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013 [Video]

I hope that everyone is recovering well from the battle. I'm bruised, but not badly off myself. I'm well enough that I can deliver some fresh produce to people whose injuries are hindering their ability to move around.

[Her Rapidash keeps nudging her until she gives him a pat and mentions him by name.]

Hibiscus is eager to go for a run, so it really won't be a bother at all.
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[ video ]

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That would be pretty helpful... but, I'm not working right now 'cuz of it. I could pay you back once I'm better?
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Re: [ video ]

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I can do that. I'm pretty good at fixing and crafting stuff. I'm an Engineer type.

[Definitely something he was openly good at. Though, if she needed some other, slightly underhanded things... like breaking and entering... he could do that, too, but it wasn't something he was going to talk about on an open channel.]

Stones, TMs, Warp Band repairs... pretty much anything. I can do Rotom cores, too, if you've got one of those electric ghosties. They like to possess stuff.
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Re: [ video ]

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I can do that, too. I certainly don't mind.

[He glanced over at something off screen for a moment.]

So, uh... just so you know. I'm a little slow moving right now, so I'll probably send my Duskull to open the door. He's figured out how. You don't mind ghosts, right?

[He knew Duskulls could be creepy to some people.]
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Re: [ video ]

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Oh... that's good. [He chuckled a little, weakly, and then winced a bit.] I appreciate it.
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Pamela, I'm so glad to hear from you, things got hectic after the battle.
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Finally got some free time after the sudden crunch at the hospital. Thankfully though there were far less casualties than when the Elite Four were here.
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It was precise actions as well, the gods themselves did not want to assist or hurt us, so we didn't need to fight them, just free them, that is infinitely easier.
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You know, it was during our rescue of Regirock that I had a thought regarding our antivenin.
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[She laughs, Pamela, you are truly her science soulmate.]

Well, I was thinking about how a powerful electrical charge may alter the property of the base and allow for a more desired reaction. I have my notes but we'd need to go through the whole hypothesis and Aurora is more than willing to volunteer her electric abilities.
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Which one did you fight?

[ Asks a man obviously still in his hospital bed, swathed in bandages and that weird gown that hospital-goers get. ]

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Re: [video]

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That's mostly what we did with Registeel as well, though it was a strike from the god itself that almost did for me. [ He reaches up to teach his bandages for a moment, as if to illustrate. ]

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They inspired some sort of awe from me. I was not expecting it. I had to reach back to the most basic tenets of my training just to get moving again.

And then... well, the earthquake came. I'm glad the others were able to free it, at last. The Gigans are terrifying, if they can enslave even gods, though their men fall easily enough against a determined warrior.
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Re: [video]

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Yes I... was already injured by that point, to my shame. My pokemon weren't well trained enough to risk, so I went in alone as support for the others. When it unleashed an Earthquake upon us, I was felled, and my armor was badly damaged.

I wonder what they'll do now, though? From what I understand their Emperor was felled.
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Re: [video]

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What is known of General Valeria?
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Re: [video]

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Sounds like someone the union can negotiate with, then. Thank you for the explanations, mamzel. This is a bit more than a line soldier is told, from time to time. We rally to the trumpets, and discharge our duties.