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[Open][Action] Oh, I Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside..

WHO: Sophia and YOU! (Bring a friend if you like!)
WHAT: It's a trip to the beach! (Just watch out for that magikarp..)
WHEN: ICly Between 23rd to 26th April
WHERE: Ocean Beach, south of Union

Harry's suggestion to get some rest had been on her mind since the post-trip gathering had concluded. She'd been out of sorts since returning from Gigas, something she knew her friends had noticed, and her pokémon had made a point to dog her steps out of concern since she'd gotten home. You'd think she was prone to fainting, not that she had, or something equally embarrassing..

It didn't take her long to make up her mind on what to do - or on where to go. Once she was certain things were in order at the Ranger office, Sophia quietly packed up a tent and some supplies, along with as many broken fishing rods as she could carry, before leaving a note on her desk (and one in Waver's office) to say she'd gone south for a few days.

Even with a brief stop near Moss Rock for lunch on the way, getting down to the coast didn't take more than a couple of hours at most. It was warmer here, even with the breeze off the water, but everything was cool compared to Gigas. Pitching her tent in the forest clearing nearest to the beach, she had a great view of the ocean without risk of the waves getting too close.

Anyone looking for her during the day (or who just happened to be in the area) would likely find her down on the sand, seated on a large red blanket. Sophia herself has one leg partially folded under her, balancing a reference book on magic that Raine had lent her against the crook of her knee while quietly taking apart and putting the rods back together and untangling fishing line. A Cherrim in full flowery bloom sits atop her head, basking in the sunlight as best she can, while at her back, a little Riolu meditates, ears occasionally twitching in annoyance at the distant clash of her trainer's other Pokémon brawling nearby.

Why don't you say hello?
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Something terrible is happening, Cherrim. A cloud is moving to cover the sun.

A low-hanging cloud. Threatening to burst at any moment, dashing the sunbathing dreams of anyone on this stretch of beach (it is not, when all's said and done, a particularly large cloud, and can easily be avoided, but it's the principle of the thing). Directly beneath it, a small Pokémon hops, skips, and twirls. This is a nice beach, but there's not enough mud. He knows just how to make mud, though! He's a genius!

"Woop, woop," sings the Pokémon as the Rain Dance continues; a human atop a Lapras out in the waves nearly drops the Good Rod they're holding, and then spurs their Pokémon back towards shore. "Woop!"
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"Woop WOOP woop woop woop woop," sings Gene the Wooper, happily Rain Dancing away; the cloud darkens, thickens, threatens. A warning from Trainer tickles the back of his mind, but Gene cannot care. He is going to make mud. That will make everyone happy. For sure.

Trainer herself is trying to get back to shore before the worst happens, but this is not the fastest Lapras alive. So she can only grit her teeth and watch, for now.
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[personal profile] actsmagnificent 2016-04-26 02:41 am (UTC)(link) Gene's cloud is. Not getting bigger. The rain is. Not falling. If anything, he'd say the sun is getting stronger.....and beginning to burn through his lovely cloud.

This is the second time Rain Dance has not worked as planned for Gene, and it's extremely perturbing. He continues his dance, hopping in a circle, hoping whatever strange thing's going on is just a matter of his dance not being impressive enough yet. What if he added extra steps? What if he jumped and twirled at the same time, then landed on one foot?

"Woop woop WOOP!"

He sticks the landing. The cloud holds its own. But this had wanted to be a Sunny Day to begin with....

Fight, Sowilo!
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For the first time, Gene notices that someone else on this beach is dancing. They want to dance. They want to dance with him?

Well, in that case, he better hurry over, cloud hovering above him, so they can both sing and dance in the rain together! Because nothing is better than singing and dancing in the rain.

"Woop!" he greets her, cheerful, oblivious that she is responsible for the sun holding his rain at bay. The Lapras reaches the shallows and gets her neck patted briefly as her Trainer swings off.

When this Trainer begins to run, those rainbows glitter even more brightly.

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The beach. Sand. Open terrain. The Blitzel, long accustomed to the grassy plains inland and tired of being cooped up in Union, had found peace and relief at long last. There was no stopping Bucephalus once word went through Waver's pokemon team that their weedy trainer's new friend had gone on a trip to the beach-- The Mageling (as Orpheus called their Trainer) needed to get outside, and this was the perfect excuse.

Unfortunately, once they hit the sand, all thoughts of humans and tact were promptly forgotten.

