Sep. 15th, 2016

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[ action 1: around union ]

What's the situation?

[ You're in the middle of some sort of kerfuffle! Whatever could it be?

Regardless of your trouble, however, your fears can be assuaged. The Swords of the Savior are here to break up the party. One of them is, anyway. On rotation despite being the boss since her branch is understaffed.

You'd better hope you aren't the perpetrator, because this lady does not look like somebody you want to cross. She wants an explanation, and she wants it now.

So. What's all this, then? ]

[ action 2: library ]


[ Hey, you. Yeah, you, the person looking at that ARCANE SPELLS FOR DARING SOULES book, heavy on the magical jargon and the portents of doom, that some mage with a lousy sense of humor donated to Union's library. You have a bat flapping in your face.

Excuse her. She came here for that. Hand it over.

....her Trainer is a few stacks over, flipping through a different book, should a ruckus be raised. ]

[ action 3: closed to mei ]

Are you all right?

[ Veronica hadn't expected, upon winning a "date" with the climatologist she'd met at the theater, to be asked to go...mountain climbing. Still, she was able to get the time off work, so here she is, standing on the side of a mountain in her clothes from home and looking like she goes for strolls in subzero temperatures every day.

Then again, she used to.

(Nemesis did not, however. So she is wearing a little Cubchoo hood.) ]

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