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Oops, It's a Sith Lord (open!)

[Today, inside the Old City's catacombs, there's... something else. It isn't a Pokemon. It's a person. That, given the very existence of the Delvers, isn't such a surprise. However, it isn't a Delver, either.]

[Darth Sidious wears what a member of a secretive cult should wear: a cloak, hood pulled up to cover his face, save for the yellow glow of his eyes. It's more than Enlightened power that obscures his identity as Sheev Palpatine.]

[He carries himself differently. This isn't a grandfatherly man walking about; he stalks, wearing that thick cloak, and while he's slightly hunched... there's something subtly spry about how he carries himself. And the crackle of purple light surrounding him -- well, that's nothing like Palpatine.]

[Sidious stares at something on the wall, trying to make sense of it. A Golurk hovers nearby, huge arms crossed.]
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[Kurapika was finding more places to practice his chain-wielding abilities, the Viridian forest was one place, but doing it too often disturbed the wildlife, the catacombs was a good spot - it'd teach him how to handle narrow spaces, he usually didn't see anyone, so a cloaked man caught his attention immediately. He gestures for Pario to stay put as he tries to move silently, to observe this man]
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[He takes a deep breath - spotted already, he figured it wouldn't do to try to continue to hide, as he steps out in full view of the cloaked stranger. If his eyes are keen enough, he might notice that Kurapika's body language was on guard, and he held his hand in a manner that suggest he's ready to unfurl the chain in a flick of the wrist]

What brings you down here?
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Knowledge is useful -

[And he'd probably be examining the ruins more closely if he felt they had use for his current goals, then he quickly goes to answer, seeing no need to hide what he was doing]

Training, this is a less disruptive place to do so.
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Only for a purpose - power for power's sake is a fool's errand.

[He flicks his eyes over the man, trying to read his intentions]

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[Michiru is a bit out of her element down here in the dark, but if anything, she looks rather amused. Following two brave and intrepid explorers (an Oshawott and a Squirtle), Michiru herself is followed by an annoyed looking Rapidash, here to provide some light.

They're not the most quiet of explorers, no.]
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[considering her experiences with the cultists of Sanctuary, this isn't getting off to a great start.

Still, her smile is perfect.]
Not me, no. These little ones might be, however.

[the two smaller Pokemon are already running off to peer closely at the walls, Oshawott bossily telling Squirtle to write down all their findings - real or imagined. (Mostly imagined.)

Rapidash, however, keeps a round eye trained on Golurk.]

I hope we're not disturbing anything.
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[Rapidash snorts - and may be sort of trying to start an impromptu staring contest.

Michiru seems to be taking that smile at face value. Other things, huh?]

Letting them come down here alone would've been dangerous. Who knows what they would've run into?

[or who. Hah]

That's surprising. It feels like most of our explorers are focusing on our new neighbors.

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[Right was actually down here for a different reason. Remembering an earlier talk with Palpatine, he had planned to seek out some of the not-so-hostile Pokemon to try and start negotiations for setting up safe havens for the citizens of Union, in case they had to be evacuated in an emergency. Like another direct attack on the city.

However, the Liepard traveling near him is the one who stops upon spotting the odd pair nearby.] Right...look over there. That human over there...there's something unusual about him.

[Right follows his friend's line of sight towards the cloaked figure and his Golurk.]

...yeah, you're right. Those don't look like Delvers. I wonder if he's a Magi...?
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[Right winces a little. Drats; talking without thinking again. That was starting to become a problem for him.]

Sorry about that! Didn't mean to insult you, sir... Natasha was just wondering, what brings you and your friend down here?
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Ah...partner, then.

[And just because he is so curious about this guy...]

Though...what kind of truth?

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[Duo was on an exploring and training trip down into those very catacombs himself. Sometimes, he could find a few old things buried still, but the area was slowly getting to be more and more picked over with time. His old "hunting ground" for stuff to salvage and resell was starting to run a little dry.

But, it was a good place to train some of his lower leveled Pokémon, so he was focusing more on that than anything else.]

Hey, watch it!

[He shouted the alarm to his bright yellow shiny Charmander a little too late, and Sidious might have to avoid a small Ember accidentally coming his way.]
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Hey, easy there, bud. He's just learnin'.

[Duo growled and went over to check on the Charmander to make sure it wasn't hurt too badly. He used a potion spray on it, and then the little yellow lizard hid behind Duo away from the cloaked figure.]

I tried to warn ya. Weren'cha payin' attention?
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You coulda just dodged.

[Duo made a face.]

Char... [The Charmander nodded it's head.]

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