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{{002}} action smorgasbord

[ action 1: around union ]

What's the situation?

[ You're in the middle of some sort of kerfuffle! Whatever could it be?

Regardless of your trouble, however, your fears can be assuaged. The Swords of the Savior are here to break up the party. One of them is, anyway. On rotation despite being the boss since her branch is understaffed.

You'd better hope you aren't the perpetrator, because this lady does not look like somebody you want to cross. She wants an explanation, and she wants it now.

So. What's all this, then? ]

[ action 2: library ]


[ Hey, you. Yeah, you, the person looking at that ARCANE SPELLS FOR DARING SOULES book, heavy on the magical jargon and the portents of doom, that some mage with a lousy sense of humor donated to Union's library. You have a bat flapping in your face.

Excuse her. She came here for that. Hand it over.

....her Trainer is a few stacks over, flipping through a different book, should a ruckus be raised. ]

[ action 3: closed to mei ]

Are you all right?

[ Veronica hadn't expected, upon winning a "date" with the climatologist she'd met at the theater, to be asked to go...mountain climbing. Still, she was able to get the time off work, so here she is, standing on the side of a mountain in her clothes from home and looking like she goes for strolls in subzero temperatures every day.

Then again, she used to.

(Nemesis did not, however. So she is wearing a little Cubchoo hood.) ]
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[Mei had all too enthusiastically accepted the date, and when told she could decide where they went...well...where does a cheerful, upbeat climatologist want to go? To see some extreme weather, of course.

She clambers up a snowbank with no apparent difficulty, pack of equipment strapped to her back, with a Froslass floating up ahead of her.]

Me? I'm just fine, Veronica. How about you?
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Oh! No, just another hundred feet or so. It's a bad time of year for anything at the summit.

[A pause.]

And I want to actually spend time with you. You did request a date, after all. It wouldn't be right to ignore that and do nothing you wanted to do.

[As comedic and absentminded as Mei is, she is keenly aware that this is not Veronica's scene. And that she's being selfish. Mei is willing to take advantage of someone only so far, and having a climbing partner for the high elevations is great but there were spots in the lowlands that might be good for the other things Veronica might want to do.]
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Always! I never leave home without some equipment.

[Still plowing on ahead, she mercifully seems to be making for a plateau on this particular peak, not all the way up the tallest one. The Froslass flits on ahead, just above the snow, arms folded around her.]

I just want to get some things set up. I'll come back in a week to check on them.

[The sneeze draws her back a bit, steps slowing.]

Is your friend getting sick?
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[Once she reaches the area she's gunning for, Mei starts setting up a small weather station.]

Pressure, precipitation, windspeed and direction, variations in oxygen levels, that kind of thing.

[She gets it set up relatively quickly and puts up a second device beneath the station, loading in about six cans of Super-Repel.]

And this is to keep away any naughty Pokemon that might come nosing around.
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That's up to you. I don't mind, but I wouldn't want to keep you away from your duties for too long, Veronica.

[She understands what it means to be a good soldier, obey orders, and all that. But, now that she's done she claps her hands The Froslass does the same.]

And I think I'm done. We can go look for a nicer spot with less wind for Nemesis, if you like.
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[Froslass chuckles behind her hands, giving Nemesis a sidelong glance as she floats back down a less steep path that's a bit more apparent from higher up.]

Good. I brought some things in my pack for a meal, too. It should warm you both right up.

[Her boots crunch in the powdery snow, nose pointed towards a stand of trees a half mile or so down the slope.]

That should be good and windbroken. And frozen branches are so beautiful.
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[Mei nods, hairpin bobbing playfully as she walks.]

Is there any reason I shouldn't be? It's a nice day, I've been productive, and I'm on the first date I've been on since the academy.
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Is it? [Mei can't help but sound a little amused.]

You seem like someone who'd go out all the time.

[Said in a way that shows she completely understands.]

Why me, though?
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Well, yes?

[Bobbing her head cheerfully, the shorter Mei bounds over the same snowdrift, spinning as she lands to walk backwards towards the trees.]

It's not mine, but that doesn't make it any less important. People have to have entertainment, and theater is a dying art. Especially now, with all the upheaval.
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[Mei laughs and turns back, trotting the rest of the way to the stand of trees. Froslass is already waiting inside, impatiently tapping her non-existent foot.]

Someone's grumpy. [Mei tosses a poffin to the ghost and it gobbles it up.]

But food, that'll be good. See, the snow hasn't really gotten in here yet.
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I do. I have one of these stations in the swamp to the north, one down on the beach, and one in the canyons. I'm going to eventually add them at every major location the Rangers have mapped. And a few in different parts of each region, and once I can get the datalinks ready and hooked up I'll be able to get regular reports from my lab.

I just...have a few kinks to work out.

[Talking about science, sorry Nemesis.]
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[Because she is CANCELLING the apocalypse.]

Not around Glacier, no. But I can actually adjust my device to avoid accounting for instantaneous shifts in the weather. It's already calibrated for Castforms, after all.
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Mmhmm, that's a part of something Gigas struggled with as well. Castforms can alter the environment, but that will lead to decay in the climate and shatter an ecosystem. A part of my job is to keep that from happening.

[Because our world is worth fighting for. Words to live by.]

And besides, it takes data from multiple days. Pokemon related disturbances aren't enough to change it forever without constant use. And that's astronomically unlikely.

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