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[Duo'd spent as many days as he could cooped up and healing, but this cabin fever was just getting him stir crazy. It was time to go outside, even if the aches in his chest said otherwise, even if all he could do was walk half-way down the block and collapse and pant until someone dragged him back to his apartment.

He headed out, a bruise still visible on the side of his face and visibly wobbly on his feet with what appeared to something similar to a limp as he moved really stiffly, and picked a direction. Trailing along to make sure he didn't fall too hard was a yellow Charmeleon and a Duskull. His Houndoom was way too full of pent up energy and was running about, making it really hard for Duo to keep up and keep him calm.

Luckily, he got almost the whole way down the block before he got anywhere near feeling like he was going to pass out, and there happened to be a café where he could sit down and rest! So, he took advantage of that, and settled in for lunch.]
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[Hopefully it's a cheap cafe. Orihime's been quietly trailing after Duo since the moment she spotted him wobbling down the walk with the nasty bruise on his face, just trying to keep an eye on him. He definitely doesn't seem like he's doing too well, but she doesn't immediately rush up and grab his arm to put it around her shoulders. Not only is that extremely forward, there might also be a good reason why he's pushing himself like this.]

[Apparently that reason is food. And that's understandable, especially if he can't cook or isn't up to preparing a meal for himself. That's where Orihime comes in. It might be too weird if she just solicits her help when he doesn't even know her, so that's goal #1: get to know him. She's got it all worked out in her head just in case he realizes she's following him. If he asks, she'll say she's curious about his yellow Charmeleon, which is true -- she's never seen one that color before. But luckily for her, he makes it to the cafe without noticing her, and she heaves a sigh of relief. Now she just has to...]


[...AAAAAHH NOW WHAT? She can't keep hiding in the bushes and stare. No matter how good her intentions are, it won't do either of them a lick of good if he just assumes she's a creepy stalker! She looks over her shoulder, a force of habit even though Ryuko's interference seems to have kept her bullies at bay for a while now, and sees no signs of the street girls who made her life so miserable before. If they saw her talking to a boy, there's no telling what they'd do. But since she's more worried about Duo than herself, she takes a deep breath, steps forward, and lays her hand on the back of an empty chair at his table.]

Do you mind if we eat lunch together?

[Nothing weird about that, right? ...Hopefully...?]
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[WHEW! The open relief on Orihime's face is almost palpable. She relaxes into a smile immediately before taking the chair, then accepting his hand with a firm, light shake.]

Nice to meet you! I'm Orihime. Ah...I guess you could say I don't really get out much.

[It's too expensive, and up until recently, too risky. But she's slowly starting to come out of her shell.]

Have you eaten here before? It's my first time, so if you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear about them!
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Sweet potatoes with butter and cheese are probably my favorite. But I love trying new things too, especially if I'm going to be spending money eating out!

[Favorite foods are always a safe topic of conversation, and a good way to break the ice. So far he doesn't seem at all weirded out by her, so she must be doing this right. She leans forward over the table to get a better look at his suggestions.]

Wow, all of those look really good, it's hard to decide! Um...

[If he's extremely observant, he'd notice that she's looking more carefully at the prices than the food descriptions.]

Maybe the macaroni and cheese with bread crumbs? What about you, what are you going to get?
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Are you sure? I could order something different. Then we could split it up and eat two meals at once!

[Oh well, the orders are made, so she sits back in her chair with a smile. At his question, she grins awkwardly and shakes her head.]

Me? No, not really. I'm not Enlightened.

[As far as she knows.]


[There's a little glimmer in her eye as she shifts, picking up her schoolbag and opening the flap so she can take out her warp band.]

My friend Ryuko helped me get one of these. I've managed to bond with a couple of Pokemon in secret! I just can't have them in my apartment building or I'll get in trouble, hee hee!

[A beginner, then. But she looks awfully excited about it. Her interest piques when he mentions the Charmeleon, and she listens intently. She's studied Shiny Pokemon before, but this is the first time she's ever seen one.]

