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[Now that he realizes he is likely staying in Union for the long term, Kurapika decided to finally get a warp band, and studied the manual like a good boy. The question now is how to introduce himself, a job is needed of course, he could frame it like a job-seeker request, but that might come off as being a little desperate. He obviously can't tell the whole truth, people have a habit of wanting to help and he doesn't need help, help tends to interfere.

Pairo chirps at him about overthinking]

You're right... I'm not good with people. So just keep it simple?


Should I turn up the volume so you can hear it better?

Boo! Boo!


[The video flickers, and the blond bows his head before he speaks]

Hello. My name is Kurapika, I am a recent arrival - some of you might have met me before, others have not. I have found a place to stay for the time being, but I am seeking employment, are there any places hiring on at least a part-time basis, I do have some specific needs to be met, and I'm unsure how accommodating some jobs will be for it.

[There's a long silent pause, as he tries to consider what else to say - that or he had forgot to turn it off. He seems to start]

I can answer questions, or go into more detail about my request as needed, and is there anything in particular someone new to the city need to know?

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