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[Once the dust settles, Sinbad's leading his newly bonded gengar, Furfur the growlithe around on a tour of the city, he could be found all over: Teeter's, The habitat, the marketplace, the libraries. He has a backpack with a small amount of groceries on his back]

You're free to go anywhere you please - people don't mind at all.

You humans like to build high.

Yeah, pretty dizzying isn't it? I hope you don't mind heights.

I float. Of course I don't mind heights, idiot.

[Sinbad stops, giving an annoyed, long-suffering sigh]

Are you ever going to stop calling me that?


Oh! Ja'far! Be careful not to phase through anyone!

Not my fault they're not paying attention.

[The two proceed to bicker, not too seriously though, the gengar hoving lazily, not watching for people, and Sinbad gesturing vividly as he speaks, while Furfur looks between the two, and the three are kind of in the way, so now what?]
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Which one...?

[Sometimes, important decisions must be made. Today, that decision is what soda to buy from the vending machine so she can enjoy a cool beverage on a hot day before setting out to explore with her little team. It's her first time setting out completely on her own, and to celebrate (economically), she's going to enjoy--]


[A sudden chill washes over and through Orihime. Her back arches and her fingers stiffen as her eyes go wide. Gengar just phased right through her. Right through her!]

[She turns in a shaky rigid motion, staring after the Pokemon with wide eyes and pale complexion.]

W-w-wow...w-works great w-when it's h-hot out...h-ha ha...!

[She always thought chattering teeth was just something comedians did to exaggerate how cold they were for a bit. Now she knows it really happens! But she's so busy gazing after Ja'Far that she's not paying attention to what's behind her. Like Gengar's trainer. Or the Growlithe that she's bound to adore as soon as she sees it.]
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Yes, I'm fine!

[She's lifting her arm, fascinated at all of the goosebumps there despite the summer heat, and rubs her arm briskly to get her skin smooth again. She looks up at Sinbad at last, then beams.]

Oh, so it was a Gengar. That explains a lot!

[She bows politely at the waist.]

Orihime Inoue. It's nice to meet all of you. --You have a Growlithe too?

[It's so cute...]
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You were...?

[Now she feels kind of bad. How can she not remember a guy with purple hair? Is her memory deteriorating already? But she's so young! And yet, now that he mentions it, his voice does sound familiar...]

[Suddenly Orihime straightens and snaps her fingers.]

Wait! You were the one who was flying, right? I didn't get a good look before.
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[He is unexpectedly charming. Her face is pink, and her heart does a couple of awkward flips. Is this what it's like to experience flirtation? What should she do???]

[Her other hand finds the back of her neck as she smiles sheepishly.]

It's just Orihime, ah ha ha!

[Did she give it already? She's too flustered to remember.]

Nice to meet you, Sinbad!
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Er...I think I was...

[That definitely made her blush and momentarily lose track of her thoughts. Why was she out here? She glances back, and upon spotting the soda machine, she straightens quickly.]

Oh, that's right! I was buying something cold to drink, since it's so hot out. I'm getting ready to explore the world, and it's hard when you're dehydrated, right? Ha ha!

[She holds her hands together in front of her chest, looking unusually pleased with herself. It's pretty obvious how excited she is at her future prospects.]

Do you guys want something to drink too?
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The Rolling Plains!

[She counts out her coins, then slips them into the slot, enjoying the distinctive clink-CHUNK of each one.]

I close my eyes and pick a spot on the map. I was pretty excited about this one! I'd love to see a Bouffalant for myself. And I'm curious to see if I can find one of the flying Pokemon that pass overhead.

[She steps back and gestures to the machine, allowing Sinbad and his charges to choose whichever they like.]

Have you been there before?
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No, Eros. You've had too many PokePuffs already today. You're on berries until next week, got it?

[The Sylveon pouted. Someone had been terribly spoiled as a freshly hatched Eevee, hence why his particular evolution happened, but Minako was having none of that. If she was going on a diet, so was he.]

Besides, you know it was all his idea anyway.

[The Persian nearby just looked smug. He had decided that his trainer and some of her team weren't in tip top fighting shape and needed to get that way. So, in his not-so-subtle manner, he had been knocking junk food out of Minako's hands until she had gotten the hint that this was a diet.]

So, no. Not until this is ov-eeerrrrrr... [She shivered as she felt like some creepy cold thing had just passed right through her body. Both of her team perked up and stared at the Gengar going by.] Wh-whaaat was... that?? [She looked over at Sinbad and his team.]
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I-I'm okay. [She shivered. That was going to take a bit to get over.] I've never had a ghost do that before. Kinda weird.

[She laughed weakly and rubbed her arms against goosebumps as her two Pokémon studied the Gengar in question.]

New friend of yours?
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Y-yeah. [She nodded. Weird was one way of describing it.]

Well, welcome to Union, Ja'far. [Ja'far might recognize the little Wynaut that was with Minako, taking in the sights.] I have a new friend, too. It seems a lot of us ended up with new friends.
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She's a real pushover. Almost gives me whatever I want! [Wynaut seemed proud of this.

