allergictoloveletters: (Brains and beauty)
Ami Mizuno ☿ Sailor Mercury ([personal profile] allergictoloveletters) wrote in [community profile] bravenewworld 2016-10-10 10:25 pm (UTC)

"So long as you are my date for the day, I hope you do," she smiled as Ami got in after her and the cab took off to the wedding dress store.

Ami paid for the cab and they went inside. They were greeted with bows.

"Welcome to White Rose Wedding Dresses. I am Agatha and I will be your assistant today!" When Agatha saw Michiru she instantly turned to her, clearly a fan but cleared her throat, trying very hard to remain in control. "Dr. Mizuno?" she asked Ami. "Please come right this way and we'll start with your measurements. Ms. Kaioh, you're more than welcome to have a seat on the lounge. Can I get something to drink for either of you ladies?"

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