Braying in excitement, Bucephalus tore through the sand at top speed. Running always helped everything, and the air of this place tingled with the feeling of a storm somewhere over the sea. It was an electrifying, lovely sensation.

He just wanted to run.

Sorry, any people (or pokemon) trying to relax. You might get sand rained on you.
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Meditation? Really?

That's no fun!

The Blitzel circled back, somewhat slower now, and brayed at the stuffy little Riolu: You don't come to the beach to meditate-- you come to have fun!
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Relaxation and fun could totally be the same thing-- fun was about letting loose and relaxing!

The Blitzel knew he would never find an accord with the Riolu. It was impossible, from his perspective. He never did understand why anyone wanted to sit around and literally do nothing anyway...not when his Mageling was always busy with something even when he was sitting.

Noticing Sophia a little too late, Bucephalus bolted right passed her before circling around again at a slower pace, and he slid in to a stop before the young woman with a spirited little neigh.

That lady was the Mageling's friend, right? She had to be pretty okay!

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Minako was letting Myrna, her Milotic, play in the ocean with a few of her other Pokémon when she spotted someone else's party having a bit of a play brawl not too far away. She glanced over to see what was going on, finally spotting a tent near the tree line and someone with some fishing rods not too far from that on a blanket.

She waved in greeting. She wasn't terribly far, so she just shouted a little. "Hi there!"
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"They seem to be good. Myrna's enjoying herself."

True to word, the Milotic was quite happily splashing about. Minako had also brought her other water types... a Luvdisc, a Mantyke, a Sealeo, and a Magikarp. Her usual companions, a Sylveon and a Persian, had been annoyed at being left behind, but this was a day for the water types to get out of the habitat. Additionally, she had been left to choose between her Dratini and her Dragalge because of the restrictions of the Warp Band, but had brought the Dragalge in case she needed the levels for defense against anything.

"I don't get to exercise my water types as much, so I felt like they needed a day to get in some time away from the habitat." She sat up, taking a cue from the other woman that the noise in the forest wasn't something to worry about, and gestured. "Mind if I join you?"
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"I'm Minako. That's Myrna playing about, and I have a few others out there, too. It's everyone's first exposure to the ocean. I usually head for one of the lakes in the forest."

She moved her stuff over and joined Sophia.

"It's nice to meet you. Do you come to the ocean a lot?"

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Of all the areas to explore around union, Raine hadn't yet gone so far as to the beach until now. The trip wasn't that far out of the way, certainly quicker by Sawsbuck-back, and there was really no reason why she couldn't arrange for a day off to take a look to see what the draw exactly was.

The majestic Sawsbuck, appropriately adorned in spring flowers, doesn't follow them down to the beach, instead remaining in the cooler forest nearby to enjoy it and rest. It takes a little longer for Raine to make the rest of the way over, now holding the rest of her items, an umbrella, blanket, food basket, books and toys for the pokemon. Two rainy castform float after her, one seeming glum and the other with an... odd expression.

And then there's Limone of course, who wastes little time in quickly darting ahead to scope out the beach, though a small Happiny attempts to trudge after him. Not very easy to do on the sand for a rounded pokemon like that.

"Pika!" Limone seems unaware of this, instead planning to find a good spot for them to set up in before Raine can decide on one. The red blanket catches his eye, so he quickly pads in that direction to investigate.
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It wasn't a situation that Basil the Sawsbuck was prepared for, though he stands well out of the way to observe. Raine's other pokemon, at least, had filled him in somewhat on what pokemon to expect when she met with other humans, at least as far as they knew, if he hadn't the chance to meet them properly, so it wasn't too much of a surprise. Limone's chattiness was good for that.

The pikachu in question waves a paw happily when it spots the familiar young Riolu, continuing his approach. He'll have to turn back around and check up on Raine's progress eventually, but he needs to check out the spot first. This was new after all, and certainly made up for the awful stuffiness of Gigas.

"Pikachu!" He calls out another greeting, a little louder. Mostly because of his excitement.
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Basil dips his head in acknowledgement of Ymir, though maintains a distance in case the sparring gets too out of hand, though keeps an eye on it. Plenty can be learned from observation alone.

Mine is here to study it. She doesn't relax well. Limone was not about to mince words, it's a miracle that he was able to get his person to wear a sundress under her usual robes, which it is far too hot for. This is our first time visiting, so I'm looking for the best spot!

Provided of course, that he finds one before she chooses one herself, though luckily for him that doesn't seem to be happening, given her slower place and more cautious examination of the area.

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