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Traveling Along, Singing a Song!

Who: Yuuna, Raine, Adell, Gwendolyn, and Saber
What: Exploring!!!
When: Early August
Where: The Great Crater
Warnings: None!

[There were a great many things that Yuuna could say right now, but she chose to keep them to herself for the most part. This was her first exploratory expedition in a long time, since returning to active duty and then some, and it had a great deal of personal meaning to it. It was the first time she'd been on one without Merrill, and that was just fine, sure. She knew why her partner was staying in Union, but that didn't take away some of the apprehension. Add to that the presence of people she didn't really know, and the Ranger Captain was a little on edge, and trying to hide it. They didn't need her distracted, they needed her on point.

Landing a few hundred meters from the lakeshore, she hopped off of Susume's back and waited for her group, eyes scanning the landscape.]

((Yuuna has Dragonite, Spiritomb, Hitmonchan, Roserade, and Marshtomp))
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Pyroar, Shinx, Salamence, Garchomp, Escavalier

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[Saber hops off her own dragon next to Yuuna. For her part, it felt like a definite improvement to get out of the city with...although the jagged landscape had its own oppressive feelings, it's a breathtaking sort of vista.]

Are we looking for anything in particular, or just mapping the area?
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[Yuuna wasn't the only one surrounded by relative strangers, and slightly uncomfortable due to that fact.

However, the mission had seemed like a good way to get out of Union for a few days. Also a way to test whether or not those nightmares would persist when out of the immediate vicinity of the city, or if they would continue just because they had already affected her. Scholarly motivations, or something like that.

In any case, an opportunity to explore a new and relatively unknown area firsthand was also something that tickled Raine, and having an altaria for one of her partners did make the journey a little faster. A little dizzying, with the pokemon's love for heights, but eventually Sephie heads down for a landing once she notices the dragons doing the same.]

My impression was that we were here to explore the area. [Despite the dizziness of the flight, her eyes do light up briefly.]

Although if there's something to find, I hope we come across it...
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Luxray, Rapidash, Salamence, Altaria, Talonflame

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[ Gwendolyn remains aloft while others descend, happy to remain buoyed by the air currents. The opportunity to leave Union had been eagerly seized, particularly with the news of incoming Gigans, and while the ceasefire seems to have materialised into something more solid.. Gwendolyn is a Valkyrie. And not one inclined to forgive just yet; certainly, she'll never forget.

She wheels overhead, flanked by her Talonflame, enjoying the world stretching out beneath her even as she keeps an eye open for approaching enemies, or territorial herds of Pokémon. But even Gwen has to land some time, and once she's ready, she drops straight down out of the sky much like a stooping Braviary, wings snapping open at the last moment before she lands with minimal impact.

She's not shy in their midst, for all she only knows Adell and Saber best of the group, but she does straighten a bit as she looks between all parties.

I saw no signs of humans or herds on the move away or towards this place at a distance. [raising her arm, she braces for Firesong, who swoops down to land on her bracered wrist] If we are to encounter anything, it'll be within the bounds of the crater itself, I suspect.
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[Adell, for his part, was lucky enough to bum a ride on Yuuna's Dragonite; Maverick was still too small to fully support Adell's weight, and was too low level to safely make this trip anyway. For his part, the Calderan just enjoyed the ride, looking below from time to time to get a lay of the land until the parties descended down to the ground.

Once he landed, he thanked the Dragonite for hauling him around. It hurt nothing to be polite, after all.

He gazed around the landscape, keeping his eyes peeled for trouble. So far, all was clear.]

I'm thinking you're right about that, Gwendolyn. Though keep an eye on your footing. Never know when something might come from underground in a place like this.

Anything we need to double check on before we get moving?
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[ This place reeks. Think a bunch of Exeggcute left to hang out in the sun too long. Think a Stunky with an attitude. It's stronger every time the wind blows in from across the lake, too, so whatever's causing the stink must be there.

The area up in the dry portion of the crater is also seemingly missing any signs of Pokémon life. Perhaps the ground doesn't hold footprints well? Or... ]
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That smell...

[Saber looks at Adell. She doesn't mean it like that, but.]

Doesn't that mean there's volcanic activity here? I didn't think it was that kind of crater, but we should be on the lookout.
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[ Gwendolyn stabs her into the ground next to her, just in time for another heady waft of disgusting air to blow through their location. Now she's down below and amongst allies, it's far stronger than she expected, and her newly freed hand covers her mouth and nose, expression sliding into one of clear distaste. ]

It's foul, is what it is. But we should keep a look out from all angles since we're going in. I can stay aloft if needed, and use the warp band to warn against anyone fast approaching.
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[Calling out her shiny Petilil, Raine indicates for it to also assist with the foul air. The response is an aromatherapy move, which can at least shift some of the stench away for a short period of time.

