Oct. 7th, 2016

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In the predawn hours, there’s not likely to be that many awake in Union, but those that are out and about will bear witness to a lightshow of unprecedented proportions. Dozens of fiery streaks rain down from the sky, tearing across the heavens towards the sea and presumably petering out over the archipelago. News outlets do report the occurrence, speculation abounding that it was a rare meteor shower but astronomers all throughout Union, Gigas, Caldera, and Citadel report otherwise. It was too early in the year for the normal fall shower, but given the trajectory it’s unlikely any evidence about the truth of the matter can be gleaned.

There’s some rumblings among various scientific communities for the remainder of the following day but by and large the incident just seems to have been a strange one. Easy to chalk up to Pokemon causing trouble, or perhaps a freak accident involving an old pre-Cataclysm satellite. But other groups, psychics in particular, have a sense that something is coming. That this isn’t just a coincidence. And it’s coming from the sea…

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