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Gigan Mobilization

After weeks of waiting uneasily in the aftermath of the chaotic infiltration of Gigas to right a terrible wrong, the Council finally decided that it’s time to make a move. It's wasn't a decision that they made lightly, but the events in the distant city has proven a point that they had all seen coming:

The time where they could stay in the safety of Union's walls was no more, not when the Gods themselves were far from the infallible beings that they had believed for generations. It was time for Humans to once again take their stand. Joined by their allies from Caldera, Sanctuary, and the other surrounding cities, the people of Union Alliance gathered their supplies and set out west-- toward Gigas. The distant city had not remained silent either, rumors spreading of mobilization, and the fires of war loom as large as the four imprisoned titans over all the land.

The Gods had saved humanity countless times before. It was time that humanity returned the favor.

[OOC: Event Sign Ups are now open! We encourage all players to participate in this pivotal event. You can pick your teams of five yourselves, or you can request to be placed in a randomized pool that will be determined at the end of the sign up period, on 7/15.

An OOC post will be made explaining the next stage in more detail. Please use this post as a catch-all for your IC needs.]
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Habitat, before Departure

[personal profile] commissionergrump 2016-07-10 03:21 pm (UTC)(link)
[Ooc: Count Gordon In, no particular preference for team.]

[Union prepares, for the first time in years, for open war. What promises to be the a pivotal moment in the conflict that convinced the stubborn cuss that is James Gordon to bond with Pokemon in the first place. So of course he's preparing his team for conflict. Not just one or two, either. There's a swarm of activity as Gordon runs his Pokémon through their paces. Anyone with the Swords for any length of time would recognize the demeanor of Jim Gordon running drills.]

[A Scyther, Samurott, and Haxorous are all involved in a sword fight, the first and last fighting with their built in blades, while the final wields a large blade made from it's own shell. The Scyther is all speed and agility, the Samurott power, and the Haxorus somewhere in between, the rivalry between it and the more established members clear.]

[Mike the Blastoise is engaged in target practice, turreting while the other, most established members of Gordon's team strike a target, a Stoutland and Arcanine moving as one, the two perfectly coordinated, while a Hitmonchan weaves between the larger pokemon, striking the target before retreating. Even Gordon's Breloom, once so hostile to the big, sometimes silly Blastoise is in on it, ducking under attacks from the Water Turtle. A Riolu rides on the Blastoise's shoulders, giving little giggles as the larger pokemon puts on a show.]

[These aren't even all of the Pokemon currently training, but they're the ones that are making the most noise.]
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[The noise and extensive training earns a rumble of aggressive dragon growling from high above. One of the observation platforms set for flying types higher up the tower has been preempted by a Salamence, and it's unclear if he is impressed or disgusted by the practice he has been watching down below him.

Unlike Wagner, hopwever, a Braviary and Talonflame have both taken a liking to this training regime. Their own trainer was not yet present in the Habitat, dealing with Valkyrie deployment orders no doubt, but that did not mean they could not practice on their own! ..Right?

Volstagg caws appreciatively at the 'show'. Working along side your allies meant learning how to fight together! Or something equally serious and practical. With that in mind (and without asking first), he and his firetype companion swoop down, ducking between the Blastoise's water blasts before striking at the target in passing with their wings! ]
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[personal profile] commissionergrump 2016-07-11 09:22 pm (UTC)(link)
[The Blastoise flinches, nearly hitting the Talonflame with the jet of water. Thankfully for all involved, none of the powerful Pokémon are going all out. Even the fiercely competitive Haxorous is only seeking to make clean contact, not slice their sparring partners in two.]

[After a brief pause, during which everyone in that particular pack of trainees look curiously at the newcomers, Gordon calls out.]

Don't stop! You won't just have to work with each other out there, be good to learn to adjust on the fly.