She also then focuses her attention on the ground while the others continue to discuss, analyzing it to see what she could make of it for certain, as well as a safe path to take toward the lake.]
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Yeah, I'm not even sure if some of the foulest places back home smell quite this bad. It might be because I got used to it back home, but this... yeah. This is pretty rank.

[He breathes a sigh of relief when Sweet Scent and Aromatherapy took to the air to make everything smell cleaner. Maybe hanging around in Union had made his nose sensitive to this stuff again.

Either way, Adell hefted his backpack on his shoulders and nodded to Yuuna's suggestion.]

Let's get moving, then. If anyone starts getting tired and needs help carrying their stuff, I'll be happy to help.

[Might not even really be needed, but hey, hauling stuff was something he was definitely good at.]
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[ Raine's analysis reveals.....nothing. Not that anything is out of place, not that everything is as it should be, just - nothing. This dirt, this rock, this earth - it is completely, one hundred percent devoid of life. There aren't even any seeds trying and failing to sprout. It's just dead.

It will continue to be dead as they venture along, Aromatherapy and Sweet Scent doing what it can for the surroundings (which isn't much). Small, stagnant pools begin dotting the landscape in some small pockmarks in the dead earth. Here, at last, are signs of life: Pokémon footprints leading up to them.

The prints are very close together, as if whatever left them was having a hard time walking. ]
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Anything living here isn't going to stay such as long...for that matter, I don't even think there are any ghosts about, at least not out in the open. I've never seen anywhere so empty...

[She eyes the pools, too. Whatever's drinking from them is probably trading relatively quick death from thirst for a prolonged death from poison.]
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[Adell holds back a shiver when he finally sees the footprints leading up to those foul-smelling pools of water. Whatever that was had to be desperate... and probably didn't make it.]

It's so dead here it's giving me the creeps. Ghosts I can handle, they're still... well. I mean, I don't know if "alive" is always the right word for that, but they have a presence.

...What could've happened here to do this? Whatever caused the crater, you think?
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This is unnatural..

[stating the obvious, perhaps, but there's deep concern in Gwendolyn's voice. Her wings shift, but remain settled at her side; Yuuna is the designated leader of the group, so she will follow orders, but it makes the Valkyrie uneasy to remain grounded when everything looks like..this.]

It's been like this for some time, in the very least. Firesong, scout west please. Do not engage, return at once if you see anything. [There's a ruffle of feathers before the Talonflame caws agreeably, streak away to obey.]
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I can't get a read on anything around here. Is this odor... a residue? There's no signs of anything, any plants, and there's nothing in the earth...

[There's a certain frustration in not being able to pick up anything beyond the obvious. No life. No hints. She follows Yuuna's lead to the footprints, trying to gauge how long ago they were left, and wondering if something new could be picked up from there, but... it gives her a very uneasy feeling.]
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[ The footprints are fairly recent, and made by something heavy. As they descend further into the crater, Raine will start to get life sign readings, though. But they're faint. And something about them is...off. Diseased.

The ground rumbles, and the source of the footsteps begins descending into the crater: about half a dozen Rhydon, moving slowly. Slowly even by Rhydon standards.

And they're emaciated. Rock hangs like shingles off of them, and just the act of walking has them panting beneath their horns.

They don't seem to have noticed the travelers yet. ]
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[ Gwendolyn hadn't thought it possible for Rhydon to be little more than plate and bones, to waste away as this herd had -- is. She steps lightly, mindful not to attract unnecessary attention, though her eyes do not leave the dying herd save to check for the telltale streak of red in the distance as Firesong loops the area.

Until Yuuna speaks, and her head turns at once.

Agreed. This is... There are no words. They must be warned, and if they know how to reverse, or treat it.. [how could they not have noticed something like this sooner?]
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[The horrified look continues onto Adell as well, his face incredibly easy to read. Though he was nowhere near the empath that certain other Enlightened could be, but his eyes winced when he saw the poor creatures.

He wanted to do something to help them... but it's not like they carried enough food to help them. Nor did they really want to deal with six potentially very angry Rhydon. And well... Yuuna was right. Getting to the bottom of this mattered first, because if they could figure it out they might be able to help prevent more of it.

He followed the medic's lead, going wide to avoid the pack.

His mind shifted back to their task, and his voice steeled. There'd be time for feeling bad for those poor Pokemon later.]

We'll find out what's going on. We'll help them. It's what we're all here to do. Explore, and do what we can for Pokemon anywhere.
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[Saber can't help but be moved by the horrible sight. No one and nothing deserved such a terrible fate. She keeps her focus, though. She has to.]

Whatever happened to these poor creatures is recent. Herds don't stay in a place like this if they have the opportunity to leave...and they don't last long if they don't.
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They're diseased... but this does seem to have been recent. I wonder if they're the only survivors still clinging to this area ...

