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[ A: action -- library; Rangers offices ]

[ What Raine would give for a proper night's sleep. But her way of managing through the lack of it is keeping busy, which means taking on an early shift at the library, mostly making sure books are in their proper places (and that certain people aren't building forts with them, not on her watch), and taking mid afternoon trips over to the Ranger offices to deliver research notes and finally begin the task of looking into her tiny corner office and... acknowledging the fact that she has one of those.

And that this room needs to be cleaned and... refurnished and all that fun stuff. B a f f l i n g.

This was the true purpose of having coffee at the ready throughout the day. Her newly-evolved Espeon has been staying nearby, though ducking away when sounds became too loud. Has Raine even eaten, yet? Probably not. ]

[ B: action -- lake shrine ]

[ She doesn't really want to be out here, but someone high up insisted that she take a break, and it so happened that she's had a moody pokemon on hand that seemed to need a change of scenery anyway.

... And, by the size of the pokemon in question, a rather large purple lapras, shrouded in its own mist, the Lake Shrine seemed a suitable enough location to visit. It was peaceful and the shores didn't have as many waves as the ocean.

For her part, she was allowing the Lapras to explore on her own, and some of her other pokemon to wander around. A bulbasaur, happiny and togepi play nearby, watched over by a Petilil. It's a peaceful group. Almost too peaceful. And yet, from where she's situated herself, on a blanket, far enough from the lake and the shrine itself so as not to disturb it, Raine's got her books and paperwork with her even though she's probably supposed to be relaxing, or something. ]
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[Well, Yuuna at least is a little used to this sort of thing. Wandering up the small office where she could feel Raine at work, leaning on the doorframe and knocking loudly on the wall, she clucked her tongue.]

You're as bad as Waver, Raine.
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[Yuuna steps into the room and walks over to the desk, running a hand along the surface while she thinks over what to say. It's...strange...seeing a grown woman who's obviously not slept much and keeps working. Waver was still a weird kid in her eyes, after all.]

Yes, but when was the last time you slept?
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Yes. That's exactly what I meant.

[Her fingers click on the desk, a sharp, staccato sound. She dislikes having to make people go to sleep, but she may just have to put a ban on coffee in the office.]

When, Raine? I heard you in here when I left last night, and I got here early.
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And you know, just like with Waver, I really must insist that you do actually sleep. There's nothing here that's that important.

[Yuuna is a field medic first and foremost, a captain second...]

It's for your health, you know.
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[Yuuna does, eyeing Raine a little worriedly.]

Has something been bothering you? I admit, I'm a little concerned, hearing that.
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[From behind them, a tall, lanky Greninja pads into the room, settling down on the floor and just staring at Raine, eyes focused on the woman. It's confusing for her, seeing a human like this...]

We'll be alright for you to take eight hours, Raine. In fact I may put you on medical leave just for that. [Leaning back, she reached a hand out and squeezed her Pokemon's arm.]

I'm still a medic, you know. I know what it's like when someone overworks themselves, and you're about to crash. And soon.
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No? Raine, I went through medical school. We did this, all the time. Our teachers would order us to take breaks. It's just something that happens. You're still human, after all.

[Her expression softens, sympathetic and friendly, but still touched with seriousness.]

I really don't want to have to order you to go to bed, though. Just...go, okay? Everything will be here when you wake up. And if something does happen, we'll be better served by someone who's well rested than someone who's tired.
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You should.

[The Greninja doesn't really emote, she just watches Raine, eyes occasionally darting to Yuuna for one reason or another and wondering if they're finished. Yuuna isn't quite, though.]

And I've got some sleeping herbs in my office, I'll go get in a minute. Make yourself a tea out of them, when you get home. It'll help you fall asleep a little easier and keep you asleep. Trust me, okay?
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Trust me, it's a godsend, Raine. You won't regret it.

[She pushes off the desk, turning towards the door.]

Back in a moment.
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[A bit later Yuuna returns with a packet. And a teacup shaped like a Politoed.]

Here you are. And a cup, too. I had a few made and I've been giving them to co-workers. Just steep a pinch of the herbs in your tea about thirty minutes before bed and it'll put you right to sleep.
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[Raine isn't the only one who's come out to this place with her Pokemon. Elaine stopped by the lake to splash some cool water on her throat and let her Pokemon take a light dip after a long day of training. But while the others play in the lake, her Mienfoo and Kricketune are clustered close to Elaine.]

Hit me.

[And apparently she's giving them very strange instructions...to the Mienfoo in particular.]


[The little feline Pokemon shakes her head vigorously. The Kricketune looks between the two of them, then starts a vigorous action movie theme.]

Ehron? Not helping. Come on, Suzie, I'm giving you full permission. You've got your Double Slap, and your moves are graceful. Now.

[Squatting on her heels, Elaine slaps her palms together.]

Go through your moves, reel back, and knock me on my seat.


I told you, it's fine! Come on, right here.

[She points at her cheek and turns her head. But Chop Suzie looks back pointedly at Raine, either quietly pleading for help or trying to get Elaine to realize they're not really alone.]
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What's up?

