allergictoloveletters: (Girl Genius)
Ami Mizuno ☿ Sailor Mercury ([personal profile] allergictoloveletters) wrote in [community profile] bravenewworld2016-06-02 09:15 pm

Meeting of Minds

Who: Ami and Yuuna
What: Ami and Yuuna are reuniting.
Where: Cafe near medic center
When: Immediately following this conversation

Ami was reading, which was honestly no surprised, as she waited for Yuuna at the cafe they agreed upon. It was near the medic center as well as a park in case Yuuna wanted even further privacy on the subject. She had already gotten served an iced tea since she couldn't have anything hot without Rei around.

Aurora noticed Yuuna before Ami did, what with her nose stuck in a book. And Aurora snapped her tail and stood up, bounding over to Yuuna, having missed the other and Ami was quick to stand as well, smiling brightly as she set the book down. While they're reuniting had been initially awkward, it was still Yuuna, her senpai and big sister figure.


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