Mar. 31st, 2016

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WHO: Hayato and Nero
WHAT: A bit of nosiness leads to a much needed conversation.
WHEN: The 31st of March
WHERE: Fate Haus and if anywhere else that is TBA

Hayato was nosy, that wasn't news. In fact if you couldn't discern that from the first five of meeting him you were either clueless or Right Suzuki. Hayato was someone who kept an eye on the people around him. Especially being in a new house around new people, it was easy to fall into a casual watch of their habits and quirks. He was a curious person and he liked to know about the people he saw every day.

As such, it didn't really take him long to notice something odd going on with Nero. Which, on it's own, was saying a lot because Nero was anything if extremely unusual. A previous Gigan commander that Waver had spoken well of. Someone who he had fascinating conversations with, seemed overwhelmingly genuine to the point of obnoxiousness and just seemed to be a pretty okay person. It went against a lot of preconceived notions he wanted to have about her. It was a process, but he was starting to recognize what was his own biased distaste and what was logical and reasonable when it came to the subject of Gigas.

So it was with concern that he waited by her door for her to return from wherever it was she went. He had a few ideas, but he didn't like to make assumptions without proof. He wasn't going to resort to following her. Yet. But the way she left earlier, when she probably thought no one was paying attention, he could tell something was up. That she was in pain. He didn't like that.

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