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[Video/action for Coastal Valley]

[Maka's focus when the video opens is on her Meowstic, Stella, who seems very alert as if searching for something. The Pokemon's ears raise up slightly (but don't unfold) and her gaze shifts restlessly all around.]

This is the fourth week she's brought me out here. I have no idea what she's looking for, it's not like we're training, she's just looking for something.

[A pause while Maka turns the band onto herself, looking perplexed.]

It's kind of dumb that she can "see" things I can't despite both of us being Psychic types. What kind of Psychic type can't foresee anything, right? [Maka you're also a Fairy type and even so, you don't actually want to foresee at all.] I wish she'd tell me what we're looking for instead of just dragging me off without a single word.

[Cats, even when they're imbued with abomination powers they never change. The message ends there and Maka goes back to trying to find whatever they're after.]
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Well, I'm not Psychic myself, so maybe it's not right for me to talk, but maybe you're looking at it from the wrong angle. Maybe instead of predicting or guessing what's being searched for, you just kind of... feel it out?

Mom, who is Psychic, always told me there was more to being Psychic than looking in a crystal ball.

[Adell shrugs.]

Or maybe she's just being a cat.
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I never really got how it all worked, but she explained it... like hunches, sometimes. Gut feelings that rarely went awry. Kind of like an odd, subconscious awareness of everything of everything around you, without having to actually see it.

Maybe it's something like that? Or maybe... maybe she thinks that spot's really important somehow. Or will be important, I guess.
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That sounds like it's pretty believable. Just put your trust in her if that's what your feelings tell you.

And heck, maybe she's trying to tell you to look too. Maybe it's something you have to see for yourself and that's why she led you there. I guess you'll know it when you see it?

[He chuckles lightly.]

Sorry if that's not very helpful. I've been trying to use my head more, but I'm a lot better at throwing punches than tossing theories.
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Perhaps she can hear something you cannot, but a pokémon can? Do you have any others with you who might be able to shed some light on your trip?

The location looks rather lovely, at least.
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[ Hello Sally! There's a cheep from something off-screen, before a Minccino pops his head over Sophia's shoulder. He's the only one closely hanging out today, and there's a clear frown at all that costal valleyness. ]

Aggressive? Oh dear. I can see why that would be a problem.. And since they don't want you there, they're not likely to be open to questions about what your friend is looking for.
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Hate to admit it, but I'm not much for foreseeing things either, unless I Mega-Evolve. I'm a lot more about telepathy and seeing the present. Not everyone of the same Type does the same stuff.
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[She nods.]

Well...when you know someone that well, you know you can trust her, right?
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I think the advice I should give as a Psychic-type is to be patient and wait for the universe to make things clear.

Better advice is probably to ask a Child of the Verdant Forest if they can get a more specific idea out of her, though.
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[From one psychic type and cat owner, Fuuka knows this pretty well]

Perhaps there are different types of psychic types? While I could foresee a few things, I can't always see them!
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You aren't the only one, I'm afraid I don't know that many psychics as well.

I think I only met a handful and I don't really know what they can do either!
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[. . . . . . . .]

Then maybe we should attempt a union! You can think of it as a reunion for those who know other psychic types too!

[Not that Fuuka is any better]
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Everyone has their own unique gifts that they bring to the table, so to speak. You can do things that she can't. Why shouldn't the reverse be true?
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Oh, I hadn't realized. She's a very talented Pokemon, then. You must be so proud of her.
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Maybe she has a surprise for you? Or possibly she met another Meowstic out in the wild and wants to introduce you to her friend?
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Once in a while Pokemon can turn up in unexpected places. They could lay their eggs in an atypical spot, for example.

[Don't worry, Maka. Pamela is scientifically inclined enough to understand the confusion at least.]

If she's agitated, maybe she's worried for a friend's well being, Meowstic or otherwise.
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I assume you've already tried outright asking her what it is that she's looking for.
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[It's not like she's missed you being down there and all, Maka-chan. Really, she has paid attention, but she hasn't pried. Now though...after a direct question?]

I've had similar experiences. Ravi constantly dragged me into the Scorched Forest for over a month, until we found Olympus.

[Which had been a huge can of worms, thanks to her Charizard.]

He did the same thing in the Badlands, and that's what led to me finding Mars.

[At the sound of her name, the video feed is invaded by a Fennekin's backside, leaping up into Rei's arms and licking her face excitedly...

Sorry for the dogebutt.]
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[Rei just has to shove, and shove and eventually gets Mars down in her lap, holding the creature tightly...but still suffering the indignity of it's tail going -thump- -thump- -thump- against her sides.]

I think it could very well be. Ravi's very in tune with that sort of thing, and his foresight is even stronger than mine.

[Something that Maka and Rei didn't exactly have in common. But she has to lift an eyebrow because this is weird. Stella has always been extremely well behaved and open.]

Ralts and...Chingling, I recall. That is strange, if Stella's keeping secrets. Has she been doing anything else odd lately? Or changed her diet?
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So she's definitely been acting unusual. Could it be out of worry, you think? Do you get any other read on her emotions?

[This is getting strange. Stella was always, always so careful with her ears...and if she was shutting Maka out, something weird was going on.]
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That would make sense, given what I know about Stella. She's hardly the sort to seek out trouble, but she's very sweet...
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Maybe I could talk to her? If she won't talk to you, maybe she'll talk to me...just so I can give you some peace of mind.

[She's assuming Stella won't allow Maka to find out, even if she's willing to talk.]
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Well, like, how's it any fun to see stuff in advance, anyway? It's way better having some surprises!
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Right? Like, it'd be your problem then, and how much of a pain would that be?

You could get creative about finding out if you really wanna know, though! Like, is she ticklish?
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Perhaps Rei might offer some advice, Maka-chan? [When it comes to anything involving sight and psychic abilities, Ami can only be theoretical.]

Perhaps, however, she may not even know what she is looking for, Maka-chan?
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I only know of a few people that have had Pokémon seeking something like that before. It's the same spot all the time? And no clues?