Mar. 4th, 2016

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[Video, last night. The view is shaky, but clearly of Morgiana. There are lots of people laughing and cheering.]

I met a Fanalis and she knows everything. Everything.

[She switches a view to a short girl with horns who was laughing and cheering the loudest of them all.]


Well maybe not everything but she's going to tell me things. Like, big things. But first I hafta climb this *unintelligable mumbling*

Okay wish me luck!

[Video, that morning. Morgiana looks somewhat worse for wear. Careful observation of the background might reveal that she is on the roof of Union's biggest theater. You know the one.]


I'm...terribly sorry, but I'm not quite sure where I am, and I feel quite ill.

Last night is all a blur. I didn't do anything weird, did I?

[Please indicate which entry you're tagging. Feel free to make up weird things she might have done last night. Only guidelines: She would not have seriously hurt anyone. She would not have done anything overtly sexual. She PROBABLY wouldn't have broken anything super important.]

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