[At that, Ace the Swallow and Manny the Skarmory make some practice runs, flying double helixes through the sky, wide ones with enough space for two more. Their teammates watch from the ground. Well, most do. Mike is occupied entertaining the baby on his shoulders.]
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[personal profile] sleepingvalkyrie 2016-07-13 01:35 am (UTC)(link)
[ Firesong might feel a shiver from a stray drop of water or five, but he skirts past that blast and looks none the worse for his close call. Once the run is complete, he soars back towards the Blastoise, his calls musical and full of praise for the water type's power.

Volstagg however merely booms loudly with laughter when Gordon encourages his team to work with them. This Human knows what's to be done, then. Good, good! He observes the new flight pattern for a bit: that two more flying types see fit to join them is also pleasing. Yes! Good! Let's show all the ground-bound pokémon how it's done! With that, he launches himself higher into the air, working to keep pace first, before veering to the left and swooping into the formation gap left for him.

...Firesong will catch up eventually.
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[The Blastoise gives a grin and small chuckle, beaming at the praise.]

Dad's a good trainer.

[It's not exactly humble, but it's close.

Meanwhile, above, the fliers watch, observing Volstagg, the pair having already matched one another's speed, making slight adjustments for Volstagg.

Gordon watches the sword fight, checking on his other Pokemon practicing, his partners making for quite the menagerie, then looks to the sky.]

Let's see how fast our new friend can go.

[The Skarmory cries out in challenge and, with a friendly look to the newcomer, begins to shed, metal feathers raining down, drastically reducing it's weight and doubling it's speed. It and the Swellow begin to pile on the speed, keeping the helix shape for now, but moving with an energy that says they might break off for something more dramatic at any moment.]

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Streets of Union

[personal profile] empireofmymind 2016-07-10 07:19 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Amid all the preparations for war, one person has stubbornly kept to their usual habits, a Bidoof now careful to waddle exactly six inches behind his ankles at all times. Ken keeps his eyes down as he returns from a local bookshop, the day's purchases in a bag at his side, but is forced to wait at an intersection for a passing supply train heading for the city gates.

Thinking he's alone, he clicks his tongue against his teeth in disdain. Stupid war.

It's slowing him down. ]
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[Ken isn't the only one who's done a little shopping. But while he's ready to hit the books, Orihime is just plain ready to hit. With a baseball bat. She had to "borrow" it from the athletics department, and she swears she'll give it back, but for now? It's something, at least! What was she supposed to do, cower in her little apartment and hope things turned out okay for everyone else? Even if her part is small, she still wants to help, so that's what she'll do.]

[She doesn't usually look this determined, but being exposed to people with confidence in the past week has been good for her.]

[As the train ambles past, Orihime's attention eventually drifts down to the Bidoof.]

...Oh! He's cute!

[No harm in admiring a cute Pokemon since they're stuck here waiting anyway.]
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[personal profile] empireofmymind 2016-07-11 02:41 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Ken glances back without moving his head at first, taking in the speaker. He definitely has to replace this Bidoof. It's not learning useful moves and it sends the wrong impression.

For now, he turns to the girl with a neutral smile, having noted what she's carrying. ]
I didn't know there was an athletic field in this direction.
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[Orihime looks down at her bat, and the smile she wore fades.]

Ah... There isn't. I'm getting ready to fight.

[The smile that returns is awkward. She knows how dumb it looks for an ordinary person to want to step up and fight alongside the Enlightened and their partners. She has a Farfetch'd, but the thought of making the duck Pokemon fight doesn't sit well with her. It's up to him if he decides he wants to join her.]

Do you want some help carrying your books home? Your arms must be getting pretty tired carrying so many.
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[ Fight? Ah, yes. There'd been a disturbance of some sort earlier, hadn't there. It's got nothing to do with Ken, save as a frustrating missed opportunity - his perfect Pokémon partner has yet to appear, which means he won't be able to take fullest advantage of the power vacuum when many of Union's mightiest desert the city to fight outside its walls.

But, that aside, a total stranger is acting as if he can't take care of his own shopping. So he blinks and shrugs, doing his best to be casual. ]
It's nothing, really....

[ Know your place. ]

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[ War. Some have said it was always going to be the outcome, might point out that Union merely hastened the inevitable.

