Aug. 13th, 2016

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They came in a horde. Ferried by enormous water types and a huge flock of flying types, each fully evolved with strange markings across its body. They were angry. They were in pain. And they were here.

Moving across the land like a tidal wave, the horde of strange Pokemon swept across the land, making their way inexorably toward Union, and leaving devastation in their wake. At their head, a Psychic Pokemon of immense, immeasurable power. Covered in armor that did little to mask the scent of rotting flesh that accompanied it, the Pokemon’s mind seemed unburdened by the state of its body as it swept trees from their root with but a contemptuous gesture.

As the Union forces scrambled to meet the army of Pokemon, Ori, the mysterious young person who had visited before appeared in a flash.

Begone, Origin! This no longer concerns you!

The voice thundered in the minds of all present, the rage of the attacking Pokemon palpable as its horde roared in agreement.

Ori gave the Pokemon a sad smile as their body began to glow with an aura of pink light. In an instant, the human was gone, and another, much smaller Pokemon remained.

This is unnecessary. We… they can help you.

I trusted my fate to humanity once. Never again will I make such a foolish mistake.

You will see. They will show you the way.

The two mysterious stones taken from the Gigas installation appeared besides Ori, but their sheen seemed almost nonexistent. Closing their eyes, the Pokemon engulfed the battlefield in an aura of shimmering pink light. The wails and screams of the Pokemon assembled before them grew palpable. Screams of pain, screams of want, screams of beings slowly dying, grasping for a final hope that their master might cast down the accursed humans and find a cure for their malady, a way to allow them to live as whole beings.

But comprehension is not understanding. Heedless of the aura, the Pokemon advanced, a wave of destructive fury hurled to the teeth of the Union column.

[Mew’s Blessing: During this log all characters will be able to communicate with each other and all Pokemon telepathically, and can resonate with them without having to use their Warp Band. They can bond with any Pokemon on the field without the aid of their warp band, so long as they can present a good reason for the enemy to do so.

Children of the Verdant Forest will be especially affected, and during this log they will have a sharp increase in their empathic feelings. They will feel the pain of the cloned Pokemon before them, the pain of being “lesser” beings, incomplete, and the pain of the knowledge that their lives will soon end, the process that created them being unable to sustain their lives.

Kindred Souls will have some empathic ability, but to a lesser degree than Children of the Verdant Forest as outlined above]

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