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{{001}} video; action

[ video ]

[ The lighting isn't great here, as if the person using the Warp Band is unused to it. They've got great posture, though. Are standing at attention military-style. ]

I am the new Chief of the Swords of the Savior West City Branch, Veronica. My transfer from Glacier has just been approved. I thank the people of Union for their hospitality and hereby pledge to defend you. Please do not hesitate--

[ Veronica's broadcast is interrupted by a burst of high-pitched laughter from offscreen and then a Noibat bobs into the picture, barely able to keep flapping to stay in the air. You're making the whole city hear your reporting for duty?! No wonder the place will remain safe. At this rate, they'll all be sleeping from boredom--- ] Noooooi~!! Noinoinoi!

[ Veronica's mouth sets, but she keeps staring right at the screen as if the interruption hadn't happened. ] --to contact us about possible cases. That is all.

[ And that is, indeed, all. End feed. ]

[ action 1 - evening, out and about ]

[ Recently equipped with Union civilian attire - they were selling some quite nice pieces at a shop near the entertainment district, billed as "inspired by the Union Divine Theater", whatever that means - Veronica is getting a feel for the city. She's nursing a wine on a terrace outside, attempting to accustom her body to the heat, but also watching the traffic flow carefully. Nemesis the Noibat is "sitting" across from her, sucking on the straw of a very fancy juice. In fact, there's more food in front of the bat than there is in front of the human.

It's a busy night, and she's drinking alone. Anybody care to try their luck? ]

[ action 2 - evening/night, streets of union ]

[ Just as everyone is returning to their homes from going out to dinner, shows, late work shifts, etc., a rogue Mankey has slipped into the crowds and snatched a middle-aged woman's wallet! "Thief!" the woman shouts, and - ]


[ Did it suddenly drop like thirty degrees? Mankey jumps onto a lightpost, surprised. He is even more surprised when Weather Ball hits his hand, freezing him to it. ]

It's too nice an evening for this. Apologize and we won't have to take you in.

[ Veronica approaches Mankey slowly, very slowly. She's used to walking on the thin crust of ice that has now appeared on the pavement, the weather anomaly only affecting the area around her.

Anyone rushing to try and grab that Mankey themselves, however....might not be so lucky. Watch your step! ]
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[A blond girl in a sailor suit wearing a red mask was watching from above. She put her hands on her hips.]

It looks like you have this well in hand.

[She had a masked Sylveon with her.
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he needs one, too! (totally doesn't look like a certain Ace Kaito mask, what are you talking about?)

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[She saw the wallet go flying and lept, tumbling through the air, and landing with surprising grace on the ground nearby. The Sylveon wasn't far behind. It picked up the wallet and brought it to Veronica, giving a muffled 'Syl!' around said wallet in its mouth.

See? Just helping.]
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[The Sylveon was definitely curious, but didn't exactly 'stay'. Instead, he moved next to the masked girl. Once the Mankey seemed repentant enough, the girl gave a quick nod.]

Well... that's better.

Can you handle it from here?
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I'll take it under advisement.

[She tilted her head a little, flashing a quick V-sign.]

In the meantime, I should run. Later!

[The two of them, the girl and the Sylveon, lept away in a dramatic super hero exit of bouncing from building to building into the distance.]
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[ action 1 - evening, out and about ]

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[ Loken never bothers with Civilian Attire. Ever. If he can help it. Aside from when he's in the hospital. And so it is that an armored line soldier of the Steel Battalion lumbers towards Veronica, an Oddish dawdling in tow behind him, and approaches her, his own wine in hand. ]

I saw your video cast, but I did not respond. However, upon seeing you in person, I greet you. [ He bows formally, as though to a superior, mostly because he's just a member of the rank and file ]

I am Garviel Loken, of the Steel Battalion of the Caldera. And I would know of the Swords of the Savior. My... tactical briefings in that area have been spotty at best.

[ He's basically spent the last 2 years fighting Gigas in one way or another. The oddish bumps into the back of his leg and pauses, blinking up at Nemesis ]

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The nature of the organization in general, and your remit within the Union. I am curious about the capabilities and command style of our Allies.

[ He sits after a hesitant moment, his eyes meeting hers, his face rather stern and pale, like a marble carving. Only the light hints of freckles on them hint that he's not simply the statue of a warrior at rest. His eyes are more expressive, though, and grey.]

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Sorry about that, my browser caught a case of heresy

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Ah, a police force, like the Rock Legion.

[ He frowns. ]

Given the strange dreams we've all had recently, I'd imagine you have your work cut out for you. There is unrest, even if it muted and very much centered around fear rather than anger.
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Re: np np!

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Do you need assistance? I've been somewhat restive since I recovered my wounds, received in the final battle of... what I guess we can now call the Gigan war.

[ He sighs. ]

It's been a long time for Caldera without a siege.
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It would be my pleasure. I am sure that my companions will keep an eye out at well. [ The Oddish gives Garviel a tired look, and just mutters. ] Odd. [ Or maybe not. ]

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. I read that in a book somewhere.
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Is your companion all right? I will admit I rarely can understand what Pokemon say, I tend to focus more on body language and attitude when trying to comprehend my own companions.

[ And as for his literacy... ]

Books are a pleasure for me, and though war is my vocation, books are how I can give meaning to the struggles we face. Without history and philosophy to place everything into context, our actions have little meaning.
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I shall endeavour to be worthy of your trust, mamzel.

[ He finishes his wine, and sighs a bit. ]

I will admit, I'm more used to Calderan vintages. The union's slopes produce less acidic grape than i am accustomed to.

[ What with his wine coming from being grown near a volcano, and all> ]

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You are from a land of ice, and I am from a land of fire and steel. The harshness of it has shaped the ways of our people that the gentler world that the Union people have seen has not. But that is not a flaw. They bring hope, we have a sort of realism that they lack, at times.
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I had planned to recuperate and return to Caldera to rejoin the Battalion. As it stands now, I'll stay here and help the Union deal with the present problems. I owe them a great deal for saving my life after the war with Gigas.
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So why did you choose to be a peace officer, then? A more general question, I know...

[ He pours himself another glass of wine, despite it being a bit different from what he normally drinks. The beauty of being rather large is the capacity to imbibe a lot. ]

But one that always intrigues me. Why do people do what they do? Do they choose it? Or does your work choose you?
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I see. Well, I am sure you have done well, given the rank you spoke of in your introduction. I am a humble line soldier, no more, no less.

[ Promotion has escaped him for whatever reason. Perhaps amongst the steel battalion he is simply average, perhaps his nature lends itself to being on the front lines and would be marred by the burdens of command. He doesn't know. ]

Was that an important task within Glacier? I... was raised as a criminal, more or less.

[ He seems ashamed of the admission ]

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[ Unfortunately, she has met the world's most deadpan man. ]

Ah, interesting. I take it you are fire-aligned then? I hope that didn't affect you adversely... socially.

[ He looks at Nemesis and raises and eyebrow. ]

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[ he picks up on the deflection, and is quiet for a moment, as if wondering what else to talk about. His eyes alight on her Noibat. ]

So tell me about her, if you would. I am sure she would enjoy the telling of the story.

[ Garviel gives a rather amused grin to Nemesis. ]

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You were military then? INteresting. What rank were you?

[ As a humble line warrior himself, he only has ever dreamed of rank. He is brave enough, and perhaps wise enough, but the opportunity just hasn't been there, despite his service against Gigas. Perhaps his lowly beginnins are held against him. He doesn't know. ]