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Figuring Out The Next Move


The days following the failed attempt to free the Gigas' from their captivity had been rather solemn. With the citizens of Union coming to terms both with their failure and the looming threat of retaliation on Gigas' part. It's a time for preparation, for reflection....

"Aaaand, fetch!"

And it's a perfect time to head down to the park and throw a ball around. Harry tosses the ball as hard as he can and then stands back as Mouse, now quite possibly a gazillion times the size he'd been as a Lilipup goes bounding across the grass in hot pursuit. He makes it, snatching the ball up in his mouth just as the newest addition to Harry's group, a Tyrunt, comes leaping out of nowhere and tackles the enormous Stoutland, making Harry wince with a slight grin as he watches the scuffle erupt. Lash stands beside him, serene and peaceful, though not without a look of irritated disinterest on her expression.

It's his day off.


Later on at night, he's left the more rambunctious Pokemon at home and headed out for dinner. It's a little place he's discovered since his move to Union. Almost literally a hole in the wall, or at least a door down a flight of steps.

It's a quiet place, old, slightly dingy but cozy enough for Dresden's taste with the sounds and smells of food cooking behind the bar. It's nearly deserted too with only a few customers, the bartender, the Machamp bouncer by the door. And Dresden sitting at one table with a half-downed glass of beer beside him, scratching away at a notepad while he rubbed his chin in thought.

Closed to Rei

Of course, it's not all parks and beer. A lot of people had been involved and as time ticked on, he found himself worried about one in particular. Of his team, he didn't exactly know Haruka or Michiru very well, but the memory of seeing Rei rattled, even for a moment, kind of stuck in his brain. As such, he'd resolved to check in on her. Ice cream in hand. Because ice cream makes everything better.

He found a place that does ice cream takeout. They have a Vanillite breathe on the box before you leave. It stays frozen under a hot sun for hours.

So, another afternoon, he makes his way down to Ninetales Vale with his absolute battleship of a Stoutland by his side eagerly wagging his tail as they approach Hikawa Shrine and knock on the door.
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Evening at the pub!

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There's been better weeks for Union. Their chain of successes in the past, January's events notwithstanding, had been a string of steady victories. The people here were not used to loss, let alone failure of this nature and magnitude. They had set out to aid in rescue - and had failed. It's with this in mind that Sophia enters the bar, her Leafeon Gebo trotting beside her down the stairs and Ouka the Riolu following behind her.

Ymir is never truly that far away, but Sophia needs no escort to order food, and there's a smile and soft exchange of words with the barkeep. A kindred-speaker, the man addresses both her pokémon directly, taking orders for all three, before motioning for them to take a seat. He'd bring drinks over directly.

There's a tug on Sophia's arm, as Ouka points out a familiar face. Unless he's been entirely caught up in his writing, Harry won't have missed her entrance, but he might not expect her approach, or the slight smile given as she inclines her head in greeting.

"Mind if I join you?"
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"You've been busy, I see," she comments as she tugs out the chair opposite, settling into it with tired grace. "And look no worse for wear from the trip. I take it yours was not a group that engaged the Emperor directly?"

Gebo curls up beneath the table, while the Riolu prefers to stand (for now). She's a little twitchy however, uncomfortable in her own fur. Her mistress is not the only one due to evolve, and until it arrives, she's stuck with the feeling of an itch she cannot scratch, no matter how far she reaches.
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They can be happy that they lived long enough to get back to Union. But anything else.. Well, there's plenty to be unhappy about. Sophia sighs softly and nods, gaze downcast.

"I was part of the group that found him originally.." With Waver, Raine, and a few others. "I never would have imagined there would be chains so large that might hold one of his might. We were on a different level to the devices controlling the room, though." She folds her hands on the table, left crossing right. As much to obscure the occasional metallic shimmer that flickers along her skin as it is to give herself a point of focus. "What have you figured out so far?"

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He wasn't a social butterfree, but the restlessness in the air made him unable to settle down in the apartment he's renting. This pub was a good place, it wasn't too crowded or loud, but not so isolated.

Kurapika nurses a bottle, not noticing at first someone sitting behind him at another table as Pairo floats around, chains clinking as he nibbles on a pasty - letting out a surprised cheep as he extended too far, letting the chain hit the back of Dresden's hair with a clatter.

The blond jumped, quickly catching his bottle before it spilled.
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The young man quickly got up, feeling the stares of the few patrons and bartender as he grabbed some napkins to try to help sop up the mess. "I'm very sorry," He murmurs as the Pumpkaboo ducks behind his back, cheeping apologetically.

"Oh." He pauses, realizing he recognized the man.
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"We seem to keep running into each other," He murmurs, looking more mortified at the attention drawn than actually worried. He sighs softly, in some relief he they hadn't ruined anything permanently.