[It's not like Chop Suzie to get distracted in the middle of training. Elaine follows the Mienfoo's gaze until she spots Raine, then she stands to her feet. Uh. How's she going to explain this...]

[Thankfully Raine seems perceptive enough to recognize it for what it is, and not some weird hobby where Elaine asks her Pokemon to beat her up.]

That's right. She's got talent out the ears, but always recoils when it comes to actually letting one of her blows land. I thought she might find it easier if she tried hitting a willing target, but no dice.
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I think so. At first I thought she just didn't like to combat other Pokemon. But it's objects, too. And me. I don't know what to do to coax her out of it.

[She sighs, placing her hands on her hips.]

Maybe I should just leave her alone. If she doesn't want to use her moves, I don't want to force her.
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[Chop Suzie stares back. ... And strikes an elegant pose so she can show off her grace and strength. If it isn't obvious why Elaine chose her, that impeccable form should be more than adequate proof.]

I can't argue that. It seems she's still willing to try, but I don't know... Not all Pokemon need to have some sort of combat ability to travel with their trainers. I'm fine with it.

But I don't know if she's fine with that. The need to grow is definitely there.
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Perhaps so.

[Elaine has to admit that it's not easy to seek other people out for help. She's spent so many years managing just fine on her own. But it's getting easier. So far the Unionites have proven to be kind and helpful. She's a little envious she didn't get to grow up there instead.]

I'm Elaine, by the way. Thanks.
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[Elaine holds out her hand in greeting.]

I'll have to keep thinking about it. Maybe she'll do better with stationary targets, like dummies and flower petals.

[Chop Suzie's ears prick at this, and she begins meowing frantically, tugging at the hem of Elaine's jacket.]

Hm? Oh...I'm not sure where we can find cherry blossoms this time of year. I suppose we could try to find some of those cherry Pokemon. Cherrim, right?

[She looks to Raine. She seems like she might know where to find cherry tree blossoms, if there are any this time of year to be found.]
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Noi noi noi.

[ Something is knocking on the window of the Ranger office. Hey! Open up in there! ]
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Noi. [ The Noibat was carrying something! And it tosses this something through the window at Raine before flapping on in, entitled as you please.

The projectile turns out to be a file folder with a (thankfully bound) report inside. Something about cooperative endeavors between the Rangers and the Swords of the Savior. Don't ask Nemesis! She's just the messenger.

A messenger who is now checking out any and all bookshelves with interest. A messenger who is wearing a big bow atop her little head. Veronica never asks her to run errands. So there must be something around her worth her while. ]
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[ Magic books! There are actual, real books on magic here. Nemesis has one claw reached out as if she means to try to knock one off the bookshelf (and open) when she notices she has an audience.

Her head turns. What are you looking at? ]
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Noooooi. [ Nemesis flaps in the general direction of the books on magecraft. Hey. As payment for carrying those reports, let her borrow one of these! Union bookstores only stock booooooring titles, but these sound fascinating. ]
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[ Hmph! Nemesis turns her nose up at the thought that she's simple enough to be bribed with mere food. Where'd you get these books, anyway? If you won't let her leave with one, at least tell her where to get her own. ] Noi noi.
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Noooooiiiii. [ Nemesis appears to be considering this. Giving it deep, if sardonic, thought. Sanctuary and the library, huh? Good to know.

Then a claw snaps out for good measure to try and knock one of those books off the shelf anyway. She's not going to stick around to read it, mind you - she's already on her way to the window again right afterwards. But. It's the principle of the thing. ]
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[ More playing fetch? Nemesis turns. ] Noiii?

[ If she regrets manhandling books like that, she doesn't say anything about it. (Books are best used spread out on the floor, anyway. Easier to find what you're looking for!) She accepts the letter, though, holding it tight to be sure it doesn't slip from her tiny grip. That everything? ] Noi?
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Noi! [ Nemesis is happy to accept that box. Poffins are good, too.

Books, though, are especially good. The library, she says? Nemesis just might have to take her up on that. With a human in tow to carry things. ]
Noi noi noi.

[ Going to the Rangers' offices suddenly has stopped becoming such a chore. ]
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[It's a peaceful enough place, and a nice enough day, to make for a nice change of pace from a gloomy workshop in a gloomier basement. Especially for somebody who's been locked up down in one for what's probably going on days now, pouring over power calculations and magical theory until he was pretty sure his eyes had started to cross. It was about when he'd started to see magical formulas on the backs of his eyelids that he'd decided he needed to get out of there for awhile.

Harry's arrival is heralded by an excited shout from a Totodile that suddenly bursts on the scene and charges across the shore to cannonball into the water, kicking up a surprising amount of water. His typical entourage follows shortly after, the larger-than-life Stoutland huffing with a shake of his head while Happy perches on his back, applauding the splash.]

Bruce, don't go--! Oh, forget it. [Harry sighs loudly, rubbing a hand over his face. The tall wizard comes wearing his coat, staff in one hand and a leather bag slung over one shoulder. Turning away from the water Pokemon's display, he catches sight of Raine sitting there amid stacks of books and paper and arches an eyebrow.] Hey. Don't look now, but I think your paperwork is following you.