Apr. 23rd, 2016

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[Being friends with Lenna has its advantages. Case in point: not only can she live with her, she has a roommate on road trips. Just after the mission, she is on the way back to where they were staying. She beat Lenna there -- she thinks, at least -- and is thus in their room. She better change quick.]

[After all, she has a secret to keep.]

[Case in point: the mask made of bone, resting in her opened bag for the world (or, at least, the room) to see. Rose has it off and her hood down, but she is still wearing the brown, snug-fitting, and thick clothing she wears for her missions as the Scattered Bones's boss.]

[She's pulling off her her dagger belt, sticking it in her belongings, when she might hear the door opening.]

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