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Departure of the Artificial God

The mysterious power of the Mega Stones and Diancie’s blessing had made whole Mewtwo, the artificially created god. And though it remained… sullen, there was gratitude. While Mewtwo itself stood with something resembling dignity, this was marred a bit by another small yet no less powerful Pokemon flitting in and out of the strange cord on the back of its head. Mewtwo was doing its best not to acknowledge this.

I am leaving my children with you. It is clear that I am not of the right state to care for them… or to save them. You, however. I believe you humans may truly hold the key. My children need, and in ways that I cannot satisfy. I will trust you. For now. I have to.

Growing a bit bored, Mew floated lazily up, turning over and staring directly at Mewtwo. Veins of irritation could be seen forming on Mewtwo’s head, but it continued with a telepathic “harrumph”.

But, know this. Should they be left to die, should the people of Union turn their backs on them… know that I will return. And I will show no mercy as I burn this city to the ground.

With that dread note of finality, it rises into the air. It looks like it is about to say something for awhile, but instead hovers awkwardly, fidgeting a bit before finally, just two words are heard.

Thank you.

Surrounding itself in energy, it hurls itself into the air with perhaps improper haste, and is gone. The smaller pink Pokemon seemed to giggle a bit and wave, before it too surrounded itself in psychic energy and flew into the sky.
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[ Something is watching Haruka watch Mewtwo leave. Something that takes a slow, deliberate step in front of your character.

And then just. Stays there. With their crown blocking your view of the proceedings.

Sorry, did he ruin the mood? ]
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[Gordon glances down, and sidesteps. He won't make a big deal out of it, crowds get like this, and, really, he's more concerned with 'hearing' anyway.

His pokemon... are a bit more excitable, making irritated noises, the stoutland in particular giving an irritated woof of annoyance.]
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[ The Slowking raises a powerful hand as if in farewell, turning its head from where Haruka's sitting to where Mewtwo had been previously. Its fingers spread

and it scratches its crown. Itchy. ]

[ Its tail waves behind it, getting all up in Stoutland's personal space. ]
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[A younger, more rambunctious dog would bite. Rex is too mature for that... at least when Gordon's around. He dodges the tail a few times, then barks.]

Excuse me. Could you please move?
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[ Hm. Hmmmmm? Slowking's head turns. It turns more than a head should be able to turn on a body.

Eventually the body follows. Move? just did? ]
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[The Stoutland frowns, having basically missed it at this point, but still!]

It's rude to block people's views.

[The noise gets Gordon's attention, and he looks down at the pokemon, glancing between them, an eyebrow raised.]
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[ That does sound awful. Slowking swivels that mighty head in place, looking for the person who was being rude enough as to block a view. ]
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[The Stoutland begins to growl, and Gordon clears his throat.]

Are you one of the newcomers?
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[ New.....? No. Slowking adjusts its towering crown. It has....been in pain. For a long time. And now....maybe....that will change. If you humans....don't lie.

Are people...too? ]
Sloooooowwwwwww kiiiiiiiiing.
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[Gordon considers the Slowking's deliberation, patient with psychic type. When he doesn't really get an answer one way or the other, at least not that he can understand, he tilts his head slightly.]

O... kay. Well, I hope you have a good day one way or the other. You might want to mind your crown when standing in crowds, though. It can block views.
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Slow. [ Yes. That...makes sense. It's a very tall crown, so he would not be surprised if people behind him...



Slowking moves a few paces to the side so human and Stoutland can see. ]
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[Gordon chuckles a bit, and looks expectantly towards the Stoutland.]

Thank you.

[The stoutland glances back to Gordon, who nods, then sighs heavily, whatever it might have want to see having already gone past, but it the strange pokemon doesn't seem malicious.]
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[ The mighty crown bobs in place. Look. There....he goes. The leaving. ]
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[ Veronica watches the Pokémon leave, making note in silence of its ominous last words. Then, carefully, she leans back against a tree, trying to hide the steady breath passing between her lips.

Grit alone had kept her standing, there. She was nowhere near prepared for a psychic assault from Mewtwo.

Perhaps nobody noticed... ]
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[He watches Mewtwo leave, his hand reaching out, before closing it]

I'm sorry I couldn't help you before... but I won't let you down.

You better not