[There really isn't much more that she can add that isn't obvious to the naked eye, but she keeps studying anyway, though she and her pokemon follow Yuuna's lead so as not to attract the herd's attention.]

The question is, is there something still causing this result prominent in the area, or is this solely the aftermath of it...?
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[ One of the Rhydon falls over. The others gather around it, looking down, but none of them have the strength to lift their friend. One of them looks over at the group and rumbles sadly.

Can you help? ]
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[The thud of the poor Rhydon collapsing made Adell turn around quickly, and the sad sound one of them made toward their group shredded his heart.

They needed... and were asking for help. He couldn't very well say no. Not after that.]

Hold on, guys. I'll be right back. I'm gonna go give them a hand.

[He approached the Rhydon group carefully, a sympathetic look on his face. He looked to the fallen one, too weak to get back to their feet themselves. He gave a nod to the other Rhydon, before looking to the fallen one once more.

He spoke, reassuringly as he could.]

It'll be okay, friend. I'm going to help you up, okay?

[Fortunately, Adell was extremely strong in his final form, strong enough to probably help haul up the Rhydon even if it was fully healthy. But he reached down, and slowly and carefully lifted the Rhydon's weight. He was careful, he didn't want to hurt the poor thing by making it move too quickly... and he'd go slow as he'd need to, to get it back upright.]
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[Saber and her team have nothing to realistically contribute in terms of healing (something she realizes she should work on in the future), so instead she holds back her grimace at the poor Rhydon's condition and keeps a lookout for danger.]
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[That settled that. Raine moves over to join the small group around the Rhydon, once more focusing her attention on them and trying to determine just what the ailment was.]

... is it like a poison? I wonder ...

[Mostly, musing to herself. The disease plaguing the herd seemed more complex than that, but even so ... her range of abilities had increased, but there hadn't been any real opportunity to see how, and so she hadn't immediately thought of it--the possibility of being able to cure this ailment? A concentrated spell, meant to ease illness... if she couldn't figure that out, what good was she?]

I'd like to try something, Yuuna, if I may, once you complete the examination. I do know a few different kinds of healing spells. Perhaps one of them could be of use here.
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[ Gwendolyn has grown steadily stronger over time, but nothing to the extent that Adell has. Lips purse into a frown as he steps up, concerned at how the Rhydon may react - but it is abundantly clear they need aid, and the Enlightened present were the only ones able to help.

She cannot provide healing, such powers being beyond her, so she joins Saber in taking up an alert guard position. The Talonflame calls, mantling before coming in for a landing on her arm, shaking his head at her querying look. No other signs...Not good.

...We should lead them out of here, if we can. They need fresh water, not these poisoned pools. Firesong and I could do a sweep for the nearest outside the boundaries of the crater.
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[ The fallen Rhydon rumbles in thanks. The others begin trying to say something to the group that to un-Bonded or empathic ears will mostly sound like they're all chewing on a bunch of rocks, with the occasional scrape of "rhy" or don" making itself known. To Pokémon or those with the ability to understand them, though, they speak of "the shadow" and "the blight".

The overlapping plates on these Rhydon's bodies show signs of reddened abrasion, as if the gaps between them have gotten infected, but they show no signs of battle injuries. Instead, it's like something is weakening them from inside. The same Nothing that got to the environment here. ]
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[Adell looks between the group of Rhydon as they murmur and mumble some kind of phrase. He can't really understand it, though he guessed they might be trying to explain what happened.

Still, with him helping up the fallen Rhydon, he got close enough to get a look at their rocky plates... and what looked wrong with them.]

Yuuna? Raine? Those red wounds that run along their plates... that's definitely not normal, is it?
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They might have an idea of where the source is... can anyone tell what it is they're saying?

[For her part, she'll then focus for her intended spell, purify, which functions similarly to heal bell; it should cover all of the Rhydon present with a soft green glow as she concentrates, the glow then sinking in to cleanse the infection.]
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I can try speaking to them Pokémon to Pokémon. The Warp Band may be too much for them if they're that sick.

[Saber transforms, and attempts to communicate through her own gleam and ring of metal and echoing repetitions of "Aegislash".]

Rocky brethren, please tell me of this Blight and this Shadow. These humans and I would save you from this sickness.
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We should escort them to the edge of the Crater, then; the grounds just outside where we entered were not like this. Perhaps leave a bond-mate with them, as well, so that they are protected while they recover and while we search.

[ She's already thinking on who to call upon; Volstagg is mighty and gregarious, strong enough to aid in defence and fast enough that he could find her if the herd was beset by forces too strong for them to counter alone. ]

It would not take us much time to double-back, and I'd rather they not remain here while we hunt, if I am honest.