Aug. 6th, 2016

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The message goes out across all Warp Bands as the new week dawns - a week that will bring, for Union, its fair share of troubles every evening in dreams. This morning, however, there’s nothing but good news.


“Citizens of Union,” says the voice on the other end of the audio broadcast. Those who witnessed the retreat of Gigas’s forces will recognize the solder who has been speaking for the city. “It is my honor and pleasure to announce to you a treaty has been agreed upon between your government and ours.”

A pause, and if the speaker had been considering making a reference to certain unpleasant discoveries regarding the state of the Gigan government, they decide against it. “While continuing to honor Union’s right to sovereign rule, coverage of Warp Band devices will now extend to within Gigan territory. We hope that providing you with this convenience will be taken as a gesture of goodwill, and that both civilizations can learn from one another. Citizens of Union and its allies will be welcomed to any of Gigas’s holdings with open arms. We encourage you to visit so we, too, can continue to share the fruits of our civilization with you. Good day.”

“We got more than jus’ fruit, sonny!” a voice is heard to protest before the communication can be cut off. Anyone who’d attended the World’s Fair or spoken with the Crescent delegation might recognize the voice. But all’s well that seems to have ended well.

[[ OOC: Apps for Gigas are now fully open, and characters are welcome to explore the city, as well. ]]

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