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Who: Haruka, Raine
What: A "Date"
When: September sometime between holidays
Where: Various locations, probably
Warnings: None!

[ ... Raine still wasn't sure how she let herself get talked into this one. It was the city's fault, she supposed, most of the people there were pushy and optimistic and somehow that was one of the things she admired about them. But observing that sort of behavior and getting caught up in it were rather... very, very different things.

And now she had gotten herself into... what? A date? An outing? A professional trip but not work related, because Yuuna wouldn't allow that, but at the same time, this was the fault of her boss to begin with. And why had she taken that job again? ... Not that it mattered to worry about that now.

But here she was, dressed well for traveling, though her pikachu had fussed over her attempt to look somewhat stylish with a scarf and sunglasses, green robes for traveling and tall boots that had languished in her closet for a while. An Attempt is being made here.

She's also standing in the agreed-upon meeting spot waiting for Haruka, Lia the Espeon on her shoulder, Limone the Pikachu at her feet, as she carefully studies a small map and... inwardly questions everything about today's plans. ]

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[ This is kinda amusing, all things considered.

Sure, does Haruka still think the idea of raffling off dates with people is silly? Sure. But a lot of people came out to support the theater, and considering she wasn't expecting that, it's kind of touching. Especially since she knows her "date" put herself out there to support local culture, not out of being a naturally social person.

So, has she been kind of actually looking forward to this? Maybe. And is she determined to make sure Raine at least has a nice time to make up for the inconvenience? Sure. Seems only right. She's gotten her cast off recently, too.

So up she zips to where she sees her "date" waiting for her, Rotomcycle practically gleeful to be out and about again after months of inactivity. It even revs the motor of its own accord when she stops. ]
Headed far afield, I see.

[ She winks, having noticed the map, but not really taking it seriously. This is a date, right? That means a nice time around the city.

Right? ]
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Get closer. [ Haruka swings herself off the bike and taps the Engine Core to indicate Broken Möbius should come out and say hi. The Rotom obliges, chittering hello as it swoops out of the machine and then does a loop around it, showing off this sweetest of rides. It's so happy that it didn't turn out to be a Pidgey after all! It gets to take over awesome machines like this!

Haruka grins; the Rotom's enthusiasm is catching, since she's also a fan. ]
This is the city model, but they've been working on different styles for different environments. Doesn't seem to be too much of a toll on the Pokémon, either...

[ Rotom stops hovering to pose. It can take any strain if it means getting to make rumbly engine noises! Those are the best!

Haruka's Rhyhorn-loving heart feels a pang of remorse when it resonates in time with this sentiment. ]
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Rrrrrrrrrr. [ Just you wait, rodent. Just you wait!

Haruka opens a storage container she's strapped to the side and offers Raine a helmet. ]
Want to give it a go?

[ With her driving, probably. She's a very good driver. She only almost hits people. ]
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Who d'you think you're talking to?

[ Have at her, Miss Answers-Rhetorical-Questions. ]
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[ Haruka shrugs. That daredevil grin hasn't gone anywhere. She's Got This. Like always.

How do you think she ended up in a cast? ]
Strap in and hang on.
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[ Atta girl. Haruka waits until she can feel Raine positioned securely behind her, then nods to Broken Möbius. The Rotom zips back into the device, which both women can feel rumble to life beneath them as the Pokémon possesses it.

Haruka revs the engine. ]
Really tight, y'hear?

[ And, with a slight wheelie pop - this Rotom supports most of Trainer's questionable decisions - they're off. ]
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[ Haruka steers down the street and onto a main thoroughfare, giving Raine a taste of the Rotomcycle Experience, before lifting her head and raising her voice. ] Where to?

[ She seems to remember you are not someone who takes well to "Skitty". So she'll leave that off. ]
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[ Haruka blinks: that, she hadn't expected. ] On a date?

[ Surprise, not distaste. An off-guard Haruka requires time to buffer. ]
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[ Haruka grins. Well then. ] We can make a detour.

[ They're heading in a generally Old City direction, though. What the lady wants, the lady gets! ]
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[ Down the streets they zoom, obeying traffic laws (for the most part) but still making good time. There's one narrow miss where some Spritzee aren't quite crossing the road as quickly as they should - and not at a crosswalk, for shame! - but Haruka swerves and exhales when they've safely averted picking up a fluffy pink passenger. ] Not much further.

