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019 // action: verdant forest, streets of union, divine theater (closed)

[ a - verdant forest ]


[ Haruka Tenoh, as per usual, is sitting astride a mighty, majestic Pokémon. It's not a Rhyhorn, however. It's Uranus the Salamence, now sporting an impressive set of battle scars and testing wings that are sore from disuse. All winter. She'd remained grounded all winter, afraid to try flying again even after she'd healed. But now, with the spring breezes stirring hope in her breast, she dares to imagine that they can support her weight again. She dreams once more...of flight.

Honestly, Haruka is mostly here for moral support, as the Salamence's wings flap once, twice - its feet leave the ground - and slowly, beat by beat of those massive wings, Uranus climbs into the air. They clear the treetops. They speed towards the clouds.

Uranus bellows in triumph and sets out to loop around the city spires. Anyone else in midflight right now may find themselves with a joyful companion. She doesn't want to be alone for this. She wants everyone to know.

She's flying!!! ]

[ b - streets of union ]

[ At the same time this is happening, however, an Amaura collapses onto the cobblestones, even her long neck stretched along the ground. Her tongue lolls out of her mouth, and she takes a heavy breath. She'd been looking...for a good watch her friend fly....but Union gets so warm!

Help...and please...don't step on her...even though she's blocking foot traffic.... ]

[ c - closed to divine defense force ]

[ A successful voyage doesn't mean Haruka's own buoyant mood lasts. Instead, she's landed with even more purpose in her step than before, and a light in her eyes. One by one, she's tracking down the people she's responsible for, and asking them a single question: ]

Are you ready?

[ Just that. Because no matter what Union votes on the current crisis of conscience, for her, the way forward is clear. The Divine Defense Force saves gods from humans, and humanity at large from gods.

War is a small price to pay to stave off the apocalypse. And let the blame for that war fall on her shoulders. She's prepared. ]

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