The Sylveon seemed amused, and the Persian seemed almost disapproving.]

They do. I'm glad that so many decided to try staying with us. I'm hoping we can do something to help them out. I just wish I knew where to start. But, that's probably best for the people over at the hospital to work on.

Have you heard anything, yet?
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[The Wynaut was rather unbothered by the moment. It just bounced a little. After all, why not?]

Me, too. I'll let you know if I hear anything. Ami works with a lot of them, and she's probably helping as best she can between being a doctor over at the hospital.
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You'll let us know, too, right? If you hear anything first?
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[Enough was enough. Pidge, with her backpack full of supplies to build something cool later in the evening, had been sitting on a wall outside of the marketplace sharing an order of fried potatoes with her Emolga, Scout sitting on her head while she watched the argument that she could only half understand. It was a moderately entertaining show, to be honest, but there had to be a limit somewhere in this.]

You guys are holding up traffic, [she said, lifting a finger pointedly at Sinbad and his companions.] Do you need a mediator to fix this?
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[This guy...

...He was smoothe, Pidge decided. His manner of brushing the whole affair off was too swift, too clean, that Pidge found herself not entirely convinced by it. She arched her eyebrows at the duo as she passed another potato up to Scout before taking one for herself.]

Look. I'm not exactly someone who can talk to everyone, but that looked like it was a little more than your friend being 'not used to crowds' to me. Right, Scout?

[From her head Scout chittered: "One idiot could stand to be nicer to the other idiot", she said.

Pidge, for her part, was totally unaware of what Scout had just said.]
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Then how 'bout we get outta the road and you tell Scout and I what the scoop is? We've got time.

[She shrugged. All she was going to be doing that afternoon was dodging the theater's resident Leavanny for costume fittings for that fundraising event they were preparing for. Something like this was far preferrable over being measured left and right by a little pokemon she didn't understand at all.]
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[Pidge silently cast her eyes upward, sending Scout a look that betrayed her own sense of being lost and confused in this situation. Talking in front of a group was never her strong point, but a group that she didn't fully understand was another problem all together. The little Emolga understood that look, and responded by settling deeper into her trainer's bushy hair-- an equally silent gesture of camaraderie that was punctuated by an annoyed look that the tiny pokemon shot the Growlithe and Gengar.]

I'm game for poffins, [Pidge replied, trying to act nonchalant.] Just lead the way-- I can pay for Scout and myself.
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[Pidge followed along, memorizing the path to the cafe while they walked so she could find her way there at a later date. She followed Sinbad's lead and ordered a chai tea for herself and a couple of poffins for Scout-- who immediately hopped around in excitement when they reached the table. They certainly looked good...]

That sounds like Cotton, [she said, referring to the Ampharos that she had met during the debacle. The pokemon she had teamed up with had an odd, melancholy sort of grace that she didn't understand, but she was willing to try!]

But, I thought those pokemon only picked out trainers they thought they could get along what's the deal with you two?
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[Pidge....jsut stared.]

Uh, that sounds good and all? But I feel like I'm only getting half the picture here.

[She awkwardly adjusted her glasses and slurped loudly on her drink while Scout chittered at them with a mouth full of poffins. "She can't talk to pokemon like you do, ponyta-tail man.]
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[Scout just buried her face into her poffins at Sinbad's admission-- and Pidge just couldn't stop her tongue.]

...I take it back. That's actually pretty dumb.

[Seriously. She is so judging you right now-- and she's not even old enough to look at a hard drink yet!]
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["No wonder anyone was throwing a fit!" Scout mumbled, still shoving poffins into her face. Her cheeks were starting to bulge at the sides from all the stored food-- but, flying squirrels do what they gotta do.]

You got lucky, that's what happened, [Pidge said pointedly, not even bothering to hold back. These Unionites-- and anyone who threw their lot in with them-- were a painfully optimistic bunch. They seriously all needed a caretaker!] And you can't bet on something like that happening again. Just because it worked doesn't mean that it wasn't a really dumb decision.
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[Pidge slurped loudly on her drink, eyeing the over-confident man from under her thick bangs as if he were a madman.]

...I really can't tell if you're really that optimistic or just an idiot. Didn't anyone teach you any sense before you started adventuring?
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Okay, so you're a determined idiot, [Pidge conceded, arching an eyebrow as she regarded the young man quizzically.]

I take it you don't have anyone to keep you out of trouble, huh? If your idiocy is what got you that handful of a Gengar in the first place.
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Sheesh, [Pidge said, shaking her head.] A guy like you really needs a babysitter, too.
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[Brows furrowed, Pidge regarded him in disbelief for a moment before reaching out to firmly shake the offered hand.]

Pidge Gunderson. I just got here from the west coast, but it looks like I don't need to rush to get anywhere else. And, since I'm still getting used to the place, I've got time to babysit someone who really shouldn't need it so badly if they're running a trading company.