Apr. 18th, 2016

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With the citizens of Union walking freely around Gigas, see the city and partake in the culture, the hope was to foster greater understanding. Due to the work of the Seekers and their allies, though, understanding may be beyond what Gigas expected.

Time enough for the revelations of the Seekers later, but on the final day, met with surprisingly large crowds, the people of Union and their allies were treated to a speech from a Senator to mark the end of the visiting period. He spoke passionately of normalizing relationships and bringing about greater peace and understanding. To the perceptive or analytic in the audience, he seems genuine, even a bit desperate. The plea of a man not entirely in control of his fate, the wish for something greater than perhaps what his destiny leads.

Concluding the speech, he offers a deal. Gigas will open its borders to the Union alliance, but in exchange Union must do the same. The exchange of people and culture, he feels, will greatly benefit both people and their continued quest for peace and understanding.

Upon return, however, Gigases secrets are revealed. The recovery of the stones is generally kept under wraps, Ori having vanished along with the stones with nary a trace upon the return of the search parties. But for those working with the Seekers, what they found was much different.

Four gods, the mighty Regigigas and its three servants, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel, lay sealed within highly guarded and restricted areas of Gigas. Regigigas itself appears to be the focal point, and is used to command the other three Gigases. Together, they maintain the barrier that protects the city from harm. These four gods remain slaves of Gigas, even to this day, although the general populace seems none the wiser.

As the rumors begin to fly, once again the council convenes to discuss. But, as always, the say of the people is paramount. Here now, those of Union and its allies may stump, advocate, and work for the resolution they see most fit.

[While some logs are still in the process of wrapping up, the event is now officially complete! For this post-event part, characters will have the ability to discuss and work on proposals for what they want to do about Gigas. Open the borders? Try to free the Gigases? What does Union want to see happen? The decisions made here will potentially affect the course of the game. We will host a vote in a week based on the popular responses and ideas. Submit formal proposals in the comments below]

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