and_after_thrall: (What's Wrong With Your Faaaaaaaace?!)
Elaine Mallory ([personal profile] and_after_thrall) wrote in [community profile] bravenewworld2016-07-31 09:27 am


[Elaine appears on screen, looking more than a little distressed. There's a lot of hissing and clacking and thumping.]

I was--

[Suddenly something crashes into the video device, a loud scuffling ball of bug legs rolling past the shot of the hotel room's ceiling light. Elaine's hands come into view as she rescues the device, then retreats to the kitchen where she pulls herself up onto the kitchen counter.]

I was searching for new Pokemon, and was lucky enough to find not just one Anorith, but two. They're rare around here from what I understand.

[Something crashes off-screen, and Elaine's head snaps around. She grimaces, in the way only a direct blow to someone's wallet can inflict true pain.]

But they won't stop fighting over which condiment they like better. If someone would like to adopt one, I'd appreciate it. I also wanted to gauge--

[CRASH. Rheeeeeeeeee! *Hiss*]

..........interest in a massage parlor for Pokemon and people alike.

[She rubs her temple with her fingers.]

Because I think we could all stand a little relaxation now and again. But I'll open one only if there's enough interest, so I don't sink my money into a business no one wants. Let me know.

[Another crash, and a squeal from a very upset Mienfoo snags Elaine's attention again.]


[She launches herself off of the counter to go break things up, and the feed ends.]

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