Wow...that's so cool. Shiny Pokemon are super rare! How did you find one?
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I can...? Even if I'm not Enlightened?

[Orihime perks up at that. Someone might be hiding a Farfetch'd in the closet and a Grimer under the sink, along with a few others. This is good news for her, her landlord, and her Pokemon which might be feeling kind of cramped.]

[She listens to Duo's story with a smile. It sounds so wonderful, as if it were fate. Maybe it is! And she absolutely melts when she sees how happy Charmeleon is at receiving a little affection. What a great bond they have!]

Ah ha ha! Well, I guess that's understandable. You have great hair! I wish I could grow mine long, but ah...

[She fingers the ends of her short hair, which only goes to her jaw, and smiles awkwardly.]

Is it okay if I pet him too?
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[Orihime was only too happy to rub his horns once she saw the look of pure enjoyment on the large fire lizard's face. He was so cute!]

Oh, you're so warm! I bet you're a life saver during the winter, ha ha!

[She rubs his scales with a look of wonder, admiring the golden sheen. Her attention moves back to Duo just as the food arrives. She'll just keep petting the Charmeleon with her left hand, then.]

Wow, never? It looks wonderful.

[But she's always admired long hair no matter who has it. She spoons up some of her macaroni, but pauses, glancing up at Duo again.]

How did you get all of those injuries? Do you feel okay?
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You went there too?!

[Orihime lowers her spoon, her eyes wide. It's extremely obvious just how impressed she is.]

That was really brave. There were so many soldiers, and those Pokemon gods were huge. No wonder you have all of those bruises!

[She'd been a little banged up too, but she's healed up faster than she thought she would.]

Are you feeling okay? Do you need me to go to the Habitat instead?
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It's kind of a big deal...

[She won't argue it with him if he wants to be modest about it, but she has plenty of respect for everyone who went out to fight an army with their Pokemon companions. She eats a little more as she listens, then relaxes and smiles.]

That's nice of you. It sounds like you have a really good relationship.

[Still, she wishes she could help. And that wish might manifest as a tiny glimmer in her hairpins, there and gone in a heartbeat.]

I should visit too. I want to make sure my Pokemon would be happy there.
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Really? That sounds fun!

[They only just met, but it feels like they're starting to become friends pretty fast. It's a good feeling, especially since she thinks she might be able to help him out in some way.]

Let's do it!

[She's almost finished with her food anyway. It's kind of amazing how much she's managed to put away already.]
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You really think so?

[She's actually blushing a little at that. She hasn't had a chance to interact with Pokemon all that much, but she really loves them. Nothing would make her happier than to meet others that like her back.]

I'll let her know I taste like cardboard then, ha ha ha!

[She opens her bookbag to fish out some coins for the meal, leaving it on the table as she rises to her feet.]
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[She starts to lift her hand in concern when he winces like that, but then she relaxes. He's okay. They'll just have to walk slowly and take it easy.]

[When they walk into the Habitat and Orihime gets her shot at seeing all of the Pokemon living together in a big community, the obvious joy that spreads across her face indicates this is probably her first time here.]

Oh wow...! Look at all of them!

[She runs forward, clasping her hands together. She had no idea there were this many in the city.]

Where does your Unfezant live?
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[Another shiny Pokemon! Orihime's face lights up at the sight of that beautiful plumage. ...Even if she's wincing on Duo's behalf.]

Wow, he really likes you. That's so sweet!

[She makes sure to keep an eye out for any incoming bats that might be swooping toward Duo mouth-first.]

What's his name?
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[Orihime was on the verge of fussing over him herself. They just started to know each other, he's not allowed to suddenly start bleeding everywhere or rolling around on the ground in agony. But she relaxes once she sees that Shiny is concerned too.]

That's okay. I think the names are more for our convenience than theirs.

[She holds her palm out to the Unfezant. ...Orihime it's a bird, not a dog, it doesn't need your scent.]

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