Apr. 22nd, 2016


Apr. 22nd, 2016 04:29 am
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[ What's Tendou doing now that they're mostly back in Union? Apparently he's decided to station himself in front of a big wok filled with boiling oil, a whole bunch of fried food being slowly turned by a giant pair of chopsticks. ]

Grandma said this: "Cooking spreads to others. Flavour connects one person to another."

[ Breaded vegetables are flipped out of the wok, followed by seafood, and are finished off with a few dumplings, and are all gently placed on a bamboo tray to rest. A beautiful dish with already prepared food is then produced. ]

Gigas fries a lot of their food, don't they? I can't say I approve. There's far too much, and it's way too heavy. But there's nothing wrong with a good fry-up once in a while.

[ He tosses a bit of tempura into his mouth and chews deliberately, albeit slightly off screen. They're not here to watch him eat. He eventually swallows after a few seconds, and continues. ]

You can't understand a culture without understanding their cuisine, and you can't save a life if you can't offer them a big serving for dinner while you're at it, so you'd best get to learning.

All this cooking aside, though. I have but one request for all of you: Put aside their leaders, their politicians, their gods, and their conspiracies. Put them aside, and tell me what you've learned about Gigas.

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