"At least he didn't go through you this time?" He offers as an attempt at a joke. "Let me at least pay to replace your drink."

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The door is answered, naturally, and fairly quickly at that by Noachis. The tall, stout Dusklops looks at Harry through the threshold for a moment before backing up and gesturing inside. She'll lead the way, floating along a few inches above the floor. It's through several corridors that they'll go, sparsely decorated with a few flowers here and there, and soon after into the large living room.

Rei turns, seated on a cushion on the floor, and regards the group. There's not a whole lot to see in the living area here, just piles of books and the general clutter that comes with a well lived in place. A low table, a sofa currently occupied by more books and a snoring Tepig, plus a small radio are the only real furniture though. Rising quickly, Rei's head dips and she manages a cheerful smile.

"Hello, Harry-san. It's nice to see you again. I trust all is well?"
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She huffs a quick laugh and nods back, gesturing to a cushioned pillow across the table from her. That's actually a little surprising, not at all what she'd guessed he'd be carrying when she felt his arrival within the shrine. It got her curious, and she sat back down.

"I'm doing alright. Please, have a seat. I'm not busy or anything today, and I've got time for company."

Which was true, she wasn't exactly rolling in things to do lately. The shrine was all set, and Ami was working a lot, and she'd done the smart thing and decided to give herself time to relax. The last month had been stressful, and even she could recognize she was starting to fray at the edges.

"Who's your friend?" she asks, nodding towards Mouse. "And would he like some poffins?"
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More like Ninetales Vale. It's a cultural quirk of the location more than anything.

The mention of it being Mouse though, gets a reaction. Rei blinks and then smiles as her brain catches up. Mouse. Right! He'd been so small before, but now, goodness. he was a walking couch.

"Oh! He evolved. Right. He evolved really quickly, and he's gotten so big," Rei says, reaching into a box on the table and pulling out a pair of the pokemon pastries. One she tosses to Mouse, the other gets slid across the table to Harry. She won't overfeed him, and she'll leave the second to his trainer.

"So, is this a business talk, or just a visit?"

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[Dresden isn't the only one deciding to enjoy the nice weather, though, with his arm in a sling, he's not likely to be playing fetch. Still, his own 'dogs' are by his side, a Stoutland of his own, and a tiger-like Arcanine big enough to ride. Odder, perhaps, is the levitating mechanical fan bounding along behind the old man, creating a pleasant breeze. The old man raises his non injured arm in greeting.]

Nice weather.
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[The fan floats over to Harry, gently blowing air in his face, as a happily beaming little face looks up at him from beneath the blades.]

Somebody say weather?

[He is very proud. Gordon gives him a smirk, his own 'dogs' going to investigate the tussle.]

Nice to get some fresh air now and then.

[He offers a hand.]

Jim Gordon, don't think we've met.

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[The Rotom looks very proud, and goes back to hovering over Gordon's shoulder.]

Nice to meet you, Harry. Been in Union long?

[The large canines look at the Tyrunt as it approaches. The stoutland turns its head curiously, giving a curious woof to the other Stoutland. The Arcanine lays down, getting more eye level with the competitive little dino, giving a greeting.

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[It's rarer to see the library assistant in the park, but she has a few pokemon of her own that could use the air. A Happiny that seems to be attempting to learn how to braid flowers with a Petilil, while on the other side, a Pikachu races with a Mareep. It's almost idyllic, with the young scholar sitting nearby reading and revising notes.

... So much for a day off. There was just something nice about studying in the open air.

The sounds of Pokemon scuffling nearby gets her attention, and she takes a look, almost automatically analyzing the situation and judging it ... well, harmless enough. There was a mage there she had seen before but not spoken to, but for the moment, she returns to her pages.

... While Limone the Pikachu and Clover the Mareep happen to race right on past them. The pikachu is the clear winner, though the mareep ends up stumbling over a branch and tumbling into the already playfully scuffling pair. Oops.]

Eep... mareep!
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[The Mareep is clearly perplexed by the development, running around in a circle with it's acquired passenger.

... the Pikachu on the other hand seems to find this very funny, after turning back around and seeing what happened to his racing partner.

The added noises are enough to make Raine look back up from her books toward the fray. A quick inspection at least reveals that none of them seem to be harmed, as much of a circus the display is.]

Clover, calm down before either of you get hurt.
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[Thanks to his trainer's words, the fluffy steed finally stops panicking, enough to slow down and realize what's actually going on. It's an usual situation but he doesn't mind giving a ride, even if he's not used to that much weight on his back. What a wild child.]

Well, that isn't something you see every day. Thankfully they're adaptable.

[Which is why the ones who are still not as adaptable are at home.] They just seem to have so much energy these days.

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