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[001.] action - library, park, verdant forest

[ a - in the library ]

[ Tucked away in the most obscure corner of the library he could find, someone has set up what looks like a veritable fortress of books in their study carrel. Passersby can't even see the person's head. Just the scratching of what sounds like a quill pen on parchment. Every now and then a book gets added to the pile from behind it, swapped for another brick in the wall.

Unfortunately, the book you came here to get (or a book on a subject you enjoy) is a part of this mighty fortress. Do you storm the castle? ]

[ b - a park in union ]

[ Despite its proclivity for academic pursuits, Sanctuary (or its peasants, anyway) has managed to invent a sport called Foote-the-Balle. First debuted at the World's Fair with an...unusual...projectile, it's more commonly played with a ball made of wood or cloth.

The boy kicking a ball around here has a cloth one. And he's not kicking it so much as doing tricks with it in the middle of the park, to the admiration of a crowd of onlookers. Look, see. He can pass it from one foot to the other in midair. He can bounce it off his chest. Off his head. And when he shoots it -

Well, when he shoots it, you'd better not be in the way. ]

[ c - verdant forest ]

[ The young boy out in Verdant Forest this afternoon bears very little resemblance to the one kicking the foote-the-balle ball around earlier. For one thing, he's in full Mage robes. For another thing, his dark hair is spiky, not lying flat in Waver's a bad haircut. And furthermore, he's wearing a mask across his eyes.

That definitely means he's a completely different person.

He's also clenching his fists and menacing a Bidoof, which doesn't look scared so much as just sad and kind of over all of this. Perhaps it doesn't understand what's wrong. ]
Fool! You're from the Lake Shrine - you have to be capable of learning a Water move! How has your species possibly managed to survive?!

[ And he kicks the Bidoof right in the stomach. It makes a sound like a loaf of bread being socked and rolls over. So he stamps on it for good measure, then stands back. ] Once again from the top. You will learn Water Gun. And then Caldera will pay!

[ From behind a tree, a Venipede watches sadly. ]
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Hey! Leave the poor thing alone!

[Sinbad drops down to the ground from above, tail thrashing as the dragonite hovers overhead - having been carrying Sinbad until recently, he glances over to the bidoof]

Are you okay?
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Pokemon, humans - you don't kick them like that, interfering is just decency. I'm doing it as someone who hates bullies.

[He points]

You leave the poor thing alone - maybe try to pick on someone your size.
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[He smirks slightly, shifting his stance - back leg sliding back, tail sticking back and curling into an S-shape]

Yep - I like to see you try it on someone that will actually fight back.
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[You bet your bad hair cut she storms the castle. She comes up to Ken and inclines her head and clears her throat.]

My apologies for disturbing you, but I am in need of those books and as you do appear done with them I was wondering if I could please take them.
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[Being with Rei and being a medic with testy patients has made Ami bold. So she merely nods again.]

Very well. [And with that, she very carefully reaches into the fort of books and begins plucking out the ones she needs. She does so with precision and has already gotten four out and is intending for ten.]
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[She's smart enough not to care, actually. But allow her to school you if need be as a level 70, Ken, enhanced or no.]

Yes. I did note that, which is why I have silently begun removing my necessary books rather than continue a one-sided conversation. Since you did not respond I took your silence as acquiescence.
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Seeing as I am well aware that regardless of my answer you will take it, I - just like you earlier - will not be indicating my answer. You see, if I say no, you will take it, and if I say yes, since you have indicated your earlier rudeness already, you will take that as well. I should forewarn you the library does not allow that many checkouts as the amount of books you are currently using and not using.
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[She's a master chess player, of course she's thorough. She inclined her head as she watched him leave, not caring one way or the other for the initial impression she made at the moment. She takes a look at all the titles, knowing at least half of them. She stores what that knowledge away, wondering what he might be studying. She instead prioritizes the books she wants that she hadn't already taken.]
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[It's a good shot. Fantastic, even. Powerful, accurate, pretty much the kind of skill nearly any Sanctuary footballer would wish to envy.

But even the most powerful human kick out there is no match for TYRUNT JAWS. As proven when the Tyrunt named Sue, who'd been lying in wait ever since she saw the ball because it's a friggin' BALL and those are the BEST THINGS EVER, leaps out of some bushes and catches it right between her teeth. She lands with a thud and quickly springs around to face the human who'd kicked it for her, grinning widely.

