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001 [Video | Action]


--I already told ya, Scout. I'm gonna take it apart.

[The young person fiddling with the warp band doesn't seem to realize that the video function has been turned on yet-- indeed, the image was in fact upside down in the midst of the investigation. A little Emolga continued to tug on it's trainer's collar frantically, chittering and pointing at something somewhere off screen. They were outside that afternoon, in the shade of a gazebo somewhere in the park. It was a terrible place to work, but a new face in town probably didn't have too many other options.

Frowning in concentration, the young person reached for a screwdriver and flipped the camera over so that both parties were now off screen. An ominous shadow splayed out on the ground beyond the gazebo was instead the subject of focus...]

What, is it snack time already? Do you wanna find Keith and see what he's up to? Maybe check out that noodle shop we saw in town for an early dinner?

[At this point, the trainer was obviously taking wild guesses. Each one was shot down with a negative squeak from the Emolga that steadily grew more frantic until a clatter indicated that various tools were being put aside.]

All right, I'll take a look.... [Silence followed, before it was broken with a small exclamation and the warp band was suddenly grabbed post-haste. One final, punctuating cry blasted through the feed before it was finally cut off:]

Why didn't you just tell me that we had company?!


[Union, Observe:

One small teenager in green with a backpack full of tinkering tools running down the city streets at top speed.

One even smaller Emolga trailing after the teen, cheeping and chittering anxiously while it leaped from lamp post to lamp post in an attempt keep up with the teen.

One flock of Spearows, consumed by rage, chasing the duo with a fury that not even a drunken Pangoro could match. The reason for their anger: unknown... but it may have something to do with the pair of pokeballs that the teen kept on their person, hidden away from obvious view.

Where the teen's other pokemon was at remained a mystery, although Unionites who were fond of heights might encounter a stray Magnemite exploring the far reaching skyline above the city. It was immensely fascinated by the various lights and signals from the towers and Habitat that it was catching echoing reverberations of in a way that only it could understand.

An early dinner may not be happening that evening, but the day certainly brought with it plenty of adventure.]
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[Keith was ...pretty pleased to be leaving Refuge for the most part. Living underground did not suit a flying type, honestly, and when he saw the towers of Union, all he could think was I'm going to climb all of them. ]

[So while Pidge was off doing her tinkering thing, Keith was scaling towers and ledges, trying to get a feel for their new (probably temporary) home. He liked the architecture, if anything. The rest of Union would take some getting used to, but at least he could meet with the sky.]

[Of course while he's out there he runs across an unexpected friend.]

...Rover? What are you doing out here?
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[Wait, really. He's actually a little surprised by that, but he cracks a small smile, raising an eyebrow.]

Does Pidge know you're following me?
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[You are making him an accomplice, you realize this, Rover.]

[He snorts, shaking his head.]

All right, but I'm going to deny everything if you get in trouble.
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Re: [Action]

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[Well, all righty then. That was fine, Keith actually liked Pidge's pokemon. He gives Rover a shrug and goes right back to what he was doing-]

[Which was really leaping around the town via rooftop and getting a feel for the place. Though- there seemed to be a commotion down in the streets by one of the shopping districts.]

Huh. What's going on down there?

[Time to get a closer look.]
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[....LKDJFLKSDJFS WHAT. That definitely catches him off guard. Enough that he almost dives forward to try and catch him before he falls too far, but as he does, he gets better look and...]

[Oh shit, was that Pidge??]

[Look out, because there's definitely two things plummeting their way down to the streets, one slightly more on fire than the other.]
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Re: [Action]

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Dropping in.

[Said plainly as he pulls his sword off his belt, letting it extend to its full length with a flash.]

What did you say to them?

[He tosses her a quirked eyebrow over his shoulder. An indication of Keiths subtle but definitely there humor.]
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Re: [Action]

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Spearow are ruthless assholes but that doesn't mean they attack without provocation. Most of the time. Probably.

[But he too squares his shoulders and gets into a stance. Seki stays attached to his shoulder, she's not really a combat 'mon.]

[Ready or not it's not likely they were far behind or waiting much longer for these two to banter. Keith swipes at the one that gets the closest, his movement creating an arc of flames to try and force them back.]
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They're a nuisance everywhere!

[He'd long since come to terms with where Pidge was from. That was something they'd worked out long ago and he was at peace with it. Pidge wasn't a soldier and she wasn't involved in any of the things that had caused him grief in his early life.]

[He takes a large leap back as soon as Pidge calls out that command, not wanting to be in the crossfire.]

[If that doesn't work he's got one trick of his sleeve but he's hoping to not have to go that far.]
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[ action ]

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In a hurry, Pidgey?

[ There's a traffic crossing here, you see, Pidge. And Brilliance the Rhyhorn is stopped at it. Because Haruka Tenoh is a very, very safe driver. Naturally.

So what's up with the rush? ]
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[ action ]

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[ Ah, so the birds are for you. Haruka listens to their approaching cries, looks at the traffic out of the corner of her eyes, and smiles to herself. ] Just a little longer.

[ The very last Graveler walking past as part of a construction crew begins stamping their way across the street....

And the Spearow draw, well, near-ow. ]
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[ action ]

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[ Three....two....almost there.... ] Hold still.

