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So I don't know about everybody else, but this trip to Gigas has gotten me thinking. And I don't mean about the rock-skeletons in their closet.

They're knees and shoulders above where we are in basically every single way, and to get a born-and-bred Calderan to admit that takes a lot. I get it, we've got Enlightened here on our side, but we need to get with the times. How many engineers or tech-savvy types got a glimpse of the kinds of toys they have there? That's where we need to start. If they do end up coming back against us—or worse, if that Elite Four girl decides to come back with even more friends—then we're in trouble.

I've put my suggestion out there, but I wanna hear what other people think. Come on, Union, you've gotta step up your game, or you're gonna fall behind~
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Yeah. I noticed that. Like, crazy tech goin' on there.

Didja grab any?
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[Duo liked that.]

Mind if I come take a look? I managed to get a few things myself.
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Sure. [He grinned.] Where d-ya wanna meet?
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Alright. [He gives the address of his boss's shop.] I've got most of the stuff I found stored there right now. Wanna meet there?
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What did you acquire?
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How much of my money did you spend?
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And the definition of "a little" is...?
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Not as much as expected.
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Head and shoulders.

[Hilt and shoulders not making sense for humans either.]

I wasn't as curious as you were, but I did notice that a very great deal of their technology was powered by its own engine, rather than stored or broadcast electricity or Rotoms. It's what allowed them to have so many vehicles on the road at all times, I think.
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[She nods.]

To tell you the truth, I quite liked the idea. The smell, less so, but...
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No freaking kidding! Did you see those motorcycle things? They're faster than rotomcycles and they don't even get tired or bored or anythin'!

[Whether Excellen's seen them in person or not, she's almost undoubtedly seen any of the magazines and fliers her impromptu squatter roommate brought back with her after her trip.

This might be the first time she's been enthusiastic about anything in months.]
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What, seriously? Hey, you're gonna let me ride it, right?

[Of course Excellen's talking about herself there. She's just that kinda person.]
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Yeah, I noticed. I had hoped with opening trade that it's possible for some of the engineers here to get a sense of how they're built and apply it to how Unionites tend to construct things.
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Naturally - they're going to keep the secrets and improvements to themselves - and I expect the Engineers to go over everything with a fine-toothed comb.

And will rebuild them in a manner that better fits Union's specific needs.
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The fact Union has managed to catch up as much as it has shouldn't be discounted. According to their history, Gigas did not suffer the same sort of losses that places such as Caldera and Union did when the cataclysm occurred.

That being said, they did have colour televisions. Their libraries even had portable devices that held a great deal of data, such as maps and books.
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I never said you did. However, if you move too quickly, you run the risk to tripping up. More haste makes waste. [a small smile] We'll certainly want to be smarter than that.

The Warp Band suggestions evidently appeals, and her eyes light up] An upgrade would be an excellent starting point. Given the size and weight restrictions for comfortable Warp Band wear, keeping things small would be the aim of the game. It could also be modular.. [let people attach and swap out what they don't want or need..]
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[...Wait, knees and shoulders? Ah whatever.]

It really was something else. To be honest, I'm not sure how I felt about it. Those steel carriages people rode around in... cars, I think they said? Those things smelled something awful, but... some of the rest of the technology looked... useful. Good, even.

I didn't understand all of it, but... some things might be helpful for Union. Like medicine, or better food preservation, or stuff like that. But we shouldn't come to rely on it. I think it might get dangerous if we do, especially if we lose touch with the world around us.
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Yeah, the pokeball thing is often what gets pointed at, but it almost comes off like a symbol, you know? That humanity of old advanced so far that they started doing things because they could, not because they should. Pokeballs were just kind of that thing that really showed that more than anything else; humanity attempting to assert total dominance over Pokemon and the world around them.

Scientific advancement's fine, but I think the old stories warn us to be careful what we do with it. So while I have no problem adopting some of Gigas' technology in Union, we just need to be careful about it in the long term.
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I didn't go... What kind of stuff did they have there?
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Ugh. Like, what would we need their stupid junk for, anyway?

[And this is why Feliks was not invited to be part of the diplomatic effort towards Gigas.]