Apr. 3rd, 2016

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The Seeker’s Plea

With the signing of the truce, Gigas prepared to open its doors to Union citizens. But before Union visited the great city, Celito and Maeve, the Seeker twins began circulating some information, accompanied by the strange pink-haired one known only as “Ori”. These meetings are held somewhat in confidence, the twins appear to be going about this somewhat sneakily, for lack of a better term.

Hey everyone, a few things for you before you head out to Gigas. There are a lot of legends of the great Gigases that supposedly stood among the gods during the fall. However, our records also show they were conspicuously absent from the war - Gigan legends appear to state that they fought and protected Gigas. We have reason to believe the Gigases may still dwell within Gigas, and we’d like to find out for certain. Furthermore, Ori here has a located information on some stones of power. We have reason to believe that these stones are extremely dangerous - especially in the hands of Gigas. We need help, ah, liberating them from Gigas. Now, I know your city doesn’t really want an international incident which is why we’re talking to you guys directly, you HAVE to avoid detection but we need to verify the status of the Gigases and we definitely need to get these stones back, er, get them out. Caldera is supporting this expedition. Will you help us out?

[OOC: If your character is the type to run straight to the council, please do not respond to either of the NPCs, your character would not have been approached for this. Otherwise, this is the preliminary planning for the event logs that will go up on 4/10, there are currently 6 planned logs but we can flex the log number up if need be. The logs will generally rely on stealth and investigation, as well as diplomacy and possibly combat if things go particularly sour. Sign-ups are below, we are again randomizing groups but you may sign up with one other character if you wish. As always, there are no limits to the number of characters you may sign up, but depending on the numbers we may ask you to pick one or two if we have too many members to fill our current log quota but not enough to justify adding additional logs.]

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