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Date #1

Who: Michiru and Minako
What: Date
When: Sometime after the auctions
Where: Union...?

[there's a knock on the door. When Minako opens the door, Michiru will be there, looking pretty dressed up in a pale blue dress. It looks like she's got a fancy evening planned.]

I hope I'm not too early.

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[Minako checked herself in the mirror one last time. For one of the members of the Union Divine Theatre to have placed a ticket in her jar, and then to win on top of that? She was nervous. She wanted to make sure everything went perfect tonight, so she was checking and rechecking, and then noticed the time.


Her nerves hit the roof, and she was on her way to grab her shoes when she heard the knock. Oh, goodness! She hurried to get her shoes on before answering.]

Oh, no. It's fine. [She smiled nervously.] Right on time!

[She fidgeted with her hair as she grabbed a light jacket to put over her shoulders later and stepped out. She spotted Michiru's dress, and was glad she had picked something nice to wear, too. She had on a pretty lavender color with a fluffy, ruffled skirt, red sash, and red shoes.]

I'm ready.
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Oh. Thank you.

[She gave a little curtsy and followed. Wow... a Rapidash. So pretty. Minako smiled at the unicorn-like Pokémon and then eyed the carriage a little. She was properly impressed.]

This is very elegant. Is it yours?
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Hello, Vivace. [Minako smiled and gave a nod of greeting before climbing into the carriage.] This seems like it's going to be a very lovely evening. I'm not sure if I should ask what you have planned or if I should wait to be surprised.