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Who: Haruka, Raine
What: A "Date"
When: September sometime between holidays
Where: Various locations, probably
Warnings: None!

[ ... Raine still wasn't sure how she let herself get talked into this one. It was the city's fault, she supposed, most of the people there were pushy and optimistic and somehow that was one of the things she admired about them. But observing that sort of behavior and getting caught up in it were rather... very, very different things.

And now she had gotten herself into... what? A date? An outing? A professional trip but not work related, because Yuuna wouldn't allow that, but at the same time, this was the fault of her boss to begin with. And why had she taken that job again? ... Not that it mattered to worry about that now.

But here she was, dressed well for traveling, though her pikachu had fussed over her attempt to look somewhat stylish with a scarf and sunglasses, green robes for traveling and tall boots that had languished in her closet for a while. An Attempt is being made here.

She's also standing in the agreed-upon meeting spot waiting for Haruka, Lia the Espeon on her shoulder, Limone the Pikachu at her feet, as she carefully studies a small map and... inwardly questions everything about today's plans. ]

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