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Archnemon ([personal profile] wovensecrets) wrote in [community profile] bravenewworld2016-07-28 06:36 pm


Who: Ken Ichijouji & Arachne
What: Clashing and other fun things
When: Late July
Where: around the Verdant Forest

[Arachne prefers the forest. The city was bustling, and particularly crowded again with the return of the Union forces, and she had done enough observing there to pick up on the atmosphere during and after the fighting conflict, and now she wanted as little to do with any of it as possible.

Even so, sometimes coming out here was hardly a break. A certain child's habits were becoming fairly predictable, and she knew that he would show up sooner or later in that mask of his. It was part of why she had positioned herself up in a tree, though in the idle time of clearing her head, she had drawn out her flute to play.

A scatterbug is roaming around on the ground nearby. It had only one job, but it's already forgotten it in it's exploration of the area. It's not paying much attention, either. ]

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