Mar. 24th, 2016

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Greetings dudes, I'm Dustin Brooks, one of the Caretakers of the Habitat. So, I'm here to talk to Union about this whole mess we've been having and if your Pokémon are injured you should get them over here so I or someone else could check them out. Anyway, you'll know me when you see the blonde guy in the yellow shirt with a Pancham named Kelly and a Purrloin named Kapri. Maybe. Kapri doesn't like a lot of people dudes. I'm not going to say the stereotype about Dark types because that's wrong. I hope you guys visit the Habitat and stay safe out there, I will too! I'd be willing to trade my services to teach your Pokémon a cool move like Seed Bomb on my Purrloin (she doesn't know the move, it's just an example dudes) for something I might need later like a Good Rod or evolution stone or something else... We can come to an arrangement later.

If I'm not in, I might be checking out some nearby areas for wild Pokémon, which my boss Kelly Holloway sometimes gets annoyed with me but come on! We're helping Pokémon, right!

See ya!

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