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So this is how it works...?

[One big eye blinks a few times before the girl it belongs to leans back, seemingly satisfied in knowing that yes, she's figured out how the communicator works on her band.]

Ah ha ha! Well...I don't know how many people I've met here or not. My name is Orihime Inoue. Pleased to meet you if I haven't already! Ah...how do I put this...

[Her bright smiles turns sheepish as she scratches her cheek.]

I'm going to be homeless and study abroad!

[What. Don't look at her like that, she thinks it's funny to sum it up like that.]

After last week, and everything that keeps happening, I don't know. I guess it feels weird to just stay here and pretend like everything is normal. And pretend that I'm normal.

[She smiles down at her lap for a moment.]

There's so much of the world that's changed outside of these city walls. So I want to get strong enough to explore that world, and meet the Pokemon and people who have been living out there all this time. There are probably a lot who have never heard of Union, so...I want to go see everything for myself instead of just reading about it.

[Then she suddenly hoists up a cute blouse.]

Which is why I'm selling custom handmade clothing!

[A Dustox pops up over her shoulder with a gleeful chirp.]

Pyih makes the best string, perfect for stitching thread or even fishing line, so we're going to use our sales to keep ourselves fed when we're out on the road together. I'll still be close by, I know it takes a lot of strength and experience to explore a lot further out. It'd be great if we traveled together sometimes!

And...I guess...that's it then, isn't it? Wish me luck!

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[ Loken just stares in awkward silence at this coming up on his band. He honestly doesn't know what to make of her. ]


Do you make Chitons?

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Chitons, yes. They're... training and resting garb that the Steel Battalion wears when not in our armor.

[ He brings up a picture on the band after a moment ]

Like this.

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I would prefer to stay cool, all things considered. I mostly spend time in caldera and it's rarely all that cold, and I tend to wear this after training anyway.

[ He nods his head. ]

I'm glad it seems to be within your capabilities. What sort of payment do you desire?

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[Lenna only really knows Orihime in the context of having been in the same group with her during the Mewtwo attack, but she does recognize her, so she decides to reply anyway.]

It's nice to meet you, Orihime. My name is Lenna. If you ever need a place to stay when you're back in Union and between trips, just let me know. I'd be happy to put you up for a few nights.
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Yes, that's right. I'm glad we were able to talk things out instead of having to fight. That doesn't happen very often.

[Lenna smiles, looking relieved.]

He's settling in. He seemed appalled that the estate doesn't have any guards, so he's insisted on standing in front of the front door when I'm out.

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Being homeless isn't all bad! I mean. If you have a wagon and an awesome merchant caravan. And stuff.

[Rose grins at that, before she tilts her head to the side.]

Your clothes look pretty neat, too. You thinking of trying to sell them somewhere? I can maybe help you out.
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Hey, gotta start somewhere!

And yeah, we do. I'm Rose, head of the Spearowfeathers. We're merchants! We just opened up a shop in Union recently.

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Just be careful, okay? If you need anything, lemme know. I've got an Abra that can teleport now.

[Provided he can actually get it to leave. It had a hiding habit.]
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Yeah. It sort of attached itself to me when we had all those ones running around a while back before Mew-Two showed up.

[He grinned a bit.]

Well, that in no small part due to you. It was kinda cool to see you come into your abilities, even without the added side effect of feeling better. [Wink!]

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[Arachne typically doesn't pay the warp band too much mind... which is why a Gothita is peering at the broadcast, distracted by the cute clothing and not realizing that it activated anything.

While a sewaddle tries to push her out of the way, because it wants to take a look too.]

Sewaddle! (Move out of the way already, it's my turn!

Goth! (No way, you had a turn already!)

[Arachne is not quite in range to witness just what the petty bickering is about just yet, but in the meantime two tiny pokemon are squabbling over the warpband and pushing each other around for it. Yikes...]
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[The pair stop in their rolling about to try and push their way back to the screen when they hear the voice coming from it. Which results in more of a headbonk between them rather than cutely pressed faces squished together.]

Gothita! (Hmmph! As if I'd want to share with him!)

Sewaddle! (Then you should do something else and get out of the way!)

[...Literal children. If only all squabbles could be solved so easily.]

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[Sounds a lot like what she'd been saying and thinking when she first started out. Not exactly how she delivered it, but.]

If you need any advice at all, or even a travel buddy, don't hesitate to ask, okay?
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Well, once the date auction thing is over, I'll uh...probably just go out whenever most of the troupe's out again. People sure do vacation a lot now...

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