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Who: Ken Ichijouji & Arachne
What: Clashing and other fun things
When: Late July
Where: around the Verdant Forest

[Arachne prefers the forest. The city was bustling, and particularly crowded again with the return of the Union forces, and she had done enough observing there to pick up on the atmosphere during and after the fighting conflict, and now she wanted as little to do with any of it as possible.

Even so, sometimes coming out here was hardly a break. A certain child's habits were becoming fairly predictable, and she knew that he would show up sooner or later in that mask of his. It was part of why she had positioned herself up in a tree, though in the idle time of clearing her head, she had drawn out her flute to play.

A scatterbug is roaming around on the ground nearby. It had only one job, but it's already forgotten it in it's exploration of the area. It's not paying much attention, either. ]

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[ Tch. The only thing around here is a Scatterbug? Well. That just means the local fauna have learned to fear him.

The Pokémon Kaiser readies his attack squad. ]

[ Look out, Scatterbug. A Bidoof is jumping out of a bush. It doesn't seem to be using an attack, though. It appears mostly just intent on landing atop you.

Not as planned already. ]
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Doof. [ Bidoof just squats. Right where it is. It remains there, unmoving, until its Trainer can't take this anymore and steps forward. ] What are you doing? Rollout!

[ For some Trainers, this is an uncontrollable move. But he is not some Trainers. He will be able to direct Bidoof.

Who, when it begins to curl, seems to be curling around Scatterbug.

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[ Bidoof pauses, confused, but still wrapped around Scatterbug. It is unable to curl all the way into a ball. Hm. ]

I said Rollout!

[ Oh, right. Rocking itself back and forth, Bidoof attempts a somersault. Taking Scatterbug with it. Ooooooooover they go. This is not a particularly fast Rollout. ]
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[ Nope! You got it! Bidoof is paralyzed - while stuck around Scatterbug. The rolling at least has stopped, but since it can't move its leg nubs, it also can't detach itself from Scatterbug.

This is such a confusing day. Perhaps it should have stayed in bed. ]

What's happening in there?

[ Stampy sounds as the human, unable to see through the log, heads over. ]
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[ Ouch. Bidoof still isn't moving anytime fast, but its legs pop open. Assuming you can wiggle around its bulk, Scatterbug, you're free to take your leave....

....though that human might be waiting for you. ]
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[ A shadow falls across Scatterbug. Dun dun DUNNNNN. ]

Did you really think you could defy me?

[ Hah! The Pokémon Kaiser laughs at this absurd proposition! Well, scoffs, really. Snorts. With an infinite supply of arrogance. ]

I'll go easy on you if you admit your foolishness and bow.
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[ This is promising, yes. Promising enough that the Pokémon Kaiser considers bringing out a PokéBall.

But. This thing is still a bug. A bug's place is well behind him, subservient and silent. A bug is unworthy of his precious resources. A bug will never amount to anything.

So he just smirks. ]

[ And then one leg snaps out, foote-the-ball style, to try and kick Scatterbug out of the clearing. See? He's going easy on you! Everything will feel so much easier once you're knocked out! ]
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[ If Ken is attentive? The Pokémon Kaiser never misses a trick! Such is his genius!

He draws himself up to his full completely unimpressive height and doesn't even bother to turn around. This will make him seem more fearsome. As is right. ]
What? Come out if you don't want to meet its fate.
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[ The fool. The Kaiser puts his knuckles to his mouth and whistles.

A somewhat pudgy Wurmple trundles out from behind a tree. Ken nods to Scatterbug. ]
Keep an eye on him.


[ And just like that, the Kaiser's off in pursuit, thinking. The terrain around here....hm. How can he change himself from the baited to the fisherman? ]
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[ The new challenger will not. The new challenger will, however, stare at any and all berries being consumed with a completely unsubtle gaze of longing. Berries......Berries are good.

This Pokémon in flight, however, is persistent, and that does make the Kaiser suspicious. Is it really just running? Or....

With a flick of his arm, String Shot streaks out from one hand and affixes itself to a tree up ahead. The Kaiser will try to use this newfound "rope" to propel himself up and over his quarry's head. If he's fast enough. Which he hopes to be. ]
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[ Agh!

....Just kidding. The Kaiser's mask gleams, and he shoots String Shot in the direction whence that Leer was fired. Got to slow the target down for a clearer use of one of his other abilities.

He drops to the ground to see whether his aim was true. ]
Hide-and-seek is over now.
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[ Thwarted? Well, no matter. Knowing where the attacks are coming from means he knows where the enemy is.

So. Let's get you off track. The Kaiser switches tactics to spraying the area with Confuse Ray. No one's allowed to even try and outsmart him! ]
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[ Deflected? The Kaiser counters with Disable!

...which he is aiming blindly, having had to bend very far back to get out of the way of that Vacuum Wave. How do you always have an answer?! This has to stop! ]
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[ Stupid! The Kaiser needs to expand his sphere of influence within this forest. If he only had traps here.... ]

Insolent insect!! [ And here is your Punishment. Keep messing with your stats, will you? The Pokémon Kaiser has something to say about that!

Though he may also be keeping an eye out for an exit. Just in case. Not that he would take it. But it's good to know his options. ]
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[ Useless! It's all useless! The Kaiser laughs in triumph. He is still laughing when Wing Attack, surprising him in mid-gloat, knocks him flat onto the ground.

His Mage robes billow out around himself. When no further attack comes, he laughs again. Scared it off! That counts as a win for him!

A pity, though. That Pokémon was almost worthy of replacing the Koffing. ]


[ Mr. Invincible is just gonna lie here for a bit, though. Until his ribs stop aching. ]
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[ You're good. Wurmple found Berries and is chowing down, master of all it surveys.

Benevolent master.

It's not sharing with Wormmon, who is hiding behind a tree looking sorry for all of this. ]