They are playing now. Now if Ken sees it the same way....]
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[That's right, human, look at how the audience praises Sue's magnificent catching ability! She's the top dino around here!

She locks eyes with her new "playmate" and stamps her feet, hopping from side to side in challenge. Come on, man, it's a BALL! You can't expect her to give up a BALL so easily! You want it, come and get it.]
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[For a moment, Sue looks perplexed. Isn't he supposed to come and try to wrestle it from her? She's pretty sure that's how these games work, not-- oh. Oh! Ooooooh! She gets it now!

She opens her jaws and spits the, slightly slobbery, ball back out onto the ground. Then she hops back a bit and spins, WHACKING it back to the human with her powerful tail.

Careful, Ken, because that ball is FLYING.]
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[WHOAH! This human is awesome at this game! Sue's eyes light up, clearly impressed, when Ken catches the ball square on the chest. Super cool!

Aha! And now the game really is afoot! She squares up when the ball comes hurtling back at her, grinning eagerly and pushes off the ground with her short yet powerful legs and intercept the ball with her thick skull, headbutting it back up and into the air.]
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That's a pretty strong vengeance streak you've got there, buddy.

[Duo leaned on a nearby tree, posture outwardly casual, his arms crossed. There were rustles in the forest that indicated he wasn't alone, though that Union Warp Band on his arm also indicated he had the ability to call for aid if needed, too.]
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[Duo raised an eyebrow.]

Discipline. So, shouting about how someone will pay is just discipline?

[He didn't seem convinced. He then looked at the poor Bidoof.]

And, while you're partially right about that particular Pokémon learning a Water move, I don't think Water Gun specifically is one it can do, and certainly not like this. It either needs to know when it hatches, or you can find a tutor to teach it.

I think that would be at least an easier way to pull it off instead of beating the poor thing into submission.
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How about you pick on someone who can take it?

[Because beating on a Pokémon was really pretty low and bully-ish of this guy. The subtle shift in attitude caught the attention of Duo's Duskull, who seemingly appeared from nowhere to hover behind and over his trainer's shoulder almost protectively.]
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Could be.

[Interesting hair thing going on. Must be an Enlightened thing. So, Duo tapped into his ghostly aura. It usually unnerved people.]
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[Dance? Nah... Duo tapped into his power and dropped into a Shadow Sneak.]
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[Duo did his best to be cautious when he did this, though. Cocky or not, he wasn't the type to underestimate his enemies. He might overestimate himself, but he never underestimated his enemies.

He attempted a dodge as well. It wasn't often that someone fought directly like this. Usually, it was the Pokémon!]
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[Oof. Well, if that's how it was going to go...

Duo's Duskull used Shadow Ball at the trainer, no prompting needed.

Meanwhile, Duo rolled with the Bidoof, and attempted to get away.]
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[Leaving the Bidoof for the moment, Duo reached out and grabbed the end of that webbing and yanked it hard in an attempt to pull it free while the other trainer was focused on his Duskull.

(rng on Duskull's 4 moves is 4... so that's Payback on the list)

Duskull took the hit, losing a move, but Shadow Ball wasn't one of them, so it decided to use that again.]
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[The stumble pulled Duo forward and off-balance as well, and he stumbled, catching himself barely to stay upright. The Duskull moved to support his trainer and help him.]
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[They both take the Confuse Ray hit, but that's when the backup arrives in a well-timed Flame Thrower. The other half of the pair Duo rarely travels without, his Houndoom, just came back from a run after a particularly speedy little Deerling he wanted to chase.]
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[Duo was too confused to respond, and his Duskull was, as well. The Houndoom stayed with his team, but gave a snort and a Howl towards the kid and his Bidoof as they ran off as if to say, "Challenge accepted!"]

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[Pamela walks in on this scene, crosses her arms and raises an eyebrow.]

Boy, that is not an acceptable or effective way of training your Pokemon. And what's this about wanting to make Caldera pay?
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[Pamela raises a hand and several of the large nearby trees appear to develop sentience, leaning in, branches pointing accusingly at him. She's not going to actually harm him, but if he's going to take the attitude that might makes right...]

In a manner of speaking.