[ As the Spearow descend, as the Graveler clears the road, as the traffic on either side of Haruka and Pidge begins to move forward, she reaches down in an attempt to yank Pidge by the backpack up onto the Rhyhorn behind her. Couching it in an explanation that this is an Emergency, since she knows and respects (though she doesn't understand) Brilliance's dislike for this activity, she sends the mental impulse that all Rhyhorn, even lazy pleasant shiny ones, obey without question:

Run. ]
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[ action ]

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Hang on tight.

[ Racing Rhyhorn are prohibited on the streets of Union because of the damage they could cause when running. But Brilliance was never formally approved as a racing Rhyhorn. This is all completely legal.

And safe, naturally. Because Haruka is a very good driver. She can't signal with one of her legs, no, but with an inexperienced runner like Brilliance, mental nudges are a better idea anyway.

They tear off down the city streets, heading for the gates. Spearow have nice, easy channels to follow as long as they're in streets. But what if they're in woods? ]
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[ action ]

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[ Considering that riding a Rhyhorn is not unlike surfing atop an avalanche, they may be seeming to run faster than they're actually moving. But it's that sensation that matters, right?

Haruka just hunches over and spurs Brilliance on. Not bad. She puts up a head of steam when she wants to! ]
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[ action ]

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This is nothing. [ Haruka risks a look back. Have they lost the Spearow yet? ]
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[ action ]

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[ Haruka just focuses forward. Brilliance isn't used to this; her reflexes aren't as honed as Haruka's.

Still, this isn't good. They haven't been able to shake the Spearow fully.

Haruka swerves Brilliance and points her for the Forest Shrine. ]
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[ action ]

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[ Don't worry, Pidgey. There's a method to this. The Forest Shrine is a place of tranquility and peace - Haruka doesn't know what's up with the place, exactly, as she's scouted it on DDF business and found exactly 0 gods. But she's not above using the place's reputation, or any powers it might possess, to try and drive off their opponents

or at least give her a clearing for a standoff. ]
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[ action ]

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[ When Brilliance realizes where they're going, she puts on extra speed - though it's not so much a memory as an impression, a realization she knows this scent, and that it makes her feel good. So they will find themselves, sooner rather than later, careening up to the clearing and turning around.

At which point Haruka dismounts to block the path they just used.

She looks up at the sky, to see if there are any Spearow there. She can only stand for so long without her crutch - she shouldn't be standing at all; all her weight is on one leg - but she doesn't have to actually be invincible, here. Just project the impression thereof. ]
Is there a problem?
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[ action ]

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You needed a ride, right?

[ Haruka shrugs. Honestly, she herself agrees she probably overdid that - and had better get back to her Rhyhorn before she either pitches over or, heavens forbid, has to support herself on the smol. Back she goes. ] I wasn't doing anything today anyway.
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[ action ]

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You're a cheeky little Skitty. [ Haruka grins. She can appreciate that kind of initiative, actually. Or at least find it cute.

Also, please note. She dropped the "Pidgey" thing. And people say she never listens.

Here she is aboard the Rhyhorn. Oof. Much better. ]
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[ action ]

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Don't push your luck. [ But from the fact that it sounds like she's grinning, you'll probably get at least temporary cooperation from her.

Here they head, back to the city. ]
Sorry for the detour.
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[ action ]

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[ Haruka would ask what happened, but she knows the area's Spearow aren't always bastions of sound decision-making. So she lets it drop. ] What have you already seen?

[ In the city. So she doesn't repeat any tours unnecessarily.

Haruka Tenoh does nothing unnecessary. ]
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[ action ]

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[ Haruka nods and nudges Brilliance mentally. Brilliance is sad to leave this lovely, peaceful place, but anything is better than having to run again. So they return to Union at a pace she prefers.

Haruka does not understand this Rhyhorn, but to each their own. ]
So it's an adventure.

[ Going places you don't have to go for sleep! Or food! Wow.

Gosh, you're cute. ]
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[ action ]

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[Oh, wow! Someone running so fast! And with others! Was this a race?

A very fast Houndoom joined the run, clearly happy to do so. It barked and howled as it ran, enjoying the run just for the sake of it.

It was also wearing a red collar with a gold tag... if Pidge had the time to notice.]
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Re: [ action ]

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[The Houndoom didn't seem to care. This person was still running, so it was still running along with them! It was just too much fun.

That was until it stopped suddenly (and, unfortunately, right in front of Pidge) to listen to something almost inaudible, at least, to normal humans. If Pidge had great hearing, it sounded like a dog whistle.

Which was when a Duskull appeared, bobbing along leisurely.]

C'mon, Solo. If the kid says buzz off, you need to buzz off.

[As for those Pidgeys in pursuit? They were suddenly startled off by a very large shiny Charizard inserting itself between the flock and Pidge, taking on a protective stance.]
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Re: [ action ]

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[The Charizard snorted slightly, almost amused by the idea of a debt.]

No biggie.

[From where the Duskull had come from, Duo emerged as well.]

He likes helping out when he can.

[The Houndoom ran over to Duo, circling him in excitement. Did Duo see him run? Did he? Did he? He was fast, right? Duo patted the dog-like Pokémon on the head to try and calm him down.]

You okay? Sorry if they startled you. Solo here likes to race anything that moves with any measure of speed, so seeing you run was like a magnet for him. [Duo shrugged sheepishly.]