[ Wow! the Spritzee squawk amongst themselves. Did you see that? She is probably really fast when she crosses the street. This one time, when they were crossing the street... ]
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[ Don't think Haruka hasn't noticed. She checks all around herself to be sure they wouldn't be making a scene (and that there's no law enforcement around), then cocks her head back towards Raine. ] You all right with heights?

[ So she says, casually, out of the blue. A pure non sequitur.

Of course. ]
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Don't let go. [ Self-doubts are for people who can't handle everything life throws at them. Haruka is not one of those people.

She lowers herself over the Rotomcycle and revs the mechanisms just as she shares with the Rotom itself, mentally, what she wants to do. Broken Möbius loves this plan. The Rotomcycle picks up speed.

Heading right for the ramp.

Haruka does not seem worried in the slightest. Here they go! ]
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[ Not really, no, but Haruka isn't a Flying-type for nothing. She uses Gust to create resistance as they land and slow their fall, so while the wheels do clatter onto the paving stones once they hit ground again, the resulting shock's alleviated. They skid a little, though, and she has to swerve to get back on track.

Then let out that breath she'd been holding. That was fun. Knowingly self-indulgent, but fun. ]
It's around here, right?

[ Said as if she'd just made a turn like a normal person. But sure. Isn't there an entrance to the Old City around these parts? ]
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[ A bob of Haruka's helmet to show she understands. ] Got it.

[ It'll be up to the Rotom whether it wants to come or not. Frankly, Haruka would rather it stay and watch the cycle, but she also gets how that might be boring. She tends to keep her Pokémon on loose leashes.

It is an eternal mystery why Michiru's are so much better-behaved. ]
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I wouldn't say that. [ She doesn't say, however, what she...would say. Ah well.

Left turn it is, and then a search for a parking spot. Here we go. The Rotomcycle putters to a stop. ]
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[ Here's a step Haruka has usually avoided thus far: recognition by the authorities. Under standard circumstances, headlining thespian Haruka Tenoh has no business in the Old City. (A mysterious member of the Divine Defense Force would be another matter, but again: one doesn't stop at checkpoints under such circumstances.)

In any case, it looks like Raine's got this. ]
You're popular.

[ Or you come here often. Cute. ]
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[ Such a veteran. Haruka watches with approval, glad that no one she knows has ever gotten caught and had to go through this. If she knew anybody who would sneak down to the Old City, years ago, to study it for signs of the gods' return prior to said gods making their return kind of hard to ignore. Which would be absurd. Hypotheticals! They're so useless.

Anyway, down they go. ]
Impressive that they still manage all this.

[ The gods have been found, after a fashion. And the heads of the Seekers turned into a couple of dragons and flew away. ]
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How was it before?

[ No point in observing that she remembers. That seems to uh. Speak for itself.

You have a cool, casual observer behind you, Raine. She'll give you the space you need for your explorations, but she's watching. ]
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[ You're adorable. You're absolutely adorable. This is a great date.

Haruka will wait. Patiently. And listen. And observe. What a good lesson, Teacher! ]
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D'you need a light? [ Like, how further in? Don't trip or hurt yourself. And other concerns from Team Dad, who doesn't actually look concerned in the slightest. She's cool. She's rolling with this.

She's going to get dust all over her trousers, but eh. The Rotomcycle doomed that anyway. ]
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[ The intrepid explorer came prepared. Haruka sticks her hands in her pockets. ] As you wish.

[ Unusual, though. Unusual how...? She relaxes her body and focuses on no one thing in particular. What few Psychic impulses she possesses work better when she isn't concentrating too hard. ]
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[ Huh. Letting Raine chatter for the moment, Haruka pauses. Her eyebrows draw closer together for a second, and without interrupting Raine's current focus of interest, she steps closer to the building to see what's up. Had something been blocking this up, or trying to get in or out....?

Your date is wandering off, Raine. Even if it's just a step or two. ]
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[ Huh. Haruka doesn't remember this bit. Does Raine? She peers into the hole to try and see whether there's anything to be seen, then straightens up. ] What's this?

[ Nice and neutral, there. No judgment if Raine hadn't seen this before either. ]