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Closed: Illusion is the first of all pleasures

Who: Some of Waver Velvet's ([personal profile] untalented) pokemon, some of Haruka Tenoh's ([personal profile] actsmagnificent) pokemon-- & possibly Haruka herself.
What: Something has been bothering Waver, and his pokemon decide to do something about it.
When: July 6th, after dark
Where:The Divine Theater

[Rare were the moments when the little Foongus actually found his trainer annoying. The Mageling was overprotective at the worst of times, but he was always earnest and exceedingly vocal about the problems that were bothering him. This particular instance was unusual, and Orpheus-- having born witness to the whole encounter between The Mageling and his sparkling, Fairy-typed friend-- knew exactly what the problem was.

It was clear that Waver wanted to go approach that one Shiny Human at the theater about what had happened, but the various personality conflicts Waver had with the various other trainers in the city was a point of conversation and amusement among the team. Only Atlas the Seismitoad, who had been with Waver even longer than Orpheus had, stayed mum on the topic.

But this was something that Orpheus knew he could take care of, if the Mageling wouldn't do it himself.

After some convincing (and promises of ice cream pilfered from somewhere only the Gods could guess at,) the little Foongus managed to convince the inquisitive (and far more polite) Amaura, Khione, to join him in this venture. The heat was a little much for her, but Khione reluctantly managed on the condition that the two of them would try to clean up any mess they made afterward. The trails of hoarfrost that followed in her plodding footsteps quickly melted in the summer heat-- but the journey was that much faster.

And, upon arrival, Orpheus climbed up upon Khione's head and balanced himself delicately between her rainbow colored sails.

Taking a deep breath, he took the only move that was available to them at such a time of night:

He sang the song of his people.]

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