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[ A ]

[Arachne hasn't learned all the ways around Union yet, but for the most part, she's purposely stuck to using the streets and alleyways that don't often get attention. Sometimes the rooftops are better, but with the height and distance of some of those towers... sometimes it's better to play it safe.

... Unfortunately that doesn't keep her from being pestered by a particularly insidious Spearow, which followed her down from one of her tower descents and hasn't left her alone since. At first she did her best to ignore him, but finally she rounds on him.]

I don't have anything for you, so leave me alone already! You're all rude little scavengers, aren't you?

[When a stalker is being stalked... it's a rough life. It's also quite an alleyway conversation.]

[ B ]

[There's something relaxing about browsing the merchants stalls in the city. For one thing, it was ample opportunity to get an idea of Union lives, and Arachne needed to find something distracting to get her nerves back in order after issues with birds and sneaky little children.

... Of course, she didn't want to seem too interested in what she was buying either. Some of the stall-keepers had been downright nosy. The sooner she could shut them up with her disinterest, the better. Even so, she sometimes would linger by the nail polish or the hats. It was almost too wide a selection. She had to be careful about this. And some of those price tags...]
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Veni veni.

[ Oh, no. It happened again. Wormmon had left the house with Ken-chan and Ken-chan had started walking fast enough that he can't keep up. Again. So now he is lost in an unfamiliar city with no Ken-chan in sight, again.

He keeps wiggling through the crowd as best he can, but in trying to dodge a gaggle of excited children, he ends up bumping right into somebuggy else's calves! Oof! ]

[ Ken-chaaaaan. Come save hiiiiim. ]
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[ Wormmon was already holding onto his head where he'd bumped it, but when he's scolded, he turns away too, as if he can shield himself from this human's harsh words. He's sorry. He know he messed up. Where's Ken-chan...?

The bug looks just about ready to curl completely up in a little ball of misery, frankly. ]
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Peeeede. [ Wormmon shrinks away further, but from the way he's looking back and forth, he's supposed to be with someone. And isn't. He could probably use some help but isn't about to ask! ]
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Veni. [ Wormmon appears chastised. He also begins to think. That's right, huh. He should fix this on his own. He should find Ken-chan on his own.

Last time he found Ken-chan by looking from somewhere high up. So he begins trying to climb the display in the hopes of obtaining a better vantage point. Excuse him... ]
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[ Wormmon just keeps climbing. Ken-chan....he has to find....Ken-chan....

Hm. This is not high enough. He looks around to see whether anything here is taller.

Well, there's this human....that seems rude, though. Hmm.

Wormmon still eyes her, deep in thought. ]

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"Is everything all...right...here?"

The argument between mysterious girl and Spearow has attracted the attention of a patrolling do-gooder, although one who's not officially on duty right now. She's still looking curiously at the discussion that sounded more like an incipient mugging than someone arguing with a Pokémon, though.
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"Unfortunately, Spearow around this city make a habit of that. Shoo, go get your food some place else," she says, waving airily at the Pokémon and hoping it recognizes a higher-leveled Pokémon in disguise.
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Saber sighs. A fighter. Well, she doesn't want to smear Spearow all over the walls, so...

"Best to just ignore him, I think," she says. "If he's still here after being threatened, it means he's doing it for the attention."

"At any rate, are you new to the city? This isn't somewhere that's entirely safe to stand around in."
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"I see."

Specifically, she sees that you didn't answer the question, and sidestepped the next one she was going to ask. Still, that means a need for caution, not rudeness.

"If you need any assistance finding a more direct route to your destination, I'm more than available," she says with a small bow. "I am called Saber."

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[ B ]

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[Orihime doesn't usually buy make-up. It seems to look unnatural when she wears anything more than a little lip gloss. Nail polish, however, is something she buys on very rare occasion. When there's a sale, well...how can she resist?]

Wow...this one looks like it's made of pearls!

[She holds up the little bottle of pink polish, swirled with glittering hues and tints. Orihime tilts the bottle to check the price. Darn, not a sale bottle. She reaches for another, but pauses when she realizes that doing so might make her invade Arachne's space. So she keeps her hands to herself and just beams up at the elegant lady.]

What colors do you like? Any recommendations?

[Because she looks like she really knows this stuff, while Orihime just does it for fun in the privacy of her apartment.]
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[Orihime supposes she has a point. Their skin tones are different, and Arachne seems much more elegant and refined than Orihime. But as soon as she offers suggestions, Orihime perks right up, curious to see what she chooses.]

Oh! I like that kind of pink!

[It's warm and simple, and still manages to make her look dainty. ...Which she isn't one bit, appearances to the contrary. She holds the bottle and flips it to look at the name. Why? Because nail polish names are the best thing in the whole world.]

"Starter Wife"...? Ah ha ha ha!
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[Orihime's eyes light up in fascination. Blue nail polish! It's so colorful and unique! She cradles the bottle in her hand, delighted to be sharing a moment like this with someone new. It's kind of nice to bond over something fun and trivial.]

What's this one called?

[She checks the bottom.]

['Size Matters.']

[..........Um. Orihime, a little red, discreetly pretends she didn't see that.]

What's your favorite kind to wear?

[Reluctantly she puts the bottle down before picking up one that's just plain white.]

Maybe I could paint a little flower on regular nail polish with this. That could be cute.
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Wow...I didn't know nail polish could do something like that. Does it really work?

[She holds the bottle so, so carefully, because there's no way she could afford to pay for this thing if she dropped and broke it. Her head tips so she can look at Arachne's nails, curious to see if they've changed color too.]

It's so pretty!

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