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Clash of the Gigans: Aftermath

The Emperor’s fall brings confusion and dissent to the battling Gigan army - to say nothing of the reaction once it becomes clear that all the giants have broken free of their constraints. A tactical retreat is called - though with communications disrupted and some groups having already run for cover, it’s not the orderly backtracking one might expect from the Gigan army. A council is called among the survivors, and the capital contacted. Finally, a Gigan soldier and Valeria the Gigan general step forward to address Union’s forces.

“People of Union and its allies,” the soldier begins, reading off an electronic tablet, “in light of recent developments, the armies of Gigas shall withdraw for the time being. We also wish to extend an invitation to your people, particularly your diplomats, to visit our territories at your earliest convenience so we may work out the relationship between our cultures moving forward. The people of Gigas retain their interest in expanding our empire—“

Regigigas, which has mostly been in some sort of rumbling conference of its own with the other giants, turns at this and raises a mighty hand. The soldier falls silent, drops the tablet off of which he’d been reading his speech, picks it up, attempts to read it upside-down, and finally continues - with some amendments. “….though we would not dream of impugning upon the city of Union’s right to sovereignty of its own.”

Regigigas appears placated. The soldier exhales. “We shall look forward to many years of peaceful coexistence.”

And with that, the soldiers - unable to admit full defeat, but also unable to justify their presence on the battlefield - begin to file away. Valeria is the last to turn. But the look on her face as she heads away is decidedly smug. A smirk nearly graces her dour expression, as if to say to her companions: I told you so.

[[ OOC: This concludes the mod-run portion of this event! The Gigas army is withdrawing and the city is safe. What’s more, the giant gods have been freed to join their Seeker friends. Keep an eye on the OOC community for an announcement in the coming weeks regarding more information about Gigas and the full opening of apps for characters from that empire. ]]
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Aftermath, Hikawa Shrine

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In the wake of it all, Rei can only think of one place she'd like to be. Home. She's quick to head back after the announcement, and despite wanting to spend time with her partner she takes a bath, undergoing a purification rite so that she can offer her thanks. The shrine doors are thrown open in celebration, Rei's Pokemon swarming all around the place to greet anyone that does come by. Small groups of Vale residents do appear here and there, and Grandpa Hino makes an appearance, prodding people into giving thanks or taking one of his fortunes.

Which leaves Rei to herself mostly, probably his plan. She takes a seat just outside her private quarters, tea in hand, and closes her eyes to contemplate today. So much has changed in the last few months...and even in the last day. It's impossible to ignore events like this coming so quickly, and that isn't a comfort. But whatever will be...

"Will be..." she mumbles, if anyone's nearby to hear it.
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Ami had been given, once again, long hours at the center as a medic. She did what she could for the injured and she made sure to keep close tabs on those who needed it. However, it was a celebration at the shrine and she wasn't about to miss it. She had showered at the center, and then showered again when she got home since she never felt as clean like she did at home. After her showers a light snack and some tea in hand, she sought out her elemental equal and the love of her life. Da Vinci, her little Meowstic was hopping behind her and helping her seek out the other psychic.

"Ah, I should have come here first," she said when Da Vinci pointed to their quarters and leaned in to press a kiss to Rei's temple.
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Rei didn't really react much verbally, instead reaching a hand around her partner's waist, tugging her close. She didn't always feel words were necessary, and tonight was one such night. There was a lot to think about, in the wake of everything. She never thought there'd be another group of humans discovered two years ago, and then Caldera. And then Citadel, Refuge, Sanctuary, Glacier, Gigas, Evergrande...and even more outlying settlements. She never thought she'd be in a war, but she'd definitely fought in one now, two if you counted Sanctuary.

It was a strange thought, a sobering one, to realize that she was celebrating while other people buried their dead, not so far into the east.

"Quite an announcement, yes?"
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"One of the best possible outcomes considering the factors involved," she said as she settled in more comfortably beside Rei, stroking her fingers through the older girl's hair. She smiled. "But I am satisfied, content as the situation at hand allows I me to be, under the circumstances," she leaned her head on Rei's shoulder and closed her eyes. She held up her iced tea and smiled.

"You wouldn't mind, would you?" she asked since she had boiled the tea.

"But while I did not want war, I did want an end to the conflict..." she doesn't bother with an 'I told you so' regarding putting more trust in Union than the Gods allowed but she doubted that would be a welcomed statement nor a necessary one.
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Rei didn't even bother responding to the request. She simply took the cup and willed heat into it before passing it back. She was more than content to sit in silence, to enjoy the pleasant feeling of Ami's weight against her shoulder, but a conversation was fine too.

"I didn't want a war either, you know. But with an imperialistic ideaology like Gigas? it was probably inevitable. Even now they're clinging to their imperial identity, but I have a feeling that the people there are going to rise up against those in power. I had a premonition to that effect, anyway."
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"I wasn't implying you did," she smiled as she closed her eyes, just content that things had finally reached a conclusion and that the steps now would be more, hopefully, just wrapping up matters. At the mention of a premonition, she opened her eyes and lifted her head.

"You did? Did it end well? Or was that even possible to see?"
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"It was murky. But they come around," Rei said simply. She didn't like being mysterious and cryptic with Ami but sometimes she just couldn't help it. Ami of all people would understand just how she felt, after all.

"Funny, isn't it. Two years ago we made contact with an empire, and now we've defeated them. It's like fortune shines on us, and wherever we go."
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"Then I will worry when you worry," Ami simply replied, smiling as she sipped her hot tea and grateful for the warmth since she only ever felt it around Rei. Besides, if Rei had no reason for concern, Ami would allow herself to remain calm. She was always calm, she supposed, but when Rei was concerned, Ami was more alert.

