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{{001}} video; action

[ video ]

[ The lighting isn't great here, as if the person using the Warp Band is unused to it. They've got great posture, though. Are standing at attention military-style. ]

I am the new Chief of the Swords of the Savior West City Branch, Veronica. My transfer from Glacier has just been approved. I thank the people of Union for their hospitality and hereby pledge to defend you. Please do not hesitate--

[ Veronica's broadcast is interrupted by a burst of high-pitched laughter from offscreen and then a Noibat bobs into the picture, barely able to keep flapping to stay in the air. You're making the whole city hear your reporting for duty?! No wonder the place will remain safe. At this rate, they'll all be sleeping from boredom--- ] Noooooi~!! Noinoinoi!

[ Veronica's mouth sets, but she keeps staring right at the screen as if the interruption hadn't happened. ] --to contact us about possible cases. That is all.

[ And that is, indeed, all. End feed. ]

[ action 1 - evening, out and about ]

[ Recently equipped with Union civilian attire - they were selling some quite nice pieces at a shop near the entertainment district, billed as "inspired by the Union Divine Theater", whatever that means - Veronica is getting a feel for the city. She's nursing a wine on a terrace outside, attempting to accustom her body to the heat, but also watching the traffic flow carefully. Nemesis the Noibat is "sitting" across from her, sucking on the straw of a very fancy juice. In fact, there's more food in front of the bat than there is in front of the human.

It's a busy night, and she's drinking alone. Anybody care to try their luck? ]

[ action 2 - evening/night, streets of union ]

[ Just as everyone is returning to their homes from going out to dinner, shows, late work shifts, etc., a rogue Mankey has slipped into the crowds and snatched a middle-aged woman's wallet! "Thief!" the woman shouts, and - ]


[ Did it suddenly drop like thirty degrees? Mankey jumps onto a lightpost, surprised. He is even more surprised when Weather Ball hits his hand, freezing him to it. ]

It's too nice an evening for this. Apologize and we won't have to take you in.

[ Veronica approaches Mankey slowly, very slowly. She's used to walking on the thin crust of ice that has now appeared on the pavement, the weather anomaly only affecting the area around her.

Anyone rushing to try and grab that Mankey themselves, however....might not be so lucky. Watch your step! ]

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