Mar. 14th, 2016

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[ a - union divine theater ]


[ The Machomp and Nidoking holding up the decorative carving nod and move accordingly. Haruka surveys the result from several paces away, arms crossed. ] That's good.

[ A hired carpenter and her Mankey move in to affix the refurbished peace. No longer needed, Haruka glances around the rest of the damage. The dorm is mostly repaired by now, but the Theater is a long, slow process. They won't be putting on any more plays for a while...

...wait. ]

Woop! [ A Wooper flees the scene, the small rain cloud that'd been forming above some paint cans dissipating. Isn't he even allowed to dance his support anymore?!

He isn't really looking where he's running, and may very well end up lost. ]

[ b - ninetales vale ]

[ Ninetales Vale, while a haven for the physically spiritual, is also a place one can come for less directly spirit-related needs as well. For example, this unassuming building that has just reopened for business, every perfectly-shaped roof tile in place, is widely-known as one of the best places to go for a form of meditative hospitality centered around the drinking of tea.

Haruka is headed there now, dressed appropriately in a robe that crosses across her front. She takes a deep breath in front of the place, smiling to herself. Things are only going to get worse from here. She might need this. ]



[ If the shout doesn't get you moving, Union pedestrian, perhaps the sound of a professional racing Rhyhorn thundering towards you on the open street might. It looks terrified, and is being pursued by a tall young "gentleman" on foot, who hurdles over a table of street wares like it wasn't even there in her quest to catch up to the stray beast.

The street is too crowded. So the young man looks for a handhold and begins vaulting himself up...onto the rooftops. Hope you weren't about to open a window! ]

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