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Ami Mizuno ☿ Sailor Mercury ([personal profile] allergictoloveletters) wrote in [community profile] bravenewworld2016-10-04 09:38 pm

Say Yes to the Dress

Who: Ami Mizuno and Michiru Kaioh
Where: Wedding dress stores
When: A few days after the festival
Summary: Ami won Michiru at the date auction and is asking for her advice on wedding dresses

Ami knocked on the door to Michiru's home, beside her was were Arber and Rosalind, her Whimsicott and Vivillon. While Aurora was upset she couldn't come, Ami felt that Aurora's static wouldn't do well around incredibly expensive wedding dresses. It was the same reason her Cyndaquil, Archimedes, was made to stay home as well. But Rosalind and Arber would be able to help Ami while also not affecting the dresses.

Although it did mean Ami would be much colder around people. If she started spreading frost, she supposed she could always call Archimedes through the Warp Band.

The giant Vivillon was flapping her wings and knocked again and again in her excitement.

"Vivi vivi!"

Ami blushed.

"Rosalind stop that! Once is enough!" just as she pulled Rosalind away from the door, it opened.

"Ah! Michiru-san, are you ready?"

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