Mar. 17th, 2016

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Two Action prompts!! )

[Video: Warp band.]

[And of course a little later on when she's managed to have a meal. She's sitting outside, playing with the warp band. When the feed comes on she looks startled, black cat ears standing straight up.]

--Think it's working! U-Um! [Oh no, just a little stage fright.]

Hello... um! I was told I could talk to people on this so I guess that's what I'm doing...

[This was going terribly. She turns bright red and her ears fold back. Pyuru decides to take things into her own hands by showing off a sparkly electric move! Yeah!! Hello Union we are here!!]

[It's too bad that it also hits Cyan which causes her hair to poof right up]


[In her distress, she drops the warp band and the static electricity probably shorts it out. It goes dead as the Mareep worriedly tries to apologize.]

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