That does not content Sophia, who can be found helping pack up supplies and medical kits for the rangers, or running errands around Union to arrange last minute deliveries. All the while, a young Noibat clings to her hair, making for an observant hat, while a very unhappy Leafeon follows at her heels at all times: Gebo is not happy that Sophia intends to leave her behind.

Watch your step! Busy and distracted as Sophia is, you might run into them while she's running messages - or they into you! ]

[ It's not a short trip to Gigas by any means, especially when joining up with allied armies for a march across a decidedly unfriendly desert to meet a decidedly aggressive enemy force. Sophia herself hitches a ride on one of the Ranger wagons, lacking a bondmate who might be able to bear her burden.

She had been given the option to remain behind - her pacifist preferences were hardly a secret - but it hadn't been right, to stay back while others went forth to do what was right. And there would no doubt be something else she could do, to help her friends and allies, or perhaps the Gods themselves.. She'd only truly know once they were there.

Keeping two of her pokémon friends with her to start, the remaining four (who'd declared they'd be accompanying her and had brooked no arguments on the subject) were waiting to be called once the train neared the edge of the Warp Band network's reach.

That meant that Ymir the Doublade was in almost constant attendance, and the pair could sometimes be found helping prepare meals on the evenings that the army train stopped for the night. At other times, Sophia lingered by one of the camp fires, or over at the edge of camp, away from the noise. Here, she and Ouka the Lucario might be found meditating - or trying to. The closer they got to Gigas, the greater the headache she could feel brewing, and Sophia was no longer certain that it was due to the heat..

When meditation failed, spell practice was the order of the day (evening?) instead, indicated by the occasional glimmer and flash of barrier magic. Perhaps that's what catches your eye? ]


[ Choose your own adventure! ]
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[Raine often gravitated toward the far side of camp to break away from those milling noisily, making her own observations for this historic - and admittedly, worrisome - approach of theirs and studying up on technology.

She wasn't one to interrupt while meditation was in progress, but it was clear enough to her that the nearby Sophia was having trouble. Those little winces were telling enough. When she looks about ready for a break, Raine quietly speaks up.]

Do you need some more water? You always seem to have trouble near Gigas...
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[personal profile] soulofmagus 2016-07-12 11:54 pm (UTC)(link)
[ Sophia starts. She hadn't anticipated anyone's approach - meaning she'd been focused on the wrong thing, no doubt, something Sanger might have scolded her on had he been there - but that does not mean she's unhappy for the interruption.

Opening her eyes, there's a wan smile for Raine.

...I wouldn't say no, if you have some. [a sigh] I'd thought maybe gaining a steel typing would help offset that but it doesn't seem to have made much of a difference.
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[She nods, and holds out a bottle toward her.]

Well, heat can be difficult for steel types as well as grass, albeit in different ways... I hope it hasn't been too much of a strain for you.
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Too true. Ah well..

[ The bottle is accepted gratefully, the cap carefully unscrewed. Sophia then pauses and looks to Ouka, who shakes her head at her trainer. The Lucario knows the human needs water more than she does, and there's a friendly nod for Raine from the pokémon. ]

It's not so bad right now. Cooler evenings help. Of course, we can't guarantee it wont be a campaign during the night. [Heat would be as great an enemy as the Gigans themselves in the days ahead. She sips the drink, then looks up, smiling] I will endure. How are you doing?

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[personal profile] ofpromisedvictory 2016-07-14 05:08 pm (UTC)(link)
[Saber has to dodge a bit to avoid getting run into, but she's finding that a lot easier these days for some reason. She takes a look at the supplies Sophia is running and the determined look on her face.]

You're coming with us, then?
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[personal profile] soulofmagus 2016-07-17 11:05 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh, Saber! [Now here's a sight for sore eyes] Yes, I am.

[ There's an unhappy confirmation from the Leafeon at her side, while the noibat peers curiously at Saber, before lifting a small claw to wave at her. ]

War is coming, whether I like it or not. I have no wish to fight..but there must be something I can do to help nonetheless.
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[personal profile] ofpromisedvictory 2016-07-18 04:48 pm (UTC)(link)
[She nods.]

