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6th Patrol

Near Caldera:

Volcanos are hot. This is something Gordon's known for a long time, even growing up in Union. Just how hot has to be experienced to be believed, however. It's important to learn new things, however.

Gordon is forgoing his usual hat and magically reinforced coat. His white button up shirt is sticking to him as is, through a combination of sweat and the rain storm Mike the Blastoise kicked up to give the pair some relief. He tugs at his suspenders, airing himself a bit, and wipes his brow, eye always scanning the horizon. It seems he's looking for something.

Union, days later:
An unseasonably warm day in Union still feels like heaven after multiple days spent in Caldera, and Gordon and some partners seem intent on enjoying it. He sits on a sleeping Rhydon, a lazily lounging stoutland by his side. A blastoise stands in the little used intersection, water cannons spraying water up into the air where it rains down as a harmless spray, like a fire hydrant with the top taken off.
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[an awesome looking Roserade appears, cape fluttering gently in the wind! She strikes a pose, sunlight streaming down behind her for maximal drama - and then chirrups happily and skips on over to the Blastoise fountain.]
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[she's trying her best! It's hard, striking poses and pulling off one-liners.

Roserade grins up at Blastoise in response, and then can't help but twirl a little in "rain."]

It's a really hot day to be fighting crime!

[also she's not that great with the secrecy thing either]
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[shhh, she's trying. Sort of.

Roserade takes a moment to think about it, and then nods.]
Yeah, it'd work better at the park. Or outside! Just not inside. [insert serious nod here. Somebody might have tried something once.

And if Riolu joins them, Roserade will chirrup happily at the baby.]
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[Roserade crouches, smiling. Somemon has experience with the young'uns.]

Hi! I'm Lulu. What's your name?

[okay, so she probably forgot about the secret identity thing too]
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Really? Did you live in outside the city before?

[Lulu definitely isn't a shy one, no.]
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Oooh. Welcome to the city! The humans here are really nice! Though they do weird things sometimes...
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[Kyosuke watches the Blastoise with a bit of amusement]

Seems enthusiastic.
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Not bad. Trying to keep busy.

[a beat]

It's harder when there aren't people you need to stab.

[Is that a joke? The world will never know]
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Re: Union

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Our history suggests it will happen soon. We will be ready when it does.
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Re: Union

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Walking in the city was eye-opening. It's a complex situation.
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Re: Union

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There'll be consequences no matter what, unfortunately.
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Re: Union

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You worry we may not be able to handle them?
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[It was hard to miss the giant spout of water, so Minako headed over to check it out. Her newest friend, a young Bulbasaur, seemed happy to join in and let the water wash over his plant bulb.]

Well, someone looks like he's having fun.

[Minako giggled at the two as the Bulbasaur happily bounced around in the spray.]

Is he watering the whole town?
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Re: Union

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[She nodded.]

He looks like he's having fun, at least.

[She looked at the movement behind the Rhydon.]

New friend?

[The Bulbasaur bulba'd a little greeting to the Blastoise with a happy smile. This was fun! Thanks for this!]
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Re: Union

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He's cute. What type is he?

[Minako had seen Riolu's around, but never knew someone that had one before.]
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Oh. I'm Steel, too. [That sort of just blurted out, but sure! She smiled.] It's a cute one. [She crouched down, addressing the little Riolu now.]

Hi, there.
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I have a shy one, too. She's a Chingling. She doesn't come out much.

[Minako, satisfied with the bow, gives as much of a bow as she can muster from her crouched position before standing again.]

When she does, she tends to hide in my hair.
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Sinbad was in the area for Business, and was dressed suitably - though the choice of adding three cornrows to his hairstyle might be questionable. He spotted the familiar figure and waves.

"Mr. Gordon!" He calls out. "Didn't expect to see you, what brings you here?"
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Re: Caldera

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[He tilts his head, noticing the look, he squares his shoulders slightly in response]

I've heard of it, hadn't seen it recently - though you got me thinking, I should consider seeing if I can find someone to join the crew.