"Strategic planning, strong connections with pokemon, using our surroundings, and being blessed by the gods does have its advantages, I would say. Mnn, has it really been two years?" of course it has, she knows. "Hopefully the Gigas war will be the end of it, I want the most eventful thing this summer and fall to be our wedding and arguments over cake flavors and long hours we both keep." A break would be nice from the fighting, simply because she had done it in a past life didn't mean she wanted to spend her current one dedicated to it.
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"It has been two years, yes. Since we made contact with Caldera, and by extension Gigas. The two year anniversary of the day we met is coming up too, as I recall," Rei said, leaning against Ami and kidding her cheek gently, wanting to change the subject towards something more pleasant.

"We've still got the Elite Four to worry about, but that's not an immediate danger at least, so we should be clear for all that and then some. And our cake is going to be chocolate."
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"The Elite Four can be dealt with, our numbers and blessings grow while they remain insulated. And chocolate? Since when have you liked such sweetness? I thought the lemon cake was very refreshing and lovely," she said. "I liked that it didn't feel heavy."
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"Well that's just it. The wedding isn't just about us. It's about everyone attending as well," Rei replied smoothly. "And I do like chocolate. Dark chocolate, the bitter kind. But who's to say we can't have two?"
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"I do not want even a molecule of bitterness on our wedding day," she whispered, butting her nose against Rei's ear.

"It can be layered, certainly."
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"Wow," Rei breathed a laugh, "That was a pretty bad joke. But it was one."

Ami you're learning! She is so proud.

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[ In the aftermath Raine is frankly, exhausted, and the weight of those accomplishments are slowly settling in after she makes sure those she's familiar with from the Union group are, at least, in decent shape, physically if not mentally.

Eventually, about two days later, she'll make her way down to the shrine to visit, mostly trying to avoid any lingering crowds of people by looking for a quiet place of contemplation, though keeping an eye out for Rei. ]
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[Raine's likely not greeted by Rei specifically, but rather by Juno. The big Kangaskhan waddles over and pats Raine awkwardly on the shoulder before turning around and letting out a bellow.

A bellow that prompts Rei to slide open a window and peer outside.]

Juno, be quiet! [Irritably, she chuckles a pencil at the Pokemon before realizing Raine's there.]

Ah...and hello Raine-san. How are you today?
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[personal profile] wise_maiden 2016-07-29 04:33 am (UTC)(link)
Fenne! [A small Fennekin, that was sitting in the shadows a few feet away from Raine, gives a start, a few flames bursting from its mouth at the sudden bellow.

Raine is a little started by the large pokemon's actions herself, but her surprise is far more reserved than her newest bondmate's, though she can't avoid wincing lightly at the sound of bellow. She's no stranger to this sort of skittishness in her companions, even if fire is a newer element.]

-- Calm down, it's all right. [She glances over to the window, offering a small wave.] Sorry about that, it's been a long few days. It's not a bad time for you, is it?
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[Rei shakes her head and appears at the doorway of the shrine’s private quarters a moment later, waving an admonishing hand at Juno.]

No, it’s fine. Just…writing a budget report and trying not to strangle this big lump.

[Pointing again to Juno.]

She’s been grouchy lately, something about fall coming and me not being prepared for it well. Apparently I need to gain about twenty kilograms.
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That's... strangely particular of her. Although we still have several months...

[But most Pokemon companions did have their certain quirks to them, for better or worse.]

Did you two meet recently?
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No, she's not new.

[Juno's been a constant pest for about a year now, Rei just doesn't bring her home much. This time? She just wandered by.]

She's just gotten more fussy since my Father died. She feels like she should be replacing both of my parents. And I tend to make her stay in the habitat because of her outbursts.
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Ah, I see... [A very familiar sentiment, though Raine still hasn't been very open about her own family situation. There's a touch understanding there, some sadness too. On the surface though, she still has the same, considering tone. Inwardly emphasizing, outwardly ...]

Kangaskhan are known for being motherly types, aren't they? That could just be a part of their natural tendencies. Although, she might just be worried about you.
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I know it's that, she's just...taking it to an extreme. But that's not really why you came by.

[Another swat at Juno follows along with a few quick words and the Pokemon grunts and shambles off to to find her partner in crime, Ceres. This wasn't over yet, young lady.]

What's on your mind?
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[personal profile] wise_maiden 2016-07-30 05:28 pm (UTC)(link)
No, I suppose it isn't.

[As much as she prefers the distraction, since those tend to help her decide whether or not her own concerns are worth pursuing in a conversation, and all the better to put those off.] Mostly, I came by to see how you were doing after everything. Although, you did have a good feeling about the results from the start, didn't you?
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[Ah, well, Rei's going to nod at the question.]

I'm doing alright. Nothing too bad happened, and I did have a positive reading of the end of all of this, yes. I think, and the spirits tell me, that Gigas will come around and we'll have a new ally by fall.
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By fall? That's certainly close... I admit it's still a little hard to imagine, though it will be a change for the better. I am glad you're all right.

[But even this is almost too much smalltalk for her. Whatever political layers remain between Union, Sanctuary, and Gigas... she doesn't even want to think about that right now. There had been too much of it already, and it's been tiring, how much she had been worrying over those potential changes.]

... I did come by for another reason as well, though it is rather silly and personal.
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[It's fine. Rei's not the small-talking type either.]

What's that, Raine-san? Nothing's too silly for friends.

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