May. 17th, 2016


May. 17th, 2016 12:07 pm
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[How has everyone in the Union been today? Hope everyone is doing well because you'll find one, Fuuka Yamagishi convered in nothing but dust and dirt today! There might be some coughing sounds coming from the distance but all she could do was nervously smile]

I apologize but I wanted to ask you a question. Is anyone familiar with rotomcycle tech? After my visit to the Gigas, I wanted to try and attempt to make a vehicle like what they had there.

Although, I'm afraid I might need some help. I'm not sure what I did wrong but if anyone knows, please let me know.

[And then there was a pause before looking the left over debris]

And I might need some help cleaning a few things as well!
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[Lenna and Rose hatched a brilliant scheme: GO TO THE BEACH.]

[Specifically, down to the tropical island. After terrible revelations about Gigas, after gods and deaths, and after finding out about Rose's double life... honestly, it sounds pretty nice! But, most importantly, they have Vaporeon slippers. Rose steps onto the beach, wearing a stripped red-and-white two-piece swimsuit.]

[A beachball is under one arm. Her feet are clad in her slippers. She is ready.]

Bring it on! It's beach time!
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[Today, inside the Old City's catacombs, there's... something else. It isn't a Pokemon. It's a person. That, given the very existence of the Delvers, isn't such a surprise. However, it isn't a Delver, either.]

[Darth Sidious wears what a member of a secretive cult should wear: a cloak, hood pulled up to cover his face, save for the yellow glow of his eyes. It's more than Enlightened power that obscures his identity as Sheev Palpatine.]

[He carries himself differently. This isn't a grandfatherly man walking about; he stalks, wearing that thick cloak, and while he's slightly hunched... there's something subtly spry about how he carries himself. And the crackle of purple light surrounding him -- well, that's nothing like Palpatine.]

[Sidious stares at something on the wall, trying to make sense of it. A Golurk hovers nearby, huge arms crossed.]

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