It's...interesting to me, nonetheless. Fighting is my role, what I'm good at, and yet I look around and see almost everyone volunteering whether they're a soldier, a guard, or a civilian. It's strange.
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The Verdant Forest

[personal profile] senpaidol 2016-07-11 03:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Rise is not, and never will willingly be, a soldier. She'd rather talk it out with anyone, even Gigas, even after all the conflict leading up to this. They're against everything Union stands for, but in the end, all of them except maybe that emperor guy are her fellow humans, and her friends' fellow Pokémon, and she's certain on a deep level most of them down't want to fight any more than she does.


Protecting her home is the most important thing in Rise's world, perhaps tied with protecting her friends. Her Pokémon, by and large, agree. Gigas has to be stopped before they can be freed. That's why she spends the next week in intensive and serious training with her Pokémon, finding a quiet place just outside the city and drilling them into top shape. Himiko the Gardevoir and Toyo the Blissey make the most noise, trading and blocking sonic attacks. Kaneda the Espeon contains Inari the Ninetales' fires. Finally, she sits nearby, free of distractions, meditating with the first wild Pokémon she ever caught outside of Union's walls, her Scizor bodyguard Musashi.

The powerful Pokémon and trainer are making quite a bit of noise (even occasionally joined by her Kricketot and Jigglypuff attempting a training montage song), but not harming anyone except maybe the local Weedles' peace of mind. She's certainly not going to turn away anyone who comes to talk to her, but by and large, she's focused on getting her team and herself ready.
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[personal profile] actsmagnificent 2016-07-11 10:19 pm (UTC)(link)
"Watch your heads."

The warning comes from above, high up in a tree, and is followed by a projectile dropping out of said tree. Oh, wait, it's just Haruka, testing to see whether and how this particular group responds to a sudden interruption.

But which group of Pokémon (or Pokémon and human) got the short end of the stick?
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[personal profile] senpaidol 2016-07-13 07:08 pm (UTC)(link)
That's enough to surprise the Ninetales Haruka is landing near, but she quickly recovers and extinguishes her flames to sit at prim attention. The Espeon she'd been sparring with, however, remains oblivious and, overcompensating for the sudden lack of fire to deflect and put out, charges forward and accidentally rams Haruka's leg.

It's not very effective...

"Hey, Haruka," Rise calls out from her meditating position without opening her eyes.
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[personal profile] actsmagnificent 2016-07-14 02:17 am (UTC)(link)
Haruka reaches down to try and ruffle Espeon's fur, if allowed - no harm no foul, though watch the brakes, Skitty. She looks over at the other human and cracks half a grin.

"This is quite the operation," she observes, taking in the other battling pairs. Ready for anything, huh? It's good to see that.

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[personal profile] lunchleader 2016-07-14 03:17 am (UTC)(link)
1 - Around Union

War...but it's to help save Gods, instead of against them. Outwardly, he's his usual confident self. One can find him running around the city, gathering supplies for his own group and make sure that his Pokemon are ready. All of them, this time. Perhaps you'll even find him at a certain pharmacy, trying to reassure a guy who looks like an older, more normal version of Right. Wait until he has a free moment? Or come interrupt him?

2 - But Seeking Stability

However, those who know him better will find him in the semi-rare moments of being not so confident about the whole thing. Mostly, he's going to those friends and acquaintances who have dealt with war, or just extended contact with Gigas. But not empty-handed. "Hey...wanna talk? I brought some lunch to talk over...."

((ooc: Right's available for any fighting groups))
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[personal profile] conquerorofwaves 2016-07-14 05:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Sinbad was gathering supplies, when he recognized the man, and the older man - it didn't take a genius to guess their possible relationship. He waits until they're finished to speak.

"How you holding up?" He asks, as much for himself as Right - the tension in the city was getting unbearable for his sixth sense.
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[personal profile] lunchleader 2016-07-15 10:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Right gives him a somewhat confident smile as soon as he turns to address Sinbad. "I think I'm holding up alright." Which is a more honest answer than the more confident reassurances that he gave the othe man.