins at seeing a familiar face. He should say hi! He goes to turn on the feed as the post plays...]
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done [Video]

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R-Right!? Buddy? Aren't you a little high for a test flight??