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[Closed] Exploration Log: Eastern Steppes

Who: Raine Sage, Waver Velvet, Sophia Nate, Harry Dresden
What: Examining an mystery ruin in the Eastern Steppes
When: Late June/Early July
Where: Eastern Steppes
Warnings: For squishy mages and possibly ruin mania

[The past few weeks had been filled with a certain trepidation toward what was to come from the war.

At the same time, Raine still had that odd paper that had been left to her by no less than the ghost of the Savior herself. It almost felt akin to a superstition, having something like that still left unexplored in a time when things seemed dire for the world as they knew it. In a sense, it was the day of Fire's celebration that served as a reminder that while they were waiting for the eventual strike from their enemies, they didn't have to sit on their hands the entire time either.

Friends were called, preparations were made and others were reached out to for potential backup.

Which led them now to the Eastern Steppes, following Yuuna's prepared map from months before. So far there hadn't been too much trouble, as the small group drew closer to their intended destination, eventually arriving at the base of the strange outcropping. There should be some man-made ruins nearby...]


[And unfortunately for everyone, Raine has gotten just a little bit ahead, as just being near the area set off that dangerous curiosity of hers, to the dismay of her Pokemon companions.] A formation like this in the middle of nowhere... it must be hiding something!

(ooc: Please add Pokemon in the top line! I will do so on my next reply as well.)

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