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Clash of the Gigans

The opposing armies meet just outside the forest, the more idiosyncratic forces of Union and its allies up against fully-organized Gigan might. Wheeled transports carry many of the enemy troops while strange metal cylinders with rotating blades keeping them aloft swoop around overhead in a near parody of Flying-type Pokémon. And marching among the soldiers and their transports, unmistakable by their bulk, each wearing a metal band around their middles, are the mighty yet enslaved Gods themselves.

The clifflike bulk of Regirock.

The glacial progression of Regice.

The alien presence of Registeel.

And, dead in the center of the formation, towering over them all, the sheer presence of Regigigas, crown jewel of the Emperor’s ill-gotten forces.

There is no attempt to negotiate. No overtures first, no white flags of truce to try working this out. The Gigan army has come to fight, armed with technology. The Union army has come to defend, armed with the bonds between themselves and their Pokémon. This spirit has earned them an additional boon: blessings from the gods who favor Union, who support the humans they believe in with the hopes their comrades can still be rescued.

Thus the battle is joined.

[[ OOC: As noted, all participants in this event get to pick one stat-boosting “blessing” from the gods, just like when they defended from Sveta’s attack. Please note which blessing your character received in their first tag. Also note that Mod tags will come once every 24 hours, unless all characters in the log have replied, then they will come more frequently.]]
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There's a scream - an inhuman scream of pain and rage and frustration, ripped from the throat of a man centuries beyond his time. As the blasts strike the armor, it explodes, sending him careening through the air. With blinding speed, Regigigas's hand snaps out like a lightning bolt, closing over the Emperor. There's a sickening crunch, as red blood and green fluid spurt from the enclosed fingers. Slowly, the hand opens as coagulated biomass, completely unrecognizable falls to the ground where it lands with a sickening splat.

I thank you, humans. I am free.
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Houndoom carefully used his Flamethrower to thaw out his trainer and the Unfezant. That was awkward at best, and Solo knew he had to not hit the bird too much because it was weak to fire.

Once they were thawed enough to speak or do anything, really, Duo noticed the splat. Well, that was kind of gross.

"I-I-I-Is it the s-s-s-same with the others?" he stuttered out between chattering teeth towards the god. It was going to take a while to shake off that frozen chill. But, he was curious if everyone else had done the same as them and could also free the other gods.

His Absol had picked up the Unfezant on her back to carry her to safety.
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The Shaky Rotom watches the gore fall, accepting the Porygon2's offer of a ride. He better not come back as a ghost. Jerk! He gives a tired little salute to the God.

Gordon breathes a sigh of relief, there was a slight twinge at the Emperor's fate, but... well, there was really only one way this was ever going to end. "I am glad," he says with a bow to Regigigas. He watches Haruka for a moment, noting the way she favors the leg, and beings to speak, but stops on hearing Duo's question.

Patricia the Hydreigon takes a brief flyby of the squishy former Emperor for a better look, then rejoins Gordon as the Blastoise returns to their normal form, sagging a bit from the exertion of a fight hard won. The turtle smiles as Gordon pats it approvingly on the shoulder.
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There's a ragged gasp, then Sophia turns away, eyes scrunched closed, as the mess of what had once been their enemy hits the sands. The Haxorus places himself between that mess and his mother-trainer, rumbling reassurance while watching as Ansuz carries the weary Rotom out and towards Gordon. It is done, though perhaps someone with a fire ability might set the corpse to burning - turn that wretched thing to ash.

High above, the Sceptile and the Lucario give a roar of triumph before making happy sounds at the God they are purchased on. They will likely require a little help returning from ground level, but the view from here seems a lot less dangerous now..

"We are glad, Great One." Sophia opens her eyes again, looking up with a smile. She is very glad they were able to keep their word to it. "There are two dragons who will be very happy to see you again."
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...Far be it from Haruka to resent poetic justice. She exhales, glad to see the god will behave instead of taking its anger out on humanity at large, and then winces. She'd almost tried to put weight on her broken leg. Sorry for the way she's suddenly leaning into you, Michiru; she'll get her balance again as soon as lightning isn't snaking up her bones. Still, mission accomplished.

But will the Gigan army really surrender when deprived of their leader?
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The remains of the Emperor get barely half a glance, and then Michiru is supporting Haruka as best she could. Noivern returns for a few moments, chirrups, and then wings away to check on the rest of the battle. Mega Gardevoir stands ready and alert, while Reuniclus seems content in hanging out with its buddy.

"Let's find a medic." And get her partner seated somewhere before all this moving around makes it even worse.